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  1. Pretty sure that FSW default planes are not comparable with FSX default aircrafts, and their "weight" on the system is also not the same.
  2. Same here, i tried watching it but after a bit hearing too much of Austin makes me confused. I hope some good soul will make a recap or something :D
  3. How are the Bragging Rights doing regarding playing a game ("simulator") in 2017 with 17 fps?
  4. RC stands for Release Candidate. So, it's the potential version which will be released to everyone if nothing bad shows up
  5. That is very weird indeed. Don't give up on XP11 yet tho. Any kind of power saving option in your AMD drivers you can deactivate perhaps?
  6. In the previous video, again, if i remember well, Austin was talking about how many small airports in the states have no control tower or something like that.
  7. A bit unconvinced about the ATC, if it's similar to what Austin said last time in the previous video about this kind of ATC being GA centered. Something like that, can't remember the exact words atm. Was hoping to see the Citation they showed on the aerosoft website also, but there is time for that too i guess!
  8. Isn't their SkyForce product becoming vapour ware already? :P Or better said, they are been extremely quiet about it for quite some time? It will be good if they actually get to XP. But it won't be the end of the world if they do not arrive. That's what i think in the end.
  9. I don't feel the need to pay for the same addon on another platform, to be honest. If anything, i would like to see a plane we haven't seen and used before.
  10. Thank you, siR :D
  11. It's always a good time to do that :P Plus the usual sunset-tax, which is mandatory with XP :P
  12. Yes, but i also believe they stated they would be in EA for quite a bit from the start. Reading 3-4 months makes me a bit worried they are already in the finishing phase of adding new features. Anyway, i'll keep those thoughts for myself. No point saying them over and over again. let's hope they continue on this path for more than few months!
  13. Raven, from the official steam page. The early access section of it can be expanded to get more infos from the developers talking about why they decided to get into EA.
  14. That is incorrect. Check other EA games on steam and you'll see that they clearly state how long they expect it to stay in EA for. Examples of worthy big games in EA:
  15. I understand the "it's just early access!" statements. But i also understand the fact that on Steam they mentioned just 3-4 months of early access if i am not mistaken. And i am not convinced that the biggest game changing features are introduced during the short early access, but before. Minor changes and bug fixing, sure. But the biggest i don't think so. As usual, happy to be proven wrong in the next 3-4 months.