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  1. Updated and broked the Avidyne weather display in main page.
  2. At the rear of copilot seat is a lever that activates the hydraulics pressure. At pilot seat look right back.
  3. I have a very similar hardware: I7 6700K 4GHz 16G memory GTX 1650 Super idem monitor. I run MSFS at High settings without any problem at all, fps around 50 in GA and 35fps in heavy scennery/planes
  4. I've upgraded to win 11 from win 10 without any problem. All stuff works ok, MSFS works without problem, NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. My initial win 10 installation come from 4 years ago.
  5. No more CTDs with carenado planes after the last (right now) Su12 update.
  6. To me, Carenado pa28 Arrow III, Carenado pa44 Seminole and LH Trinidad tb21 gt still crashes Su 12 (1.31.19).
  7. Yes, so it should be, but the issues you describe are gone with the 1.2.0 update.
  8. Marketplace takes time to update. Can you check the installed version in manifest.json file?
  9. Changelog v1.2.0: – Avidyne improved to avoid FPS progressive loss – Fixed Working Title compatibility issue that causes AP to fail – Fixed EIS backlighting when ready for takeoff – ATC type fixed – GTN650 implemented – EIS white bars visibility fixed on Windows 11 – Minor bugs fixed
  10. What version have you installed? With update 1.20 everything you mention is resolved
  11. I just finished a flight and everything is ok, none of the mentioned issues.
  12. The absence of white blondes avatars in MSFS it is not discrimination?
  13. WOKE sensorship? I"m latin, no chance to "white" victimhood.
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