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  1. Looks like scenery object shadows are now always active, no matter what is set in the right checkbox
  2. Looks interesting, i assume it's based on Tony's World2XP?
  3. I mostly fly in multiplayer servers and we do everything but fight :) Especially on aerobatic ones it's really satisfying to fly some formations. The other day two guys with their Mi8s instead set up to land on the summit on the highest mountain in the map. Didn't turn out well :D
  4. I think the title says it all. Random screenshots taken in a multiplayer server. Medium settings because my poor gpu suffers a bit.
  5. Yes it is FSW, and yes it is TrueSky. It is also true that the colours aren't the ones you see in FSW. As the title of the video says, the uploader modified the colours in its video with DaVinci Resolve, which is a powerful yet free program for video editing.
  6. What thing missing in the comparison, regardless of the 2d clouds, is what were the real conditions at the time.
  7. I haven't finished listening to it yet because of the poor audio as well. Hopefully some kind of transcript will show up soon or later :)
  8. I have yet to see it, but i thought i would share it for now :)
  9. Out of curiosity, which packages are you guys using for the water?
  10. I think what they mean is that every 10mins or so the program download an updated weather situation from internet, all clouds are removed and the new weather situation is loaded again (so clouds first disappear and then appear again in a different form)
  11. It looks lovely! From the PBR to the shadows to the light to the clouds!
  12. Exactly this. Most people bought it on the LR site to fully support the developer. The same happens with DCS World which was first released only on their site, and only later on started being distributed on the Steam platform too.
  13. Yes and no. I meant regarding multi-platform simulation. Besides, DCS doesn't have a F-16 so it's hard to compare. Falcon BMS for now is the best F-16 simulation.
  14. The problem with the aerosoft poll is simple. They mostly offer products for FSX/P3D, i would expect the user base on their forum to be the same. So it doesn't really give a good idea of the general playerbase and where it goes. An easy way to prove it is by bringing up the case of DCS, which in the modern combat sims environment has no competition, and is likely to have more than the 18 people who voted for it on the aerosoft forum poll. It's like if i was to go on and do the same polling options. Would i be surprised in finding out most are using XP11 and not P3D?
  15. There are better ones too.