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What Is Your Favourite Jet Route?

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Hi all,


Would you mind share your favourite jet route, i.e. airports pair?  And why?  With my sim time reduced due to a busy schedule, I would like to concentrate on a few routes to make the time worth while.


Thanks in advance.

Vu Pham

i7-10700K 5.2 GHz OC, 32 GB RAM, GTX4070Ti, SSD for Sim, SSD for system. MSFS2020, XP11.51

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This can potentially become a very nice thread if people post some screenshots as well!


I like flying LPMA - LOWI, that's Madeira to Innsbruck, two great airports to fly in both directions with challenging approaches.


For short hops I love flying in the Canary Islands, probably because that's my home, but also because flying from one island to another in very short time poses the opportunity of identifying a lot of terrain. If you fly with little addon scenery on the default FSX, most inland flights look almost the same, not the case in the Canary Islands. Plus there's all sort of interesting airports and approaches to practice over the Canaries.


Any set of islands may be great for the short hops, for instance, flying around the Caribbean, Sint Marteen, Puerto Rico and so on...


Another airport I love to fly into is KSFO, San Francisco. The terrain around the airport is very characteristic. On a clear day you can't get lost and will almost always do a visual approach which is very nice. A great flight can be TJNM Sint Marteen to KSFO San Francisco and back.


On long-haul flights, any route that goes over sea and land intermittently can be very enjoyable. In real life any long-haul flight must be enjoyable unless you're flying over the sea all the time. So, if you have a super-high end PC with tons of scenery, a good weather system, a good payware aircraft etc... You'll always make your time worth while regardless of where you fly.

Jaime Beneyto

My real life aviation and flight simulation videos [English and Spanish]

System: i9 9900k OC 5.0 GHz | RTX 2080 Super | 32GB DDR4 3200MHz | Asus Z390-F


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KOAK-RJBB. Oakland CA to Kansai Japan is a long flight over the Pacific except for takeoff and climb and landing. The two airports are freeware scenery better than FSX default but not up to the standards of FSDreamteam or FlyTampa. Not much to see except the ocean. I like it because it has only about 10-12 waypoints so it does not require hours to enter the winds by waypoint. I fly it in the MD-11F so there is no possibility of importing the winds like in the 777. If the 777 was used with time acceleration it should be in the 3-4 hour flight time window depending upon the acceleration rate and the weather. In the MD-11F it is a 11 hour flight. 

Michael Cubine

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My fav jet route would probably be KUL - HKT, KUL always being the airport I depart from and HKT being my favourite destination. Very little traffic movement makes for short taxi times, almost always good weather, with 10-20 knot winds thrown in there, but mostly coming head on, so not much of a crosswind, and the beautiful approach, especially during sunset approaching runway 27, with the sun right in front of you. Try out the A_A sceneries VTSP if you want, it really makes the airport more beautiful. 

My second favourite route would probably KUL - DEL. 5-6 hours enroute time, fairly good taxi time 10-20 minutes, and a challenging approach with the low visibility and haze covering the airport. 

Thoriq Kamaruszaman, Potato Flier :Cuppa:


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I enjoy flying OMDB/DXB to OTBD/DOH because it's a very quick flight and I have scenery for both (FlyTampa for Dubai, freeware photoscenery for Doha.)

Regards, Jeremy Chesney



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I enjoy TNCM (St. MArteen) to KLAX (Los Angelas). Its about a 7-8 hour flight, but its a great departure and arrival.

Michael Backes

Windows 10 x64 | i7 8086k 5.0 GHz | 32GB DDR4 3200MHz | 1250W PSU | GeForece RTX 2080 | ASUS TUF Z390 Plus Gaming | 2x ASUS 22" Monitors + 1 39" 4K SEIKI TV (mounted) | Intel PCIe 1.2TB  SSD and 6TB Seagate HDD (1 for OS and 1 for P3D v4) | Corsiar H100i GTX Extreme Liquid Cooler | 

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My favourite routes are across the atlantic at this moment. Mostly because those are for me the better scenerys.


When the 300ER is released I will pick up Dubai-South America and Europe-South America.

Best regards,



Stefan van Hierden

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I like to fly EGKK-KMCO. Two busy airports with plenty of traffic, and also reminds me of the great holidays I've had there.


The return leg with an early evening departure (BA schedule) flying over the Kennedy Space Centre with the sun beginning to set, then the long cruise back to London over the Atlantic.

Tony Simpson


FLYING FROM EGKK, The worlds busiest single runway Airport.

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SCEL-YPPH. Definitely no real world precedents. Almost directly over the South Pole, certainly violating ETOPS constraints, but if you're a daredevil try it out. Not much satellite coverage either so wind/weather reports are spotty. The bottom of the earth: it will make you feel very lonely, until the lights of Perth finally come into view.

Andrew Farmer

My flight sim blog: Fly, Farmer, Fly!

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I pretty much only fly to and from addon airports. My current favourite route for the PMDG 777F is EIDW - ESSA/ENGM - EIDW, sometimes EGCC and EGBB. Today is an exception, flying ENGM - HAAB. 

AMD 5800X3D | Asus ROG Strix B450-F | RTX 3090Ti | Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2TB NVMe M.2 (Main Drive) | Samsung 860 QVO SSD 2TB (Storage) | Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 | Team Group Xtreem "8 Pack Edition" DDR4 3600 32GB | Samsung Odyssey G70A 28" 4K

Ireland stands with Ukraine 🇺🇦                                   💎🦍




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My favourite route for the 777F is OMDB-EGLL-OMDB as UAE9901 and 9902. Flight time is roughly 6 hours.



My favourite ULR route is OMDB-KSFO-OMDB as UAE225 and 226. 16 hour flight over the north pole.



I enjoy doing OMDB-OTBD-OMDB as the route is quite short and have the latest AFCAD for it that corresponds to my charts.



Yusuf Keyre

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I have 2 favorite routes:


KMIA-KLGA nothing like flying the approach into RW31 at New York Laguardia. This flight is best around sunset time either on depart or  arrival.


KMIA-TJSJ is great only because the variety of islands coming up through the Turks and Caicos

Rob Marton

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My Favourite route at the moment is EGLL(London Heathrow) to OMDB(Dubai) or EGLL to VHHX(Kai Tak->challenging approach!)

If you have 12 hours of time, you could also fly EGLL VHHX with PMDG 777 (I can't wait for the -300ER Release!)


Greetings from Germany,


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I like to fly the route EDDV - OMDB. The route does not exist in real life, but whatever :smile: 

Sebastian Schlotz

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both from Aerosoft and not too far apart.

LGSK(skiathos)-LGKR(corfu) Both challenging approaches and very nice scenery.

Made for the 737-600\700,but if your up for it ..try the 777




steve howlett

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