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777 or 747?

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I would like to get one of the two wide bodies, I just cannot decide which one, I like them both. One has been around for a while and the other one is brand new. Personally i like them both and I don't have a real preference.

Does anyone have a pros/cons list of reasons for selecting one or the other? meaning, reasons related to hardware, bugs (if any), flying difficulty, realism or else


thank you

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You have to think harder and figure out which one you like more and there's your answer :)

I don't own the v3 but my 777 is flawless and it looks like it all boils down to personal preference.

           Pawel Grochowski


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just close your eyes and point your finger to the whatever you think is the best! :). Have both for P3D and when I fly 747, I cannot wait to fly 777. But when I fly 777 I cannot wait to fly 747 again. So they are equally amazing!!! 


On another note - 747 just came out with the latest and greatest code optimized product that they will eventually bring to 777 through further updates. That said - 747 maybe slightly (maybe very slightly) better optimized than 777. Personally I feel I get better VAS usage with 747. 


Happy flying! 

Zain Uddin

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There's more that needs to be done in the 744 cockpit andso I find it less boring (I have both).



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I do have them both as well. I found the 747 more nostalgic and appealing due to its posture.


I love the older quality lighting over the newer fresh citrus ones in the 777.


And then there is the fact the 747 has 4 engines to fire up, which means more fun to me (*÷*).


I love them both. But the 747 still remains the only legitimate Queen of the Skies!

I9 12900K @ 5.1ghz P-cores/ 4.0 ghz E-cores fixed HT off / Corsair iCue H150i Capellix Cooler/ MSI Z690 CARBON WiFi / 32GB Corsair DDR5 RAM @ 5200 mhz XMP on / 12GB MSI 4090 RTX Ventus 3 / 7,5 total TB SSD (2+2+2+1+0,5 all NVMe)/ PSU 850W Corsair / 27" (1080P)

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I have both as well, I like them both equally, they bring different things and experiences to the table.  Variety is a nice thing to have in FS.  FS would be boring if there were only one type of flying or one kind of plane to fly.  


Do you want lots automation and capability for the ULTRA long haul....as ultra as you can get....literally because the 777LR can literally fly between any two suitable airports on the planet.  Try a charter flight from NZCH -> LEMG  :wink:  ~ 20+ hr trip.  777 gives you both Pax, and Freighter models.  Personally I am really happy PMDG went with the LR as the base, because a lot of us like to haul freight.  The LRF is going tho be the world's mainstay freighter for future decades (along with the Queen Freighter) IMHO.  Some say the LR's automation makes it boring, which might be true if you leave the AP on alot.  I think the automation frees you up to 'fly' the plane more.  Remember, you don't have a first officer to manage radios, systems, read checklists...and such.


Do you want less automation (tho automated enough for a solo sim pilot to reasonably handle), for 'normal' long haul.  Both planes can be configured for High Density short haul as well.  The Queen comes with the HD 'D' model, as as many other sub-variants.  


I have a feeling you'll end up getting both lol.   Both are unique and have their 'quirks'.  PMDG gives you lots of configuration options for both planes.  


You can't go wrong with either.






PS one big PLUS for the 777...GE90...A pair of THE most powerful jet engines in existence....at your finger tips, another thing which makes flying by hand a hoot.  To be fair the Queen comes with three engine choices (RR, PW, GE), as nice as the Queens engines are (they sound great too!), nothing quite like having the two GE monsters in your hands.  Its why in the piston world, warbirds, propliners, and vintage GAs might not have all the modern bells n whistles that today's plastic airplanes do, but no Lycoming or Continental will ever beat the raw power and beautiful sound of a purring big radial or V-12.  lol when I went to ERAU, no one would bat an eye if Cessna or Pipers were flying over, but would all race out of their dorms to look up if it was a P-51 or DC-3 or Beech 18 or whatever lol...its that 'sound' of POWER...nothing beats it :)  :p0502:

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Have both but the 744 seems so much better. Smoother and fun to hand fly. It may just be the new car smell of it but it is the best payware I have ever had. I wasn't even going to get it but it is a PMDG product so I knew I had to get it.

Richie Walsh


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Buy 'em both - It'll cost you north of $300 with expansions, but look upon it as a cost-per-hour-aloft.

How many hundreds (or thousands) of hours will you fly these aircraft ?

With the amount of sheer enjoyment to be had, I reckon either or both represent spectacular value for money.

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I have both. 


Its a really hard split as they are both long hauls. I would say if you want to do short haul and long haul get the 777, the 777 in my opinion is very easy and very automated, which is why I love it. It was the PMDG aircraft I started on. 


The 747 v3 is a beautiful aircraft and the one I take on long hauls e.g my recent heathrow to shanghai. I have about 2-5 fps loss in the 747 over the 777 but I am not really bothered about that as I am too distracted over the sheer beauty. 


As far as which I enjoy flying more, it'd be the 747 by a fraction just because the way the iconic virtual cockpit is. Whichever you choose you will be very happy with non the less. 


777- very automated, easy to learn 

747 - more hands on, takes a little longer to learn


If you watch my 747 video in my signature, youll see what I mean by the 747 being such a beauty in FSX!




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I also have them both, for me the 747 would be the definite way to go.


On one hands side no German airline flies the 777 in pax service, on the other hands side I like the 747 more from a piloting point of view.

Greetings from the 737 flightdeck!

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