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  1. For the 3d attuned, it can be interesting. B)
  2. Older platforms can perform to an appreciative level with TLC, and to pursuing smooth performance vs. chasing fps. Period tech forum postings will facilitate. I would speculate that a modest investment into your current system hardware would still be of benefit. In the long run save money for a new system.
  3. willym

    How close to realism

    All to relevance, I believe we all understand. So much resource, so much time.
  4. willym

    Whats your add on budget?

    I love this thread! As a former Electrical Engineer, I find my time spent is more valuable than money. I run extreme modest hardware, and I enjoy it by choice! Having said that, I have spent several thousands to fly toy planes on a screen :-). And yes I do enjoy rc flying.. I have a whole hanger ;-). And girlfriends, the most expensive toys of all.. (lol). I build and repair pc's on the side, so I have about anything available I wish.. only so much time! It's all good. Enjoy to you all, and vodka is a good 'reset' button (lol).. (I'm a Finn ;-).
  5. willym

    Low End FSX Settings

    Yes, beauty is truly your call. Stay stock, back off on all the settings, and test each one to your personal best. Good luck, it's all 'science, and magic'. And a crap shoot, dependent on your intuition. :-)
  6. willym

    Low End FSX Settings

    The 'tweaks' can make an incredible improvement. Or screw everything up ;-) If approached with care, they are somewhat similar to overclocking. And I overclock my video board, with ~20% performance boost :-)
  7. willym

    NEW LAPTOP/Horrible perfomance

    Luck to you, and I, as one, successfully run fsx on an I3 laptop on the road!
  8. willym

    I enjoy Flight Simulation ... the great debate

    Good work Rob..
  9. willym

    Low End FSX Settings

    Well, I would suggest you head for simulation fluidity, instead of fps. Check out the Bojote site for some starter tweaks. Others would search for max fps, but as an experienced fsx user with limited hardware I have learned to stretch it to the max. Also check out the 'how to' sections on Avsim. They are excellent. You have sufficient hardware to achieve good performance. Don't let the performance pushers run you down.
  10. I had already decided to use this technique with my next rebuild/upgrade. I does help though that I have dedicated system hardware and do not switch into other applications.
  11. I've been so busy in the 'real world' that I hardly hit the power on switch as of late! I read Avsim posts daily (of course). A lot of add on's.. payware and freeware. Most of which, have never been installed!. And here I've gone and invested more money for a complete system rebuild, with new hardware. Go figure :-) But when I do fly as of late, it is usually late on a Friday night, when the work week is done, with a couple of toddies under my belt. Low and slow. I enjoy watching the scenery flying VFR.
  12. Very nice site. I would very much like to see freeware also. Thanks
  13. Peak and tweak or start throwing money at new hardware.
  14. willym

    Getting Back To Fsx

    On the road I run FSX on a 2.3 dual core I3 laptop with Intel HD graphics (8Gb ram). Limit the addons, and with care 20 to 30 fps is pretty do-able. Don't expect to adjust the sliders within FSX to get much above low to mid-range. Get into the Intel graphics control panel, an though the adjustments are limited they have a big performance effect. Some CFG tweaks also help with fluidity, and stutters when panning and shifting views. My Logitech extreme 3d pro joystick has been very dependable. Track IR has also been a nice addition with the limited size screen.
  15. Using the Bojote tweaks selectively, along with an external frame rate limiter seems to be an effective method for maximizing performance of older hardware. This means simulation fluidity - not high fps. Over clocking the graphics board can also push more headroom. I added a second fan for a push/pull configuration for additional cooling. My CPU and GPU usage is typically running 70 to 90 percent (2.66C2D Dell OptiPlex745, Nvidia GT610).