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  1. KCMH Columbus, Ohio Perfect size and centrally located for alot of great hops to the east coast and midwest.
  2. I have had this same issue, and will monitor this thread for an answer.
  3. Ryan, When you reinstalled, please tell me that you located it to a non-stock locations (ex: c:\games\msfs) and not at the default location. That along with Addon Linker will save you more trouble and headaches in the future.
  4. I leave the taxi assist on, along with the tiny arrow mod, and never have to change anything during the flight. I have used this mod through a number or SUs and it never gets affected. I'll second that should Asobo modify this part of the sim, worst would be the old arrows would reappear. Until the taxiways are corrected to actual designations so airport charts can be utilized (pdf viewer in VR....) this is the best solution for me. It doesn't need a destination gate either. It adjusts to whatever ATC assigns upon arrival.
  5. I think it depends on which headset, and what videocard / resolution you can achieve. I still think the G2 was my best bet and have never had a complaint on the resolution side. Now with the NIS Scaler for open XR, and the forthcoming DLSS, even 2XXX series cards are going to have a shot at decent resolution / performance. I will add myself the tally of folks that will never race another car, or fly another plane in 2D. As for cockpit selection, I use the mouse to click on the switch or turn the knob. I have a number of buttons preprogrammed on my flight yoke as well, which you easily memorize by feel. I have some great utilities for bringing PDFs, littlenavmap, VFR maps etc. into the cockpit so I never leave the VR experience during the flights. I can make out baro adjustment on the altimeter in most the GA aircraft without leaning in, so all other gauges are not an issue.
  6. Have the Zintertec product as well as the taxiway workaround (free on .to) and Bijan's 4 seasons (not currently running the snow mask) and have no issues navigating airports in snow cover. Nice touch if Zinertec tweeked the lines for snow. Works well.
  7. Custom built.... And then I fly a different plane and none of that panel aligns....... Yes, for the time being you are using the mouse to interact. But I am looking above me to turn on the ADIR system, down to the right for the TCAS / Transponder, out the side windows for traffic at taxiways, runways... The gloves can't be too far off. Not trying to convert anyone, but home built cockpits are great for a particular aircraft, but aren't going to dynamically change with each aircraft type.
  8. Will pile on the immersion point here. With monitors prior to VR, I would turn off the lights in the room trying to eliminate the static background. But the mere fact of using a hatswitch to "turn your head" is so foreign to how one operates in the real world, and even with the best external hardware, you're not "in" the plane. You're watching through windows (no pun intended...). I use a series of great addons to bring everything from PDF docs (checklists, charts etc...) into the cockpit as well maps, littlenavmaps, etc... And half of the external hardware (tablet style) allows you to assign a button SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO SCROLL YOUR VIEW TO SELECT THE FUNCTION. Isn't immersion about actually controlling the said switch / knob where it is located in the plane. Also love the flypad in the FBW a320 along with simbrief: all work great in VR. Count me as one who'll never go back to 2D monitors....used to use 3 of them. VR is just not for VFR flights in the piper arrow, though it is great for that as well. I fly with a buddy of mine in his arrow II and verify that the scale (at least for the JFs) are dead on. It's smaller in there than you'd think.... Till you've tried it with a recent headset (G2 for me) on an optimized setup, don't knock it.... your mileage may vary.
  9. Please tell me that those of you who are having to reload the entire sim are NOT putting it back at the default location.... Plus, please, please, please..... use the MSFS Addon Manager for your community folder. Those two simple things will future proof you from hours if not days of reloading. Enough shaming, that said, Asobo has got to find a way to keep this sort of thing from happening in the future. No update, Beta or not, should destroy your entire installation and community folder. We all should expect more from this developer than the current process. The fact that they were warning us ahead of time means they were aware of what the outcome would be..... Make a better update process should be high on their list.
  10. Thought I was going to be in the same boat.... but caught the directory path was not to my (non-default) MSFS install location. When pointing it to the right place. No Issues. I can't recommend strongly enough for future proofing: 1) Install MSFS at a non-default location, so your ready for future Betas..... and 2) Utilize Addon Linker to keep the real community folder (where you content is stored) away from the program location. Both steps, literally take seconds, have no downsides, and can save you days in the future. signed, ....for once I've done this right 🙂
  11. I believe CVG release is supposedly imminent by Verticalsim..... been at 95% for a bit.....
  12. May have something to do with Motion Reprojection (if your using OpenXR Development Tools for WMR) I found no real improvement in FPS with it, and a lot less visual artifacts with it off.
  13. I've updated win 10, Video drivers current, running the SU7 hotfix. Community folder empty with exception of the latest FBW A320 (tried both development and stable). All other planes get to the airport departure post loading after hitting the FLY button including the default A320, but regardless of weather, time of day, airport, the FBW progress strip eventually runs out with the random background screen and FBW factoids scrolling away on the bottom left. Have left a similar question on the FBW discord page. Anyone else? I'm out of ideas why it won't load, no additional liveries, just the stock ones. I've deleted and reloaded the installer and the plane itself, but to no avail.... Plenty of other aircraft to fly, but really want to get into flying the FBW... 10900 KF, 3090, HP G2 (disabled for the current testing) 64gb ram, no other issues.... thanks, Brian
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