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  1. LM are planning an update soon I have seen posts listing some bugs are fixed in the coming update. I hope they fix this xml limit and scenery.cg corruption soon then. I'll stop adding scenery until then!
  2. Many scenery installs their xml files, and my suggestion is just temporary until LM fix the bug. Not everybody has the knowledge or time to learn to use a single xml for all your scenery
  3. I really doubt most simmers have the ability to create a single xml file for every scenery they have. breakable scenery.cfg? Never heard this. It's a bug reported on their forums in 4.0 you had a crash before loading and in 4.1 you get black textures if you have over a set number of xml files as posted before.
  4. Planned to buy the NGX package soon for P3D but I am hoping there is a plan for an updated NGX product so I'll hold off - David Lee
  5. Reported the same day of the 4.1 release. Until they fix it for real this time add all your scenery through the old method of scenery.cfg entries manually or in the in-game menus.
  6. typical taxi2gate, a half done job and they charge us for the update to v4. and they probably have moved on to another scenery and you'll have to beg them many times for them to fix it in a patch.
  7. a_a scenery is slowly working on zbaa
  8. I have Overland rksi in p3dv4
  9. Great! Could you for your next project do more pacific islands? I'd really like the islands of Guam and Saipan and their international airports.
  10. vtbs has a scenery that works in v4, not great and no jetways, but better than nothing. there are so many airports out there that have nothing, I do not understand many developers doing double airports like singapore. Aerosoft is doing it too.
  11. You had to pay for an upgrade from fsx to p3d. It's still paying for an upgrade. And PMDG lied about a reason for charging for P3D in the first place. This entire topic is pointless. A developer had to code for the 64bit version and felt they had to charge for it. Move on.
  12. its dumb to me I have 5 PMDG licenses (6 if you include the md-11) I am never going to use again. And no possibility to re-sell it to a simmer that still has fsx but is on a budget and PMDG is too expensive for them
  13. did fs2crew make you pay for a p3d version of their fsx program? you picked a bad example I upgraded to p3d and every one of my PMDG airplane licenses doesn't work
  14. It requires a lot of coding to make it for a 64bit simulator, and supporting it after. That isn't free.
  15. You can find in the Orbx folder one called fixedAPT it has bgl filesfor KMCO that do not get disabled in the vector tool rename the extension to .off or something on both and problem solved also it might be better to run the installers again for the addon scenery since taxigate hasa habit of installing mostly autogen texture files to the main flight sim texture folder and also elevation correction in scenery\world\scenery