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  1. We already had a topic for it 🙂
  2. I guess they can still detect, from a top down view, where the cloud is, where the sun is and project the shadow on the ground. I am not saying they haven't done good things (another one i liked is how landing lights illuminated the clouds), but i think the difference between 2d textures is quite noticeable compared to noise generated clouds. Examples of this last category can be found in Outerra too, xEnviro, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Il2 Sturmovik series to name few examples.
  3. SkyMaxx can claim a lot of things, but what actually happens is the same. If you have seen the noise generated clouds in xEnviro, you will instantly see the difference well beyond my ability to explain it in English 🙂 Either way sprites, billboards (rotating or not) are still 2d clouds. It is indeed xEnviro 1.10, on their facebook page they share a lot of screenshots and videos from testings. I'll just put in here a recent video (there are still visual artifacts in it, more recently they showed also more clouds which develops vertically as well)
  4. It's easy to say what doesn't. So far only the new xEnviro seems to have noise generated clouds which are actually 3d. Anything else is not 3d. Sure, they might add some effects when you enter a cloud or somewhat stop clouds from turning towards you when you fly close, but those are still workarounds
  5. That's an entirely different debate guys. Billboard 2d clouds versus volumetric 3d clouds. But it goes beyond what Active Sky is about, at least in its first version (without cloud texture replacements)
  6. Me too, but those woudn't be considered "starting" helicopters, so to speak.
  7. Lovely helicopter and the flying is convincing as far as i can tell
  8. It says i have no permission to see that content apparently. Weird, i am logged in and i had previously downloaded other versions of it in the past
  9. Is it the differential brake or the wheel model resisting to the full rudder turn tho? I am not sure
  10. france89

    Active Sky for X-Plane

    I was looking forward more to the cloud textures or type replacement to be honest. And what is unclear to me at this time is: will i have to pay again once, in a year (if we are lucky), the texture replacement pack gets released?
  11. Nice 🙂 They need to flip horizontally that italian flag tho 😄
  12. france89

    Flight Sim World assets scuttlebutt??

    I am aware. And yet only recently DTG started having more third party content for Train Simulator 2019 (and older ones). So my point was that they are well capable of handling it on their own, if they want to. Because that is exactly what they did for few years on Train Sim 2019.
  13. france89

    Flight Sim World assets scuttlebutt??

    You do realize that before Train Sim World, the whole Train Sim series, still developed by DTG, has been one of the popular "sims" out there with tons of DLCs all developed by them? We simply don't know how big the FSW office was 🙂
  14. I think it's more about it being the first helicopter, which can be slow enough to enjoy some parts of the scenery even more easily 🙂
  15. france89

    Nail in coffin AFS2...?

    We give developers our money, this is not charity and they don't need empathy per se. I pay for a product, if i am not happy with it i am free to complain about it. In regard of AFS2 tho, we all knew when we bought it that it was an investment in the future with a slow pace (especially considering how few are working on it). I need them to be dedicated on their "baby" and work on it, and i think they are doing it even tho they don't share much info on what might come soon.