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  1. Hello, I'm getting a Samsung Odyssey WMR headset that I'm pretty excited to try in P3D! That said, I do not plan to use it 100% of the time. I normally use EZdok + TrackIR when I fly, but I'm not sure how compatible that will be with VR. Mainly will I need to disable EZdok and/or modify any camera.cfg files depending on how I intend to fly? Basically what's the best way to get the two to coexist so I can fly with VR or TrackIR depending on how the mood suits me? At the moment I'm not planning on getting FlyInside, but I'd consider it if it would help. I'm not against having EZdok only run when I need it and modifying camera.cfg or anything depending, I just need to know more or less what to do and when, if anyone's doing something similar. Thanks! -stefan
  2. As an update, I had time last night to do some flightsim and reset the shaders and reapplied the THOPAT preset, and now it looks as I would expect it to look. Definitely was an install that didn't work. -stefan
  3. No, I know - I'm just asking if there should be a significant change from the previous version. If there isn't, then it probably didn't install right, and I'll give it a go. If there was an intentional large change, I'm certainly not objecting, and I'm just asking if the previous version will still work is all. My guess is the install didn't work and I should just redo the shaders, since it looked extremely close to stock. That's all I'm trying to figure out. Not critiquing - please don't misunderstand me. -stefan
  4. Is it just me, or is THOPAT 2.1 a lot more subtle? The contrast seems to be significantly less than it was, so much so that I wasn't sure if it took properly, because shadows were barely darker than non-shadow area. It all looked a bit washed out as well, at least during daytime - I haven't tried night time yet. Before applying I had restored the default shaders. Is anyone else seeing it like that? If that's by design, that's OK then, but I'll probably go back to 2.0 unless it doesn't work with the newer PTA. Still very appreciative of the continued work on this! Thanks! -stefan Edit: Also, are there any recommended nvidia inspector settings for this? I've pretty much stopped using it with p3dv4 as it doesn't seem as necessary, but maybe I'm missing out on something.
  5. I really did come to love the JS41 and I can't even explain why. That thing was a pain in the &@($* in so many ways, but it had the right character, I guess. I miss it, since I went whole hog for P3D many year ago at this point. -stefan strandberg
  6. Now that you did a DC-6 it should be pretty quick to do a DC-3, right? right??? -stefan strandberg
  7. I've been waiting over 10 years for the Woodpigeon and I'm going to riot soon. -stefan strandberg
  8. If using the provided uninstaller and then reinstalling with the provided installer created problems, I am very happy that they took the time to create new installers. That should never create more problems. Here's to hoping that they've solved that problem, as that particular concern is almost always one of the first things done for troubleshooting by end users. Or at least they should sticky it, or have the uninstaller tell them to stop doing it until they've been told to by support, even, since it's so counterintuitive. Reinstalling is just behind rebooting for windows tech support "try that and see if it fixes it." Just my $0.02. I'm a Linux admin so I'll admit my windows desktop support knowledge is probably pretty outdated. Really though, I'm ending my derail! Sorry for the bad advice! -stefan strandberg
  9. Well, hopefully their new installer has eliminated any bizarre problems that you can get from uninstalling and reinstalling. Normally with addons that's a perfectly reasonable first step as it lets you quickly eliminate a problem with the install. I've fixed countless addon issues over the years by reinstalling, and then I can forgo a ticket to support or a forum post or whatever. If that's something that PMDG doesn't want people doing, they might want to sticky that as it's a very common first step with software troubleshooting. But I digress. I'll end the derail, since it's not very nice to OP to hijack his or her thread for it - sorry! -stefan strandberg
  10. Where have they said don't try uninstalling and re-installing? I'm not seeing that in any of the stickies or any other prominent place either. I'm not saying they haven't said that, I'm just curious where they've specifically recommended NOT doing. If that's the case, they should really make it more prominent, since it's the obvious first step for all sorts of software problems. Please don't think I'm calling you a liar or anything like that, I'm certainly not, it's just not something I've seen anywhere before. I don't spend a lot of time on this forum, I'll admit. -stefan strandberg
  11. Where did they state that? The Jul 01 post states to completely uninstall before installing. If they said otherwise, they certainly didn't do it in a prominent place. -stefan strandberg Edit:
  12. Have you tried the obvious uninstall/reinstall? -stefan strandberg
  13. I don't mind paying for updates, and Brian has been good to me over the years working with me on some stuff when I did something dumb, but if every fs2crew product is going to be full price (or all but) to upgrade to the v4 version I think I'll have to join the group waiting for a sale. You're obviously welcome to charge what you want, and I understand that your time is valuable (Hell, I charge $250/hr to work on people's desktop computers if they ###### ###### up, but that's only because I'm a linux sysadmin and I hate doing windows desktop stuff, not to mention I haven't professionally worked with Windows in 10 years, so I price myself out of it) but I do think nearly full price for an upgrade might be asking a bit much from loyal customers. I dunno. Just my $0.02, adjusted for inflation. I still picked up the new RAAS so I probably shouldn't be listened to anyways haha. -stefan
  14. To ask a silly question, you didn't accidentally enter the keyboard entry mode on one of the CDUs, did you? If you type other letters, do they show up on one of the CDUs? -stefan strandberg
  15. Nah, I'll wait til you've got everything up to date, and I think I've bought everything direct from your store anyways. Not in a hurry! -stefan
  16. It's a shame you weren't given beta access like most developers :( Good luck getting things done! Eagerly awaiting everything. I'll likely pick up FS2Crew for the 747 now as a thanks. -stefan
  17. Looking forward to the new release! Grabbing the ENVTEX SP1 beta presently! -stefan
  18. Thank you for your answer - i didn't realize you were the developer! Take care! -stefan
  19. Out of curiosity, will those of us who donated for the older PTA be given a discount on the new one? -stefan Edit: I understand if not - different developer and all. Still, would be nice ;)
  20. The MD-11 was a fun plane to fly, it took off like a freakin rocket, and the differences in the CDU and other flight procedures were a fun change of pace. But I completely understand that it was very much an outlier as far as sales and whatnot go, and if I was a business, I probably would't spend a lot of time updating a niche product like that. -stefan strandberg
  21. Can someone say what "major issues" they're having? I'd like to know what to look for and try to avoid. -stefan strandberg
  22. Ah, yeah. I missed that - my fault! Sorry! -stefan
  23. I'm wondering if I'm seeing this as well. I just had a flight OOM in the NGX over the middle of the caribbean, near Grand Turk. I lowered settings to halfway on most sliders and VAS didn't adjust one tiny bit. I'm somewhat baffled by this, as there's really nothing out there aside from a few small islands, and I've *never* seen zero impact from lowering sliders. FSUIPC reported about 150000 free, I lowered sliders all to halfway or less (at least the scenery sliders including density and range, as well as shadows and such) -stefan
  24. I know this can happen with various PTA presets, such as THOPAT, if you're using that. -stefan
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