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  1. Rene: Thanks for solving my same issue. While I do not have a "green area" at the top of the PFD, I did discover clicking any of the three black boxes where the A/P info appears just above the artificial horizon opened the A/P page for me. Now, I can fly this rocket! Heel erg bedankt
  2. Having just acquired two of the new Thrustmaster TCA Throttle Quadrants, I am totally perplexed on how to set up the throttle and prop response curves in XP11 for turboprop aircraft. Setting them up for piston aircraft is easy since they don't have prop reversing, beta, and feathering. When I go into the Response Curves sections, I can't seem to figure out how to set the parameters. Since these throttles have thrust reverser levers, I would like to use them. Using the default settings (with the "this controller has reverse detents" box checked), the throttle in the aircraft does not seem to work correctly when I pull them all the way into reverse. Clicking on the graphs seem to just keep adding more settings. I guess what I am asking is whether there are any detailed instructions available that explain how to perform these settings. I did find the YouTube video that Austin Myer did but that just confused me more since he tended to go into a lot of unnecessary background information and skipped over things I needed to know. Thrustmaster does not provide any help nor could I find anything at Laminar. Written instructions or even detailed videos would be helpful. I admit to being stupid. Can't help it. I was born that way. Denny Knepper Newville, PA USA
  3. Just tried a flight with Carenado 182. Altitude hold on the A/P was extremely frustrating. I thought I was flying a porpoise the way the VS kept going way up and then down. I assume Carenado is using the MSFS A/P which, from all the postings I see here, is not ready for prime time. Ready to go back to X-Plane until MS gets their act together. Its like buying a new car but the brakes still have not been fully developed. 😣 Just venting!
  4. You are correct doing that way. Its just that having used X-Plane for awhile before coming back to FS, I was used to the profile already being set. No big deal. I'll get used to it.
  5. Going to answer my own question: It appears you cannot assign a controller profile to specific aircraft in MSFS. If you fly a turboprop (e.g. King Air) and then so a flight with a piston (e.g. 172 Skyhawk), the 172 will use the last profile (King Air) unless you go back to the Options and change it. Too bad. I really liked that feature in X-Plane. Hopefully, such a feature will be included in one of their updates.
  6. Related question (could not find topic mentioned elsewhere): Is there any easier way to assign various controller profiles I create for the different types of aircraft? This was so easy in X-Plane and done all in one location. For example I have several profiles for my Saitek X-56 throttle unit. One for piston, one for turboprop, and one for jets. I cannot find any easy way to assign the piston profile to the many piston airplanes other than setting up a free flight, then changing the airplane, waiting a long time for the flight to load, then going to the Options-Controllers for that airplane and changing the profile. Any shortcuts are appreciated.
  7. Figures. If anything is broken, I'm always the one who ends up with it. 😑
  8. Appreciate your response. Unfortunately, that does not explain why the problem occurs in some of the Carenado aircraft and not in others. Restarting the sim never seems to make any difference. Thanks again for taking the time to answer.
  9. I've encountered an issue today with a number of the X-Plane Carenado aircraft. So far, the SAAB S340, Cessna Citation S550, Dassault FA50 Falcon, Fokker F50, are exhibiting this issue with the FMC: After powering up the CDU, when I enter data into the scratch pad such as the origin or destination airports, and then click the appropriate line button, nothing happens. The FMC won't enter the data from the scratch pad. If I click the FLT PLN key again, then the entries appear. This does not occur on other Carenado aircraft I have such as the Beechcraft C90 GTX, or the Premier 1A 390 and a few others. Anyone else have this issue? I have sent an inquiry to Carenado nit received no response as yet. Any information is appreciated.
  10. Did not even try. I was too scared. The Honeycomb is actually back in the closet. I am using my desk for the computer and it was too much trouble to remove the middle drawer, then attach the yoke every time I wanted to fly, so I revered back to my X-56 setup. Perhaps someday I'll be able to have a separate table to set up my flight sim. The rudder pedals are also in the closet since my chair has wheels and every time I used them, I pushed myself away from the desk. 🙁
  11. OK. Thanks much Ryan. I will give these a try.
  12. I am trying to determine the steps for exiting a holding pattern for a RNAV approach (using GPS). Using the GNS530 and autopilot in NAV mode, the aircraft properly entered the holding pattern. However, I could not determine how to tell the autopilot to exit the holding pattern and begin the approach. Do I go into the FPL page and activate the next leg in the approach, or is there something I do in the PROC page? I could not get it to work when flying the BN-2 Islander yesterday. It's probably simple but I am a bit dense in my older years. Thanks for any help!
  13. Flew Carenado Navajo today in X-Plane 11. After a somewhat rough landing, a loud obnoxious sound started blaring. I could not find anywhere to shut it off. Even after a taxi to the ramp and complete shutdown of engines, electrical, and even master switch, it kept blaring. It sounded much like a European style police or emergency siren. Anyone know what this might be and, more importantly, how to silence it? Thanks Denny Knepper Newville, PA USA
  14. Yay! Beta 3 fixed it. So, as the Orc captain said: "Meat's back on the table, boys!" 😁
  15. Tried Beta 2 this morning. Had Beta 1 which was doing pretty well. I turned off plug-ins that they said needed updates. Beta 2 resulted in the application restarting when I clicked the Nav light switch on my Just Flight Archer TX/LX. Restarted PC and ran it all again. This time, no sound. Nav switch started X-Plane again. Third time in, selected the Laminar 172 with G1000. Still no sound. Nav switch worked OK. Decided to go back to 11.4 and wait for 11.50 general audience version and for 3rd party developers to get up to speed. I'd rather do flights than spend all my time tweaking, re-configuring, and waiting and waiting to programs to load. I did like the increased FPS but I will be patient and wait for the bugs to be escorted out of town. 🙁
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