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  1. Just made a fast test with AS, first time i felt the weather in XP so alive. i am sure this is just the beginning .... great work!
  2. its going to be released this Wednesday i guess:
  3. i mixed "Impressive_for_Lua.xvs" with some really good numbers from Blue SKy Star Simulations guy. check his tutorial video on Fb page
  4. also used "impressive"script +Ortho4xp + X-Europe +Ultra Weather = Amazing issue: XPrealistic is not working anymore, i guess xV_Impressive.lua script disable XPRelastic.lua , tried to add it on xVision Resources & scrips but with out any result. if someone made it work , let me know! thanks Update: issued fixed from Yuri ( xVision team) : activate scripts from exclusive mode must be switched off
  5. Sanctus

    Newbie Xplane 11 question!

    to explore the 'real" treasures of x-plane 11 in my opinion you need cpu over 4.2 ghz + powerful gpu
  7. X-plane 10 + X-Enviro experimental clouds 1.1 +4k texture smooth and stable fps 30
  8. Sanctus

    X-Enviro is OUT

    confirmed 100% , much better in my opinion as i didn't like so much x-enviro vibrant Upper Atmosphere color.
  9. Sanctus

    X-Enviro is OUT

    as i had SMP 2,3 and 4 with RCW and want to be fair, attached some images which shows that both Plugins ( xEnviro /SMP) are great with + and - but right now i am more to xEnviro , because as i said : the Sky & the Weather is Alive and everything in 1 product all images are from X-plane 10
  10. Sanctus

    X-Enviro is OUT

    made a test flight from LSGG - EKCH, ultra stable and smooth 30 fps ( Half Adaptive Nvidia mode) with high rendering settings. noticed some extra work on cpu ( i7 3930k 4.7 Mhz ) compared with SMP/RWC etc. ultra satisfied....almost got dizzy during take off from LSGG airport with strong crosswinds and turbulence ! this is the magic of xEnviro i guess, that you could have the feeling of the Sky & weather not just eye candy and visual pleasure and i am sure 100% this is just the beginning... i could see some weak points but i am sure this team will make magic later.
  11. Sanctus

    X-Enviro is OUT xEnviro has potentials..... first time X-plane Sky is alive
  12. Sanctus

    X-Enviro is OUT

    Did anyone had any issue on xEnviro with SoundMaxx + Flywithlua ( i am using only gForceSimulation script) enabled ? really liked SMP + RWC + FSGRW but with xEnviro first time i feel that Sky is Alive thanks
  13. Hi i am having a weird issue during the latest Nvidia driver updates for GTX980. X-plane 10 crashes ( random) during almost every flight route. Event viewer states a TDR issue : A TDR has been detected. The application must close. Error code: 7 (pid=3340 tid=5296 x-plane.exe 64bit) Visit for more information. Faulting application name: X-Plane.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5806eee0 Faulting module name: nvoglv64.DLL, version:, time stamp: 0x582cf7e3 Exception code: 0x40000015 Fault offset: 0x00000000015c5f2a Faulting process id: 0xd0c Faulting application start time: 0x01d2459b04bbb90c Faulting application path: S:\X-Plane 10\X-Plane.exe Faulting module path: C:\Windows\system32\nvoglv64.DLL Report Id: 6fa8943f-b19f-11e6-9893-0015833c0355 already increased the timeout value to allow more time to complete more intensive rendering though registry ( regedit) with TdrDelay and TdrDdiDelay but with out any result. installed the latest driver from nvidia 375.95 for GTX 980 thanks Seth