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    An old aircraft jet engine maintainer.
  1. Thanks guys! Enjoyed your product for many years and hours. Appreciated and good luck to you!!!
  2. Erv Moore

    Carrier Ops

    WOW! Great! erv
  3. You are not alone!! I too fly with a group, experience pause in exact same location. My group posted at Orbx many, many months ago with no response. Other's have posted here & Orbx as well. Good luck, erv
  4. Sweet! Thanks for sharing. Spent many hours flying and working the -Es & Hs. And sometime at RAF Mildenhall & pub, "Bird in Hand". LOL ervski/erv49
  5. Erv Moore

    WIP preview of my freeware Hondajet

    Excellent!! Good show!
  6. Erv Moore

    Turbine Duke

    Sweet! Enjoy this acft!!!
  7. For what it is worth guys. Our flying group first experienced this issue back with P3Dv-2 and posted detailed info at Orbx with no reply - we live with it. We continue have this issue at different locations; just completed a tour around both South/North Island New Zealand; Orbx, P3D-v4.1, each member experience pause at same location fly behind each other - normally there are 4-7 aircraft using FSX, P3D in different versions and computer(top & low end) & configurations/settings except we all use Orbx. Our group now uses JoinFS rather than multiplayer. Good luck guys!! ervski
  8. SPAD.NEXT is the way to go! I fought this issue for many days, fellow flight simmer suggest - rock solid! Good luck! erv
  9. Erv Moore

    Saitek Switch & Multi Panels in V4

    The Old SPAD - sorry. erv
  10. Erv Moore

    Saitek Switch & Multi Panels in V4

    Have not been able to get Saitek Panels running with v.4, using SPAD driver with v.2 & v.3 with no issue. SPAD Program starts & stops with v.4 but receive Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range. Copied exe.xml file in v.3 & placed in v.4. Tks, erv
  11. Erv Moore

    Captain Sim C-130 ind P3DV3

    Russ, Thanks a lot, got her up and running! Really appreciate it. Spent many hours working & flying the old C-130, Little Rock AFB, AR. And now I will be able to take her for a spin P3D thanks to you. An old Ret USAF Propulsion guy, CMSgt
  12. Erv Moore

    Captain Sim C-130 ind P3DV3

    Thanks Russ!! erv
  13. Erv Moore

    Captain Sim C-130 ind P3DV3

    I have the Capt Sim C130 Program & is loaded into FSX - works great. However, It will not load in P3Dv3 and simple copy of FSX files to P3D does not go well either; main issue is with CH Product yoke flight control. Yoke controls such as flaps, gear, trim work great. Have not been able to figure this one out. Anyway, it is sad to have such a great bird that is well done that can not be used or supported in P3D. Somewhat disappointed. I am willing to pay additional money to keep the C130 alive. Very happy some have been able to get it working. Good luck!
  14. Erv Moore

    RealAir Simulations Closure

    Thanks RealAir, have truly enjoyed your many products over the years. Again, many thanks for your products and most of all excellent product support. Wish you all the best!!! erv/erv49
  15. Erv Moore

    P3D v3.3 Hotfix Released

    Just learned of FTX Central update but didn't fix objectFlow msg. Sure things will be sorted. Thanks much for info!!!