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  1. Trying to map one of my Honeycomb Bravo switches to the Run/Stop buttons in the Longitude. I managed to map the starter 1 and starter 2 commands to get each engine spooling up to about 25% but I have to use the mouse to click the run buttons to actually get the engines running, I have tried the fuel control commands and engine master commands but neither seems to work. I had no pproblem with the CJ4 (WT Mod) but apparently the Longitude is a different beast. Anyone else able to accomplish the mapping to controls and, if so, what commands were used to get the engines up and running? Thanks!
  2. Not a bad switch (most likely). If you are using the rocker (assuming you are), I mapped the parking brake to #35 (first rocker in the off position). That way, when the flight starts, the parking brake is on and you move the switch to ON to release it. Using #34 will set the emergency brake off if the rocker is in the OFF position. Hope that helps.
  3. My problem is not an ATC crash per se, but the ATC window won't appear. I am using the new FLOW Essentials app and will try removing that, but I don't have much hope that will solve the issue. Anyone else have this problem of late? Thanks!
  4. They have quite a bit of products if you check their website. BTW : Figured out my sound issue. You have to change the sound source in Windows BEFORE launching MSFS. Duh!
  5. Just got the Turtle Beach Flight Stick yesterday and like it so far, except: it has a headphone jack that in MSFS lets you just listen to communications, but not engine or other sounds. I was able to change the Communications source in the Options/Sound but it won't let me change the main source. Anyone else who has this stick have that issue? Just wondering. MY speakers don't have a headphone jack and I don't want to disturb others in the house with the noise. I suspect it is only for communications. BTW - using a PC, not X-Box. Thanks
  6. I did. Much thanks. However, I don't have the device you refer to, plus it is way above my IQ grade to comprehend. I'll just use the VS method for now while I wait for the other PC12 that is supposed to be released early next year.
  7. Thanks for this. Hopefully they will fix the A/P rocker switch (UP/DOWN) soon. That is the only thing I have an issue with now.
  8. do you recall the command(s) to use for this assignment? Thanks
  9. Flying now. All seems to be working except the Up/Down rocker to control the IAS.
  10. Found the same. I think they may have fixed the battery issue but without evidence, who knows.
  11. Thanks bobcat999. I thought it was "Officer Dribble" but my cats don't care about my authority anyway. 😄 I'm still checking this thread and looking for suggestions. Just tried uninstalling the WT 430/530 which seems to have eliminated the 1 -> 2 issue and the A/P lights in the sim and my Bravo are also working. Now I try a flight.
  12. Really want to use this plane but: Using with my Honeycomb Bravo 1. Lights on A/P for heading & Nav do not come on the sim or my Bravo. Don't appear to work. 2. If switching the NAV source from GPS to VOR the HSI shows VOR 1. If you press the 1 -> 2 button it says VOR 2 but pressing again does not switch back to VOR 1. 3. The Up/Down rocker does not work to change the IAS for climbing. 4. My Bravo A/P light comes on but no other buttons function. I can't address performance issues as others have done here since I don't know the plane that well. I just want to navigate using the autopilot and while I finally learned to use the altitude functions, I still can't use the lateral. Very frustrated. I guess I'll stick with the TBM 930 mod which works fine. Carenado can do better. Even the last update did not do anything and they did not even list what was "fixed" at the Marketplace.
  13. Thanks. I will keep checking with them to see when they update.
  14. I have the Dev version of the 787. Guess I'll refrain from using it for now.
  15. Thanks. I eventually was told elsewhere that the click spot was in a much smaller area than I thought. Between the 414 and the Milviz 310, I am having trouble keeping them straight.🤔
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