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  1. But I have a I7 6700k and factory default setting is 4 GHZ. How you do have a 7600k running a 2.6 GHZ?
  2. Yes, I have a working win 10 x55 Rhino with X55 Rhino 7 0 55 13 x64 Drivers. Its works in all the simulators I have (P3d 4.2. FSX, X-plane 11) configurated with FSUIPC. It has small glitches but nothing to care.
  3. My version says: Douglas C-47 Beta V3.1406??? Works perfectly in P3D v4.1 Eduardo
  4. The Cargomaster works only with Carenado C208B GRAND CARAVAN installed, not the EX version. Eduardo
  5. Thanks a lot gregmorin and Henry Street for your help. Solved creating a profile in FSUIPC. Thanks again. Eduardo
  6. Henry Street: Yes, I use FSUIPC and with my actual configuration ALL my planes, including milviz Beaver had a moveable thrust lever. Eduardo
  7. gregmorin: The throttle works with my Saitek X-55, but the lever in vc don't move, mix and propeller levers moving but throttle not. Is the only plane in my hangar with this problem, all others are working well (multi engine, single engine). Eduardo
  8. gregmorin as a beta tester did you notice that throttler lever don't work? Eduardo
  9. What a pity you have to do that, for me the problem is ORBX. Eduardo
  10. To me happens after run ftx central 3 that installs orbx stuff. The solution that works for me is delete the shaders after run ftx central. I hope helps you. Eduardo
  11. Thanks a lot Mangouste but not work for me. Eduardo
  12. Mangouste; When you erase the contents of the "Prepar3D v4 Files", in documents, means all ad dons installed in that folder? Thanks
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