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  1. Delete the ini files that save your settings from the sim directory\pmdg\ folder and repairing the install should place the default ini files in their place - David Lee
  2. More complicated than this. It has better coverage in Australia. Any flights that land or depart in North America and Australian Airspace have flightaware coverage that gives print outs of flight plans. Australia is better, the flight plan has the full route that prints the speed and step climbs too. - David Lee
  3. Only a year+ later and finally a promised feature in the fmgs is coming and finally some bug fixes. I'd be more angry as a paying customer than anything, and also expect the A319 for free.
  4. At least 5 people have explained Dublin is not compatible and linked to statements by Aerosoft and someone saying they installed it and could not get ground textures to display, same problem Aerosoft Anchorage has.
  5. sorry to hijack but... Aerosoft Male, is it compatible? I do not see it on their "to-do" list
  6. Bug caused by fsuipc 5.121, fixed in 5.121a - David Lee
  7. At the day of the update my P3D v4 did not have problems. Today I cannot start P3D selecting any PMDG 777 aircraft. I can load other aircraft. The scenario screen shows a gray screen instead of the loading screen. Reinstalled did not help, any clue what is wrong? P3D v4 I notice often if it comes across incompatible files like scenery it stops loading the scenario but why would the PMDG 777 cause it? - David Lee
  8. Jumping from different aircraft and routes each day/week is playing flight sim like an addictive adrenaline rush game such as call of duty. And pressing the autopilot at 100ft and disengage at 50ra is not flying that's the "flying" level I see on streams.
  9. Could you update your old 1900C/D line to fully modeled and p3d v4 compatible?? - David Lee
  10. If you are flying a 777 you should be familiar with the process to pick sids/stars. search youtube for tutorials. - David Lee

    Got the Learjet thanks brought the price to in my budget.
  12. Don't copy paste my "-David Lee" my name got caught in the quote tag and too late to edit. On the flights I have followed a CI of 40 is around the real one they might use. Flaps 15 might be the preferred take-off flaps as well. - David Lee

    simmarket has their fleet on sale. I did not mean for this to be advertising I thought the p3d community the best to say the positives and negatives.
  14. Fedex experts in here? My unofficial config please help me make this better. And if you know other info like recommended takeoff flaps, an average CI used, would be good.
  15. The sale price of $15 is great since I will have to buy an addon GPS unit like the GTN, the Lear is also on sale. But I would like feedback for the Flysimware C402. Not having the best textured cockpit is okay but how are system depth and sounds? Any other positives/negatives before I purchase? Thank you.