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Any alternatives to P3Dv4 inflight recording?

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I was doing a video recording using the P3Dv4's own video recorder.  I need to see the flight landing, but as you all know with complex addons like PMDG 737, the panels do not get booted up in the recorded.  So all I can enjoy seeing is external model coming in for landing.  Is there a way to record with the full plane operational.  

Love the fact that I can change views inside the recording.  I just want to see all panels up and working.

Any solutions for this or everyone is in the same boat


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It seems to be a difficult thing to achieve these days. 

FlightControlReplay is the latest version of an external recorder program - and although Fabio has improved the program significantly since V1, there are still big gaps with regards to PMDG animations on playback.  I have also noticed the playback is quite stuttery.  At the moment, there is still no program that allows you to play back a PMDG take-off or landing sequence from an external view without an obvious animation flaw.

Chaseplane also implemented a very basic playback feature which is also of little use for PMDG animations unfortunately.  Keven did say at the launch that they had to work with PMDG to resolve some of the issues, but I'm not sure if that ever progressed.  


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I also don't know if there is any recorder capable of recording displays in PMDG 737 because it is very complex addon.

I am not sure but I remember FSrecorderX was able to record this in FSX but FSrecorder is not compatible with V4.

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4 minutes ago, Boomer said:


Never heard of it.  Sounds quite impressive.  So does it allow PMDG playback from external perspective with all animations accurately captured?


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Upon reading Tacview, it doesn't seem to do on what I want to see.  See full flight with panels on (wiithin the simulator) over the scenery is what I want to see.  P3D recorder does it fine, just not for PMDG or complex addons. 


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