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  1. Rob, The few times I have had this was related to the in-sim hardware assignments for the output for the audio. The Sound Blaster external audio device though working fine and playing all the environmental / mechanical audio in the sim wouldn't play the voices. By switching to a generic audio output (sorry not in front of my sim machine) made it work. Had a similar thing when switched to using VR in the sim, but through the same menu got it sorted out. Your clue about all the other sounds working is what made me think of those past issues. If the Azure voices go away online, I always still have ATC voices, just different ones.
  2. Had something similar when I got a new router a few months back. Although as you stated your internet connection is working along with your access to the web. Does windows 10's taskbar show you have internet. My issue ultimately came down to the changes in my router settings somehow did not allow the MS internet check to be completed even though my connection and operation were fine. Ultimately MSFS utilized that same check in the system to determine if I "had" internet access, and wouldn't get beyond the startup screen. I ended up modifying the internet access check in the registry to point at a third party site that worked, and ultimately allowed MSFS to see that all was working and continued to load. Probably not your issue, but worth a look at your system tray icons.....
  3. KCMH Columbus, Oh. Not too big, not too small, and needs a pro developer to take it on!
  4. BTW, if this does prove to work for the rest of you, we should probably change the title of this to say SOLVED...... -Brian
  5. I was able to solve mine, and the culprit was from Bijan's excellent tree software, but not the seasons themselves. I had tried and inadvertently left on his experimental snow for the Northern Hemisphere. Didn't put two and two together till after I turned it off, that I never saw this issue when flying out of Orlando or Tampa, always northern airports this winter. The whole ground including airports and regular ground textures looked like they had a fresh coat of blacktop on them. Even the GTN750 ground on the map was black.... Anyways, since turning the experimental snow off, no further issues. Still love Bijan's trees.... -Brian
  6. I think you provided the answer in your opening statement. The legacy flight model setting have never really worked well in the sim. Use the modern setting and all should be much better for you..
  7. Have flown out of multiple airports. Last few days, all the ground textures are a dark gray. Not just airports, but everywhere. Any ideas what is causing this. Recently got Drewieckidesign KEWR that has a dirt layer, but even with it out of the community folder, no change. The buidings, trees, etc. look fine. traffic all looks good.
  8. KCMH Columbus, Ohio Perfect size and centrally located for alot of great hops to the east coast and midwest.
  9. I have had this same issue, and will monitor this thread for an answer.
  10. Ryan, When you reinstalled, please tell me that you located it to a non-stock locations (ex: c:\games\msfs) and not at the default location. That along with Addon Linker will save you more trouble and headaches in the future.
  11. I leave the taxi assist on, along with the tiny arrow mod, and never have to change anything during the flight. I have used this mod through a number or SUs and it never gets affected. I'll second that should Asobo modify this part of the sim, worst would be the old arrows would reappear. Until the taxiways are corrected to actual designations so airport charts can be utilized (pdf viewer in VR....) this is the best solution for me. It doesn't need a destination gate either. It adjusts to whatever ATC assigns upon arrival.
  12. I think it depends on which headset, and what videocard / resolution you can achieve. I still think the G2 was my best bet and have never had a complaint on the resolution side. Now with the NIS Scaler for open XR, and the forthcoming DLSS, even 2XXX series cards are going to have a shot at decent resolution / performance. I will add myself the tally of folks that will never race another car, or fly another plane in 2D. As for cockpit selection, I use the mouse to click on the switch or turn the knob. I have a number of buttons preprogrammed on my flight yoke as well, which you easily memorize by feel. I have some great utilities for bringing PDFs, littlenavmap, VFR maps etc. into the cockpit so I never leave the VR experience during the flights. I can make out baro adjustment on the altimeter in most the GA aircraft without leaning in, so all other gauges are not an issue.
  13. Have the Zintertec product as well as the taxiway workaround (free on .to) and Bijan's 4 seasons (not currently running the snow mask) and have no issues navigating airports in snow cover. Nice touch if Zinertec tweeked the lines for snow. Works well.
  14. Custom built.... And then I fly a different plane and none of that panel aligns....... Yes, for the time being you are using the mouse to interact. But I am looking above me to turn on the ADIR system, down to the right for the TCAS / Transponder, out the side windows for traffic at taxiways, runways... The gloves can't be too far off. Not trying to convert anyone, but home built cockpits are great for a particular aircraft, but aren't going to dynamically change with each aircraft type.
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