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  1. I had a similar issue up until yesterday. I was getting flying ships, and ships at gates. They had textures, but upon examination, I noticed that the textures we aircraft textures. I had previously "attempted to modify the default A320 traffic textures with airlines common to my area. I had backed up the originals, and upon putting them back, it seems to have removed the ships. I have no idea why the editing would have caused the invasion of the sea-going craft, but last nights flights had no watercraft where they didn't belong. Not sure one had to do with the other, but the timing seemed to align, and I am leaving well enough alone for now.
  2. It is better. They fixed the ATC frequencies. The PAPI lighting is still sitting in the middle of the runway. I generally have some stutters and bad framerate at startup here, but that could be the LA area in general causing that. I'm on a 10900KF / 3090 with 64gb in VR (HP G2). As I said, it is improved, but still some fixing to do... Generally a good airfield for the price.
  3. Appreciate the response, we'll check it out this evening.
  4. As I've said before, though I appreciate them taking on many airports that the majors won't do, the attention to detail related to the inner workings of addon airports in MSFS is not good. Taxiways are madeup - aircraft parking is usually unusable... they haven't taken the time to learn how to do those things properly so they don't work. If the visuals are all you want, they're good enough, but the airports don't function well.
  5. Graphically looks good, but a lot of sloppy attention to detail. I was hesitant from my experience with these guys with P3D for KCVG..... The warehouse next to the Orbit facility is floating off the ground, Only has a unicom frequency, the PAPI lighting for 7L is sitting in the middle of the runway. Hope there's an update coming to cleanup a lot of stuff.... Big facility, would be nice for the price if they do.
  6. When opening my ATC window for this airport, I only get UNICOM?.... according to the AIRNAV file, should be tower, etc... Are the ILS and other frequencies installed properly. I have no competing sceneries in my community folder for this airport.
  7. BTW, I have the JF Arrow, and for the price will most likely add the turbo as well....now I just need to explain that purchase to the Mrs....
  8. Chock, If you ever need assistance in explaining guitar purchases, I'm here for you. I've had the conversation 16 times, and she's still convinced that the last one was the "last" one. She did make the comment that they were getting exponentially more expensive over the past few years.... and that's before you start talking about amps and effects, and effects, and more effects.... -Brian
  9. The buzzing (few times I had it) were usually tracked to a sound driver conflict in Windows. Once I had them straightened out, I had no more buzzing.
  10. Readability and clarity in the CRJ seems generally a little better than in the A320. That said, you would do yourself a favor by reversing your settings. Running 80 in OpenXR and 100 in the sim will give you better clarity than your current configuration.
  11. Not OCing mine. I do for the CPU, but GPU there's no need.
  12. Did a flight last night from KSJC to KSBA via VORs and noticed that I couldn't get the VOR1 needle to respond to changes on the heading knob. Had the right frequency, and DME was picking it up. TO / FROM indicator was working based on heading set, but no needle swings L or R or centering as you narrowed in on the heading. VOR2 / NAV2 were working fine. I have the HSI bug (via the settings screed) active. Does that disable the NAV1 / VOR 1 for typical VOR to VOR operation and relegate it to Approach tracking? Haven't tried to duplicate it somewhere else yet, but was wondering if that is intended, and I was using them wrong. Seemed to me NAV1 was working, but the VOR and heading indicator needles weren't.....
  13. When switching to the external view in VR, there doesn't seem to be a way to zoom in close to the aircraft as you would do for a external inspection, etc. Some same functions for monitors/2D do not seem to work in VR. I'm limited to just the right mouse button vertical and rotation about the centerpoint of the aircraft without any way of getting closer. Any insights would be appreciated
  14. Himmelhorse, It sounds like you are not using any of the addon linker programs available. By creating subdirectories in your "virtual" community folder (mine is off on another drive) for things such as by state ( I live in the US) or Aircraft mod, liveries, etc. You can load only what you need and conversely empty and replenish you community folder quickly and easily with one or two clicks. With the shear amount of addons out there, loading it all into the sim has to be taxing to the load times, not to mention the time to uninstall/reinstall for updates and troubleshooting.. Wouldn't leave home without one. With a few well managed subdirectories, you can keep your load-ins lean and mean. That and making disc images once a week of my system and MSFS drive keep thing hopping along.
  15. Before I got my new rig (10900KF ,64 GB, & 3090) I had a 4820 ,16 GB, and 1080ti paired with my G2. As said above, you knock a bunch of settings back and it performed fine. I had issues running the old PC in large urban areas with lots of detail / big airports before I had the G2. The G2 didn't change that, but had to back down some of the graphic settings which I easily traded for the immersion. You won't regret it.
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