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  1. You're right. Only the sound add on causes crashes. Thanks
  2. After SU15 I find that Bagolu mods for C172 and Boris Audio Works crashes the sim at exit the plane. Has anyone else noticed it?
  3. Game-Ready Drivers Community | NVIDIA GeForce Forums bad drivers.
  4. t's so easy to go to the page GeForce GRD 546.33 Feedback Thread ( | NVIDIA GeForce Forums to see all the user complaints about last drivers.
  5. Windows key + G opens the game bar
  6. I'm not saying it, I refer to the official nvidia forum.where multiple users complain about the drivers.
  7. All Nvidia drivers after 537.58 had problems with perfomance. Game-Ready Drivers Community | NVIDIA GeForce Forums
  8. Is it the Mgouge G1000 mod compatible with the Asobo King Air 350 Realism Mod ( Asobo King Air 350 Realism Mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS) v 1.3.0? Version 1.3.0 The Blackhawk XP67A after-market engine upgrade is now included in the download as an optional engines.cfg file. To install it just replace the original engines.cfg file with the new file from the Blackhawk PT6A-67A Engine folder
  9. A user comment: My external light switches no longer have the green indicators working. With the Cockpit texture mod
  10. And, as usual, no marketplace update yet.....
  11. Updated and broked the Avidyne weather display in main page.
  12. At the rear of copilot seat is a lever that activates the hydraulics pressure. At pilot seat look right back.
  13. I have a very similar hardware: I7 6700K 4GHz 16G memory GTX 1650 Super idem monitor. I run MSFS at High settings without any problem at all, fps around 50 in GA and 35fps in heavy scennery/planes
  14. I've upgraded to win 11 from win 10 without any problem. All stuff works ok, MSFS works without problem, NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. My initial win 10 installation come from 4 years ago.
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