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  1. france89

    FlyInside FlightSimulator

    Your analysis is, in my opinion, a bit too P3D centric. You are happy because you find a lot of things from P3D. I am not. I dislike portings. I dislike compability between simulators. To a certain extent it means having what is already available without a push to improve things. The sim 90 silky smooth fps as you say are also possibile because things are missing. Autogen, simpler autogen buildings, less heavy textures and so on. They have yet to demonstrate they will be able to keep such a performance with visual quality that shoudn't just reach what we already have, but overtake it and actually be an improvement. If we want to get into the flight dynamics side of things then, well, go speed up that 737 to over 250 knots and apply full rudder.
  2. france89


    What are your helicopter piloting skills like? I would say the Dreamfoil 407 is the most difficult, the Bell 412 the middle one and the Cabri g2 the easiest of the payware ones.
  3. france89

    Heatblur Simulations F-14 A/B

    The hornet is in early access. Everybody who bought it should clearly know the state it is in, everybody who wants it feature complete should have waited for its actual release 🙂 As for the F14, i am sure it is the best one out there for any sim. It's hard to compare military planes on other sims with military planes on DCS imho.
  4. france89

    FlyInside FlightSimulator

    Night lighting over the city was pleasant for me. The fact that at high speed with the 737 the rudder have full effect on the plane, well, not so happy about that 🙂 It gives me a lot of old fsx vibes in a way.
  5. About time we got that fixed. The old ones is one of the less worthy effects to still show up in XP11 😄
  6. france89

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    Randazzo's words: Not exatly on the same line of excitement, uh? It felt like it was something game breaking. It simply isn't in my view. I also like how, if someone doesn't seem particulary interested in this product, a whole crowd of word not allowed (can i call them that?) come to the defense of PMDG and have to call those who expressed a negative view of it as a child making rants or, quoting, someone "who don't seem to be too far removed from their child car seats and chicken nuggets." Others instead seem to feel the need to list in all PMDG achievements, like those are going to make this product more interesting for those who find it no so interesting. We are judging the concept of the product, not who made it, how much time, money or effort it took them.
  7. france89

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    And this is relevant how? We judge a product and we are allowed to judge it. I expected more from PMDG than a tool, especially after their own marketing campaign on how long it took to develop this and what a game changer it was supposed to be. This has nothing to do with what PMDG did before.
  8. france89

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    Disappointing news for me too. It's not about what they do and needing support (support is given to those who deserves it, isn't it?). It's not about a negativity band wagon either. Users either like it or don't. And i think that, as long as those who don't like it are not offending anybody, their voice should be at least awknowledged. It's the huge hype about anything PMDG does and all that talks marketing wise on how they worked for years on this.. Well, my reaction is the same as the many others in here and on other channels: All those years working on it... for this?
  9. Competition is always good. However i still want actual volumetric clouds (like in Il2 sturmovik) and not high quality 2d textures with some elaborate work around to make them feel a bit moe volumetric.
  10. france89

    Is FlightDeck X defunct?

    Oh yeah, i was wondering the same actually =/
  11. france89

    XP 11.20r1 is out

    Don't worry! It will be all in XP12! :P
  12. france89

    11.20 coming to final

    Ah well. I think most already tried it by being in the beta channel.
  13. france89

    11.20VR2 released !

    Looks like scenery object shadows are now always active, no matter what is set in the right checkbox
  14. france89

    Headsup: X-Europe is coming

    Looks interesting, i assume it's based on Tony's World2XP?
  15. france89

    DCS 2.5 Caucasus. Wow.

    I mostly fly in multiplayer servers and we do everything but fight :) Especially on aerobatic ones it's really satisfying to fly some formations. The other day two guys with their Mi8s instead set up to land on the summit on the highest mountain in the map. Didn't turn out well :D