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A flight report..

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First of all.. I've not seem any flight reports here yet, so as I already had written it for the IVAO forums, I thought I'd might share it here as well.

I am in staff for a VA named econair, which usually only operates regular passenger flights.. 737, A320, 777, Q400- you know it. However we came up with the idea to create a commuter airline. Here it where the story begins.

Keep in mind the report was written for a wider (magenta) audience, so just ignore some technical stuff you might already know. ;)


After a quite long time of preparations our Link project is now getting on the finish line. Econair Link is a subsidiary of our regular airline econair. While econair focusses on the operation of a regular airline, Link is a franchise, operated by a fictive company named Trøndelag Air, based at Trondheim. Formerly operating Twin Otters on their own routes, they went into bankrupty and were then taken over by econair as we saw the chance to hop into the norwegian commuter market. Additional to the 4 Twin Otters, we aquired 3 Porters and 2 Lear 35A freighters.
These planes will operate out of Tromsø, Trondheim and Bergen and will serve the smaller communities.
The Twin Otters are used for sole passenger service; the versatile Porters will carry passengers and/or cargo, just as needed. As they always carry their seats with them even in cargo configuration, we can fly cargo in and pax out- or vice versa.
The Lear has about 1 ton of cargo capacity and is used both for contracted cargo flights, express cargo service and regular service into smaller airports.
As a preparation for the launch I did some route proving flights, and one rotation I'd like to share on this small report.


Packed with equipment for the oil industry, we are taxiing for departure at Trondheim. Even at MTOW it is easy to get out (and in) of shorter runways; you clearly feel that the Lear has its roots in a fighter aircraft.


Gear up! On departure you easily get climb rates of 4000 fpm or more, and this is with already reduced thrust setting. One has to get used to the power offered by the two TFE-731..
The Link logo by the way has its meaning: The vertical part of the 'K' represents the econair mainline; the angled part of the 'K' represents the commuter service, feeding passengers to the mainline and getting them to their final destination, respectively.
While the slogan for the passenger service is 'From your doorstep to the world', it is the other way around on the cargo planes: 'From the world to your doorstep'.


As we are rather heavy loaded, we're climbing 'only' to FL380 initially- later on we'll make a step to FL400. The Lear can go up to FL450, clear of the nasty airliner traffic.. ;)


Approaching Sumburgh we're getting the typical weather: Turbulence, rain and reduced visibility. Vref is computed with 117kts.


Rollout runway 27. You have to get used to the fact that you have to do a few items on your own- of course deploy the thrust reversers, but also raise the spoilers. And when you are about to vacate the runway, be sure you switched the nosewheel steering on- it deactivates automatically above 30kts.


At the apron the cargo is unloaded.. and other stuff is loaded. The Jetstream there was my first 'real' airliner addon ever, had tons of hours of fun with it flying the whole Eastern schedule up and down again..


Seems we are the sole jet aircraft here today.. taxiing for departure towards Stavanger


A view just too rare in FSX: A nice, working, sloped runway. One more reason to visit Sumburgh on a regular basis! The rain is already blown across our windshield from 23 knots of headwind..


One good example how fast this thing climbs away. See you soon, Sumburgh!


Nothing much of interesting stuff happened in between, and here we are on final of runway 18 at Stavanger. I once stood down there on the road between the lead in lights watching the planes..


Same story as in Sumburgh- some stuff stays in, some stuff goes out, and some stuff is added. The winds changed, so tower made us depart on runway 36 this time. The crossing runway is usually only used for helicopter traffic btw, a fact that some people don't seem to know about. One thing that's special about this departure is that it has to be on time! Our next landing spot will be Notodden, which is only open for IFR traffic at certain hours. Outside of these the runway is shortened and a public road crosses the unused part. One thing our Twin Otters and Porters won't need to worry about- the remaining runway is still plenty for them.


On the LNAV+V approach- besides a LOC approach the only published procedure. Combined with the GTN750, this is just as easy as shooting an ILS approach.


On the ground we're being serviced, while our (soon to be) competitor Airwing is boarding the scheduled flight to Stavanger. Together with Bergen Air Transport (flying to Bergen) these two companies offer scheduled passenger flights with King Airs in the real world.


Taxiing out for departure; as we have straight crosswind we will depart the other way around so we can directly get on course towards Trondheim again.


Leaving Notodden, you can see the (now closed) public road and the displaced theshold, which becomes active outside the scheduled hours. A brilliant addon by ORBX!


The beauty of Norway- flying here something will always catch the eye.


Coming in via the steeper than usual ILS to runway 27


Slowing down.. and we are back where we started some hours ago!


Last leg of the day.. the cargo is unloaded, and the plane is secured for the night. First flight tomorrow will lead us to Oslo.. but there are also international destinations like Helsinki, Stockholm or Leipzig.
Things will get exciting!

Hope you liked it :)

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Great pictures and story! Thanks for sharing.


I just may have to buy that Learjet....




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Very nice report! Liked it indeed! I'm loving that Norway-flying and scenery.



be sure you switched the nosewheel steering on- it deactivates automatically above 30kts.


That's interesting!





I've not seem any flight reports here yet,


Here's mine! :) I just don't have so good looking airports as you do!


Where on IVAO could I share it? Is there a specific forum for that?

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The Lear is a beauty. Very classy. Nice report and pictures!

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Very nice report and very interesting.

Also I really like your livery for the cargo, is it possible to get it somewhere?


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Great pictures and story! Thanks for sharing.


I just may have to buy that Learjet....




50% off at pc aviator

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Purchased, downloaded and getting ready to install :-)





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