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  1. How come it's not being developed for P3D V5?
  2. At least keep investigating it and communicate to the community about. I've been gaming on a PC for over 15 years and I have never gotten that error until P3D V5. You had to go there lol...you are way off.
  3. I really wish that LM would solve this issue as I haven't been able to touch V5 since it came out. I get the error EVERY time, no matter the settings.
  4. Hello All! Are there any big business jet like a Gulfstream or Falcon8X that is available for P3D? I know Carenado has some smaller ones but I am looking for something high quality and not Wilco :)Thanks!
  5. No, I was bale to see it yesterday without being registered.
  6. Right, its back but now look at their forums.
  7. Looks like they have removed the B767 from their store page and their forums. Can't see anything about it now. *Looks like its back now.in the store but the forums are still gone.
  8. I’m sorry but are they high?? What the heck are they thinking. PMDG but must like word not allowed we can now be selling our planes $200-$300....seriously.
  9. CaptainSim has really disappointed me with the quality/price of their 757 and also their support. They always find excuses to hide their problems. I'll be waiting for the $10 sale.
  10. @gregory.goodwin1 First of all THANK YOU for your amazing work. Any updates coming soon?
  11. Hello all! I noticed that all default airports have missing runway and taxi markings, any one know why? I do have ORBX Global Base installed and that's it. https://ibb.co/QkHMNCb Also, the textures look pretty bad to the left and right of the runway, thoughts? Thanks all!
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