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  1. Pretty close in performance and beats no data input. The aircraft is usually way over fueled, and way under in weight when no adjustments are made. Better than nothing currently....
  2. Although I've uninstalled P3Dv4.5, I still use the Aerosoft a320 Fuel Calculator, it works great for getting the Block, Weights, and CGs. I then input that info either when selecting the plane, or requesting fuel.
  3. Does it work because none of the "same files" are being manipulated?.... IE: the aircraft.cfg is only being altered by one of the mods....
  4. It just occurred to me that the other night, I flew the A320 with the A32NX cockpit instrument mods (stored in Community) in an aircraft with the JetBlue livery (also in community under a separate liveries-a320 mod also stored in community) Doesn't that fly (no pun intended) in the face of the downside of option 3 that you stated? Two different mods on a single aircraft type... Just a thought
  5. If you are in the United States, Airnav is a great resource, free online. Put in the airport and it has all the ILS plates and airport diagrams, etc.
  6. Just had an absolutely wonderful full planned IFR flight from KLAS to KPHX including departure and arrival along with ILS landing. The A320's AP didn't miss a beat. I flew the Aerosoft Bus in P3D, and actually used the fuel planner and checklist from it in this planes planning and flight. Miss some of the detail of the switches, but all the major items are included and worked well. Still the slightest of side to side sway at cruise, but nothing like the Alpha / Beta where I like many routinely stated that the plane's AP was trying to kill me. I'm on a relatively low level machine = 4820 i7, 16 gb ram, 1080 ti, and performance was smooth, with a bit of frame loss on KPHX approach, but still manageable. Just want to say how this is only going to get better with each update. A big thanks to Asobo/MS for all they've done and will do, and looking forward to 3PD birds from FSL and PMDG.
  7. Tim, by up and down, not sure what you are refering to... I use the hat to for looking around.... example POV DN = cockpit look down (lock) by elevation are you refering to "slewing"? I typically assign the elevation up & down to keyboard up = Q dn = Z and use the yoke for forward / back and yaw left / right. Sorry if this is not what your were refering to. Once I'm up and running, I can give you exact assignments.... Brian
  8. SidekickUBT: I have a CH Yoke and it worked perfectly in the Alpha / Beta. First make sure in the Windows Game Controller calibration in Windows Settings that it is properly functioning. In MFS, assign the throttle axis to Axis L-Z. Make sure you clear anything else assigned for the throttle and only assign the throttle axis, not the other throttle commands like increase, full cut, etc. I'm awaiting my download time so I am writing from memory at the moment. Also realize that certain aircraft may depend on a different setup (multi engine aircraft...) start with the 152. Make it work on that first.
  9. I'm aware of the popup map, but there are no taxiway designations on that map. I think that is the perfect place to show them, particularly as we head into VR.... hence my option B. As some on here think that asking for these type of things are a "meltdown", I'd be interested to hear their feedback after a week or two post the 18th when they can't move around a busy airport on the ground. As they are now, they look great, but have absolutely no functional purpose for the pilot that would prefer not to follow giant neon blue arrows.
  10. Taxiway signs are kinda important to flight..... My issue is simply if you're going to supply them than A) make them correct as they were in FSX, P3D etc, or B) supply us some means via map to navigate the procedurally assigned ones. Absent those one of those two, good luck getting to your runway, or your assigned parking spot on the return.....
  11. I could not agree more! Even when I have had issues with other developers, there has always been communication. I have sent 4 emails over the last 3 days and not one reply. I have demanded a refund and will go out of my way to tell others to avoid this developer at all cost. Problems will happen... but no communication is simply wrong, and they should be penalized by our community for not meeting those minimal standards! I'm looking for refund remedies currently, and will be quite vocal about my experience with Skyline in the future!
  12. I believe I am having the same issue as you with the Aerosoft a32X (and the Aerosoft CRJ as well)

    Regardless of whether the controllers are hooked up or not, about 15 seconds or so after loading into a scenario, always get a CTD whether any keys/ buttons or pushed or not.  Have not to date been able to find a solution.  Have you made any progress on your side?


    thanks, Brian Szuch

  13. Steve, Thanks for the info, that fixed it. Also to Greggerm, you indeed pointed me in the right direction as I was able to find a post within the DX10 forum that displayed the same issue and the remedy was listed as what Steve posted here. My hats off to Steve for a wonderful product and the visual impact of your cloud shadows is great. All things running well now! thanks again to you both, Brian
  14. Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I am running FSX boxed SP2, DX10 with Steve's fixer and cloud shadows. I have changed planes multiple times and it seems to not be related to the aircraft. When taxiing, there is a large rectangular "shadow" that moves just in front of aircraft. It's wider than the field of vision when looking forward and seems about 100 yards deep or so and remains stationary when the eye view is panned (plane remaining stationary). It's not shaped like the aircraft, in the attached photo you can see a portion of the aircraft's actual ground shadow. Turning shadows on/off for plane and/or ground do not affect it, it remains. In the first picture you see it extending beyond the plane to the left (and as I said, it moves along with the plane) and ends in front of the plane beyond the tarmac grass beyond. You also see the shadow when in spot view (see picture 2), but not in tower view. I don't believe I had the anomaly in DX9, but can't be certain. Any thoughts?..
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