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    An old aircraft jet engine maintainer.
  1. I simply used the installer (P3D-V4) for Duke T, P, & Lanc, directed it to P3D-v5, works excellent for me. Great acft. Good luck!!
  2. Nice! I too am enjoying V5 with around 60 hours; Orbx & many of my favorite acft (RealAir, DH2, DH6, C47), hope the hot fix will correct some of the landing crash problem identified by many. Good luck folks!
  3. New Sim!!! That says it all! Been in flt sim from days of Com 64, most will not know, have not seen a new sim release work well out of the gate - have had most. At present, I use P3D with loads of add-ons that works very well with on-line flying with my group. Will I try MS2020, yes. LOL Will I expect all the pretty stuff they have been pumping out, no. Will it work with no tweaks, no. Will all my flight controls, panels, other hardware work with out tweaks, no. Looking forward to a new challenge, bring it on MS2020. Hope you can beat P3D, but I remember when you dropped us flt simmers not long ago. And I remind myself, it's all about Money Baby!!!! Good flying!!!
  4. Thanks for sharing! Been about three years since build new computer, looking at parts to upgrade Flt Sim Computer. Please let us know how things go for you. By way, congrats on retirement, if like me, busier now than when worked. LOL
  5. Pay for 100, provider indicates 73 - 125 Lucky to get 60! 61.3 - 14.9
  6. Being an old aircraft engine maintainer & investigator, initial appearance of field, have to agree with above. But speculation is never good, we may never know for sure about this one. Sad!!!
  7. CH Product many, many years - excellent product - pedals must have.
  8. SPADNext is a great product for Saitek panels. Bought Saitek panels many years ago but the software was worse than worse - junk. Thank goodness for SPADNext!
  9. CH Products, both yoke and pedals for many, many years; FS, FSX, P3D. Not familiar with other products. I'm not even sure CH Products are still in business. Good luck, think you will truly enjoy pedal capability.
  10. Thanks guys! Enjoyed your product for many years and hours. Appreciated and good luck to you!!!
  11. You are not alone!! I too fly with a group, experience pause in exact same location. My group posted at Orbx many, many months ago with no response. Other's have posted here & Orbx as well. Good luck, erv
  12. Sweet! Thanks for sharing. Spent many hours flying and working the -Es & Hs. And sometime at RAF Mildenhall & pub, "Bird in Hand". LOL ervski/erv49
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