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  1. Le Français

    Weird flickering

    I had the same exact problem. Do you use PTA or TomatoShade? If so revert back to original shadders and apply your tweaks again.
  2. Le Français

    PMDG 747-8 Being released today

    I thought the expansion pack would cost $35 or $40 but $70? No thank you. Like MarkV said, not enough airlines fly the 8 so not worth it for me. But thank you for the 400 update! Cheers.
  3. Le Français

    Another "Blurries" Question

    How do I know when your CPU is throttling? Trying to see if 4.4ghz is too OC.
  4. Le Français

    Another "Blurries" Question

    Interesting about overcloking CPU causing blurries.
  5. Le Français

    GTX 1080 TI = Blurries

    So after many months and the V4.3 update, blurries are still here. If I formatted my SSD and re-installed windows and everything, do you think that would help?
  6. Thanks! So it’s great but nothing out of this worlds. But hey, at least it’s another step in making P3D better.
  7. Hello all! I just saw an article that P3D V4.4 might support Physically Based Rendering (PBR). Could someone please explain the benefits? Thank you! Clem
  8. Le Français

    Chaseplane and Autogen

    Very interesting thread as I have noticed that with ChasePlane I get bluerries. Anyone else?
  9. Le Français

    PMDG Radar Pixelated

    Sorry that as a customer you are not allowed to ask questions. Sorry to have bothered you Kyle. Thanks everyone for your help. Cheers!
  10. Le Français

    PMDG Radar Pixelated

    Thanks Kyke, not hyperventilate over this at all. I just didn't know this was the case. I'll keep an eye out.
  11. Le Français

    PMDG Radar Pixelated

    So your radar look exactly like mine? Here is a screenshot I found online. Would love some user input here.
  12. Le Français

    PMDG Radar Pixelated

    I thought I had seen it a lot better in the past.
  13. Hello! My last 3 flights have resulted in a blue death screen. I get this error....WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. Just did the latest Windows 10 update and hope this will fix it. Anyone else experience this recently? Nothing has changed on my end.