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  1. Excellent! Congratulations!! Being an old flight simmer, I am sold with VR. No more 2D flying for me. Thanks for sharing!!!
  2. Share my VR experience. I too reviewed many videos including the excellent one above, VR Flight Sim Guy (he has a lot of excellent information). One person, a real pilot, suggested to start with a less expensive unit to experience VR in MSFS which I did. Oculus unit Feb 2022 was first unit. Being an old Flt simmer, I was sold and did not look back. Two weeks later, return Oclus, switch to HPg2, well that didn't last long, went to Aero with one light house and built 4090 machine to drive Aero. The Aero Flt Sim computer is my main go to unit that i use for multiplayer group I fly with weekly. By way, most of folks in my group do not like VR, their systems are setup with three to four large monitors. I shall always use VR, no monitor flying for me. By the way, do have the Crystal but still tweaking it on the old 3080ti flt sim computer. The best thing I like about the Aero computer, it is what I call, "A kick tires & fly unit" no more spending hours tweaking after my initial setup. I'm still new to VR with only 144 MSFS flight hours so take this with a grain of salt. Good luck to you!!!!
  3. Yes! Two different computers. Re-starts did not fix initially, thought it was my problem.
  4. I see you have a Aero and a G2 - is the Aero worth the cost? I've got a G2 and it's okay but outside of the sweet spot it feels like I'm on 720i - and is hard to read glass gauges especially. I have a 4080. Regarding the cost of Aero, first I am new at VR. Started with Oclus for about two weeks which sold me on VR but was not happy with it, went with G2 which was a plus but still not pleased with VR. So, I have over 70 flight hours on the Aero - very happy camper. The software is solid, very user friendly. With my system, I can be in VR within minutes of firing up the computer. The guys on Discord (VR flight sim guy, OpenXR Toolkit & varjo) are outstanding with great information. I can't believe I have not tweaked the flight sim in over 40 flight hours - I'm a tweaker always looking for more improvement. For me, the answer is Yes! With over 70 flt hrs, cost of headset is down to approx $33 per flight hour. Sorry for long answer. Good luck!!!
  5. Very nice - thanks for sharing!!!!!
  6. Before HJet flight nose wheel steering is good, after flight it is inop on the runway. Seems this is the only acft I have a problem with. Haven’t been able to correct, just checking if anyone else has run across this issue. Thanks much!!
  7. Well, guess I will have to give it a go, never been a fan of Motion! Thanks much for sharing!!!!
  8. The Fog/Haze over past year seems to increase on my computers regardless of weather settings in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. It seems to be highlighted even more in VR (HP G2 & Varjo Aero). I have turned off Bloom, which seems to help but not to my satisfaction. Running i9-13900K, 4090, standard – no clocking with very small amount of community items, Rex AccuSeason is loaded. Any suggestions to experience true Clear Weather would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  9. I have had in past some no flit sim boot-up issues, found my Win 11 clock was not set properly (sorry can't remember person that gave me this clue). Sounds strange but worked for me. Good luck!!!
  10. Same here! This Program is so sensitive, challenging to enjoy at times. Thanks for your post skysurfer!!
  11. Well, think I will soon be in your shoes, my CH Rudders very, very old - severed me very well & still kicking. I have been looking at the Honeycomb product that will be released I think this fall. Anyway, could luck with your pedals. Could not fly without them.
  12. You got me ricardo41!!! I was ready for bunch lines! LOL I have truly enjoyed the HJet with lots to learn!!!
  13. Excellent!!! Hoping VR will continue to grow and improve. For me after many, many years of flight sim, will always use VR - good stuff!! Good luck!!!
  14. Good news! Very happy with mt 3080ti in VR. VR is Only way I use flight sim. Thanks for sharing!!
  15. Understand 5800x3D is great with MSFS & VR. I may have to switch. LOL Good news.
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