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Prepar3D V3.3.3 Released

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I also have had no VAS issues or cloud issues. Took several flights that, in other versions, would be right on the VAS edge - no problem with 3.3.


I've done NO quantitative testing but it appears that the VAS recovery is working better in 3.3. Using FSUIPC logging on screen, I can easily see the levels increase and decrease.


Took some fllihts IMC and noticed that my GPU usage was less than before and no significant FPS hit (4SGSS).


So far I have had no issues .




RIG#1 - 7700K 5.0g ROG X270F 3600 15-15-15 - EVGA RTX 3090 1000W PSU 1- 850G EVO SSD, 2-256G OCZ SSD, 1TB,HAF942-H100 Water W1064Pro
40" 4K Monitor 3840x2160 - AS16, ASCA, GEP3D, UTX, Toposim, ORBX Regions, TrackIR
RIG#2 - 3770K 4.7g Asus Z77 1600 7-8-7 GTX1080ti DH14 850W 2-1TB WD HDD,1tb VRap, Armor+ W10 Pro 2 - HannsG 28" Monitors

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I guess we need to get a list of airports with problems.  Nobody knows which airports have done this.  It can be a bit hard to flush out since people may have other, unrelated things causing the problems.


Yes it can be very difficult given the permutations and how people "operate" their FS environment ... hate to see an airport get "on the list" that is due to some other user variance and not an actual issue.


Having multiple EXE.XML (2 of each) and DLL.XML (2 of each) files where some 3rd party write to both versions and other items that conflict with SODE and/or older APController, etc. etc.


But LM have confirmed this "issue" is "by design" in order to improve performance and moving forward to future releases ... so if there is going to be a fix it will have to come from 3rd party devs.  In LM's defense, they had provided warnings about using legacy FS2002 process going all the way back to V2.x days ... so for devs this shouldn't be an unexpected "surprise".


Cheers, Rob.

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V3.3.3 installed with latest FSUIPC and ASN SP5 beta. No problems to report. EZDok works just fine. Shaders folded deleted and rebuilt with ASN SP5 and first start of 3.3.3. No cloud issues to report. Possible improvement with clouds and performance. Saw a small jump in frames with clouds. As to the VAS questions. Didn't notice any major OMG improvements. Couatl updated today and fixes some issues with GSX I did come across. You'll need to reinstall the latest FULL version of GSX. All third party aircraft good to go. Have not come across any issues with 3rd party sceneries. Orbx FTX Global base and vector good to go. Hope this helps some of you on the fence about the upgrade.



Wow. Been awhile since I posted. Need to update my banner. Lol....old

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Hotfix released,  Prepar3D 3.3.317625 




**This update only requires an update to the Client. **


This hotfix corrects two major issues identified quickly after release:

•Third party scenery visual anomalies. Various visual artifacts, increased memory usage, and missing features.
•Multiplayer sessions only showing other players if they were the last to join.


You can updated Prepar3D to Version 3.3.3 using the New Component\Updater Installers. Click the link and follow the Tutorial.   http://www.avsim.com...stallers/page-1                                
Please Note:   I will be updating this Tutorial and posting it on the link above on any changes (If Any) of using this method to Update Prepar3D that the latest update brings.   

Elaine Dixon 

AVSIM Prepar3D Guide     Prepar3D® Wiki       AVSIM CTD Guide     How to post a Screenshot 



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Thanks Elaine.


17625 testing I did with a few of the problem airports results including FPS and VAS usage (F22):


Gatwick EGKK - UK2000 - ok - (2.2GB) - FPS 60
Edinburgh EGPH - UK2000 - ok (2.4GB) - FPS 44
Glasgow EGPF - UK2000 - ok (2.4GB) - FPS 42
Bristol EGGD - UK2000 - ok (2.4GB) - FPS 55
Heathrow EGLL - UK2000 - ok (2.5GB) - FPS 30
Vienna LOWW - FT - ok (2.5GB) - FPS 32
Syndey YSSY - FT - ok (2.7GB) - FPS 21
Toronto CYYZ - FT - ok (2.8GB) - FPS 20
Note: I switched to each airport within the same P3D session (I did NOT exit between each airport selection).  All airport configurations were maxed out (all applicable graphics details were checked/selected)
Here are my zipped images with my graphics settings using on a 3960X @ 4.2 Ghz with single GTX 970 V3.3-17625 ... no other add-ons except latest versions of those airports listed above.
Cheers, Rob.

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Just had a look inside the cloud.fx of P3D 3.3.5

Alongside with many changes, it seems that the #define VOLUMIZE and the according #ifdef VOLUMIZE portion of code has been dropped ?

Is this done for improvement listed under release notes ?

  • Improved cloud rendering performance


"In thrust we trust"

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No VAS or cloud issues for me ... V3.3 is running exceptionally well an


There is small VAS issue... My saved flights when I now load them go on a FSUIPC memory low beeps and they do load with  little memory left...but no OOMs


But I did find much better conformance with cloud.. I have the old GTX 760 on 4 monitors  24 X3. I never used to fly with stormy clouds, now I can. 


Beta tester for SIMStarter 

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