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I have a robust pc running 4.1 (4ghz x 6, 64gb RAM, 1080ti, all-ssd) and continue to have terrible performance issues at EGLL (UK2k & FTX). Autogen is set to middle setting, FXAA is off, 4x or 8x AA and other settings don't seem to affect the issue, that being I see fps in the single digits that only occasionally climb into the teens. 

Panning around the aircraft (QW788/9 or PMDG777) only becomes smooth if looking down at a steep angle, so it's definitely the scenery & regional/city scenery. The fps count isn't misleading either, as the sim is quite literally a slideshow in spot or cockpit views. I've done all the usual checking for extra sceneries, afcads, etc.

I know plenty of users have been able to do much better than this with UK2k or Aerosoft's EGLL products, so I'm looking for advice on how to adjust to defeat what is probably the worst default scenery region since SEA....?

I use UT2 at 100%, but ALL the models that appear have been updated to the P3d native models released subsequently (the others have been disabled so don't appear in-sim). Even disabling traffic only buys back a few fps

I love flying in/out of London (ex resident) but it's becoming an area I avoid. I've seen some add-on terrain and city products, do any of these suppress the default scenery around the airport for a better experience in terms of frame rates? 

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No matter how many 1080tis you buy, no matter how many ssds you got   if you fly into egll in a payware addon with a ton of AI your going to have a stutter fest.  You can do as many graphs, tweaks, lasso,  set fps, change hertz, whatever you cannot do it. 

Its as simple as that. 

But you wont get any developer whether that be pmdg, fsl, qw, ultimate traffic or similar to admit that. 

No matter how much you try P3Dv4 or fsx, or fsx se whatever you use its not programmed to handle ai no matter how hard LM try to redo the coding, alot of AI hammers the sim, not your system the sim, that  nearly 20 year old ESP Sim. No matter what you are being  told or sold you cannot beat it. It's not designed for a ton of ai

The same areas have had the same problem for 20 years, namely egll, cyyz, klax, ksfo, vhhh

The engine of that sim you are using is 20 years old. Heartbreaking I know that's the nuts of bolts of it. 

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I do not experience a "stutter fest" when landing at Heathrow. That is using the Aerosoft Heathrow Xtended package, UK VFR Photographic Scenery, ES Treescapes autogen, all UK2000 Xtreme airports enabled (Gatwick and London City in close proximity), all UK2000 VFR Airfields packages enabled (quite a few airfields in and around London), REX Essential Plus sky and water textures, FSX Power Project electricity pylons and wind turbines, and a significant number of high quality freeware AI models/textures active (well over one hundred aircraft at Heathrow alone). This is flying the PMDG 737NGX/747 v3/777 aircraft, at 1920x1080 resolution, with 16x AF/8xS AA/4x SGSS, and the following settings....

Level of Detail Radius - ULTRA

Tessellation Factor - HIGH

Mesh Resolution - 5 metres

Texture Resolution - 15 cm

Scenery Complexity - EXTREMELY DENSE

Autogen Vegetation Density - EXTREMELY DENSE

Autogen Building Density - EXTREMELY DENSEe (not particularly significant for me)

Water Detail - MEDIUM

Special Effects - MEDIUM

HDR Lighting - ENABLED

Dynamic Reflections - OFF

Shadow Quality - HIGH (Internal and External Vehicle CAST and RECEIVE only)

However, I always fly with clear skies (no clouds at all) and calm winds. Nevertheless, the performance is still very good, considering that so many others seem to have a problem with this area....but that could be due to running complex weather, and a package (eg. ORBx FTX England) that includes a lot of building autogen in addition to trees. Oh, and this is with P3D v3.4.


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2 hours ago, sddjd said:

terrible performance issues at EGLL

What is your monitor resolution and do you have SGSS enabled in nvidia inspector maybe? I'm asking becouse i am amazed with P3DV4, i can fly anywhere in the world with PMDG and FSL airplanes and i get steady 30 fps(fps are locked to 30). You have a more powerful system then mine, so it must be something else. I have 2700K at 4.8GHz + msi 1060 6gb gaming x. My monitor has 1920x1080 resolution, and i'm using 4xMSAA in P3D settings and 4xSGSS in Nvidia Inspector settings. I tried nvidia dsr, and i can run P3D at 4K - it is better then SGSS, but it uses much more GPU power. But 4K + SGSS is a no go. This is the only setting i have tried and i have got terrible stutters - my GPU was at 100% all the time. I do get 30 FPS at EGLL during take off and landing, so there must be something with your settings. You can post your System info, OS, P3D settings, tweaks etc. Maybe we can spot something with all info

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It is worth noting that I do experience stutters on my PC in certain locations around the UK, but (perhaps surprisingly) the Heathrow area does not seem to be one of them.

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At least with v4 it's not OOMing anymore. It's the little things... 🙂


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7 hours ago, andreh said:

At least with v4 it's not OOMing anymore. It's the little things... 🙂


Lol, definitely our glass is half full! Thanks for the input from all- I'm still working on finding the source of the terrible stuttering I'm seeing. I'm running a 3840 x 1600 resolution, which I know is somewhat taxing, but have no similar issues at other heavily loaded airport/scenery areas including the list of top offenders (FSDT LAX, JFK, VHHH/VHHX, TB RJAA, etc). 

I'd thought it was the London city area itself, but it seems that when panning the view the drops come when viewing NW, W, and S; the city being visible in the distance apparently has no impact. Similarly, between 100% AI and 0% I see 1-2 fps impact. Killing autogen down to low clawed back about 5fps. Cores and gpu aren't maxing out either.

So, still hunting for the hidden fps black hole around Heathrow 😎

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