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  1. Hey Jon, Good to see you're still alive and well! The old FU3 certainly was ahead of it's time on lots of fronts. Imagine where it would be now if it didn't get the chop. I've moved to the tablelands for a while and had to pack everything up. Simming on a laptop just ain't the same. Bruce H
  2. Thanks Andre,I will have a look at this.Cheers :-wave Bruce H
  3. Hi Folks,Not sure what happened to this project Ben was working on. I guess went into a tail spin. :-violin Interesting idea tho.Does anyone (Andre?) know of a way of extracting current position, height etc from FU? I've had a bit of a look at the black box recordings, but must confess the output is a bit ah.... meaningless. To me at least.Andre, do you know what form FU keeps it's inflight data in? i.e. would lat/long/heading etc be kept in double floating point or something? Also is lat/long kept as absolute ddd mmm.sss or UTM? Perhaps UTM offset from region origin?Thanks for any advice.Cheers,Bruce H:-wave
  4. Hi Andre,You can't use Genquadrant to generate night tiles (unless you have modified it). The tile shape, size and internal layout are different to normal maps.As soon as we sort Jon's issues out I will get a copy of Lightgen2.exe to you.Cheers :-wave Bruce H
  5. Jon,Can you send me the litegen2.log file please? It is probably in your ../maps folder.CheersBruce H
  6. Hi folks,Back from a short break (nice and dry up on the tablelands Jon :-) , sounds like you should have tried up there!) Certainly traveling through the upper reaches of the Clarence etc. you could see where the water had been. Unfortunately lots of erosion to deal with now.For our overseas listeners, the area around where I live (north NSW) received about 600mm of rain over about a week. Given that the country has been in drought for years, it was a two edged sword, filling the dams but doing lots of damage as well.Now... FLED. :-mad When I got back I started copying back Sanfran into the OZ region, and lo and behold FLED started working again. It appears that the culprit was something to do with the GEN or GENPILE folder, but when I checked the OZ versions they were unchanged from the Sanfran version.Anyway, I copied the complete OZ region back into my working folder and FLED still worked :-roll . So..... I dunno. FLED gives me the heabies sometimes, I know it was probably only meant for in-house LG use initially, but I don't think I have ever come across a more bug ridden piece of "soft"ware. Unless of course it's something I've written :7 Jon. Good to hear you got your lights happening again. I still can't duplicate the problem with the L6-L7 tiles. Could you zip me your N2's when you get a chance. Or the .tga's would be even better.I will email you a later version of LG2 which allows you to selectively turn the levels on/off.What do you mean by "it still won't batch"?Cheers :-wave Bruce H
  7. Thanks Andre and Hans,FU is working fine, no problems with airports etc. Just FLED :-( I will try the Filemon approach you suggest Andre, although I find it a bit difficult to narrow the results down to anything meaningful.I may also try moving parts of Sanfran back across to OZ and see if that resolves anything.Probably won't get to do much for a few days as I will be away.I hope you will be able to have a fly around Oz soon Hans. Already there is base scenery for around 186,000 square kilometres. Great for bush flying! Take care,Bruce H :-wave
  8. Hi folks,Again I write because of a problem with FLED, no doubt caused by me :-( My problem is that for some inane reason as soon as I try and run FLED in my Oz region, it crashes to desktop, accompanied by of course the usual full and detailed explanation of why it crashed. :-roll It is OK on Sanfran and Seattle.There are no packages. Models have been removed (no change). Airports folders have been removed (no change). There is no AI (as far as I'm aware)Has anyone else had this wee problem? Running Filemon doesn't throw up anything suspicious.Cheers :-wave Bruce H
  9. Hi again Andre,It's not a big deal, because LightGen2 can regenerate the light settings in tilindex with one click. It's just that you have to remember to run it after Level57maker, or all the lights go out.:-cool Take care,Bruce H :-wave
  10. Hi Andre,When Level57maker is used it resets the night light information in tilindex.Would it be possible to mod the program so it retains the settings?CheersBruce H:-wave
  11. Hi Jon,You can just send the n2's if you like, but it would be good to know where in the region you need to reach for the welding googles :-roll If you could let me know which settings you used to generate the other levels, I can try and duplicate it here.I got a bit concerned in this post where you said you were getting no lights, that shouldn't happen.CheersBruce H
  12. Hi Jon,Are we talking about terrain night lighting or models? If it's terrain, I'm a bit confused. I thought they were OK apart from l5-7.It doesn't matter if they are cpd or bin, either should work.If you regenerate the scenery maps and create a new tilindex, then you will need to switch the lights on again. Maybe they are not switched on?Are you sending me a zip of the nlights folder?. Better include the tilindex file as well.CheersBruce H :-wave
  13. Colin,It looks to me like FU is confused about where the higher resolution scenery tiles are located.The path to these files is held in the region.cfg file in the folder for the region i.e. ..regionsseattle or ..regionssanfran etc.Either the path is incorrect, or the files are missing from the specified folder, so FU will only display the low resolution tiles found in the ..regionssanfranmaps folder or ..regionsseattlemaps folder.Cheers:-wave Bruce H
  14. Great work Robert, amazing detail. I can't quite spot the dog box at the back of Kensington Palace, but I'm sure it's there.:7 Cheers, :-wave Bruce H
  15. Thanks Chris,I'm not quite ready for AI yet, but will certainly keep your offer in mind.Cheers,Bruce H:-wave
  16. Hi Chris,No, I haven't started a package. These will all be base airports for the region, and for the moment at least there will be no models, AI etc.I think I am going to need an eXpert to do that tricky stuff.Have I done the wrong thing?Cheers :-wave Bruce H
  17. Hi Guys,Thanks again. If the runway crosses a tile boundary, but the end point doesn't sit on the boundary, is that OK?Or is Coffs Harbour in deep trouble with a short runway? You're OK Jon, it will still be long enough to get the S6 in with no trouble.:-hah Cheers Bruce H:-wave
  18. Hi Andre,Yes, that got rid of it. Thanks..I was able to recreate the airport OK. I did notice that the runway crosses a tile boundary. Is that likely to cause a problem?Cheers, :-wave Bruce H
  19. Thanks guys,The offending airport isn't part of a package.I can remove the runways by using DEL, but when I try to delete the blue square, I get a message telling me I "cannot delete a centre marker" Grrrrrr...:-mad There are no models associated with the airport. Neither is there any AI. In fact at the moment there is no AI in the entire region.It seems the only way to get rid of it is to delete the folder.Cheers,:-wave Bruce H
  20. Hi Folks,Just wondering if someone can help me out here before I start pulling things to bits again....:-roll I was building a new airport, didn't do anything different (I think). Very simple, with only one runway. When I tried a test flight, FU CTD'd at AI startup.I had a look at the airport in FLED, and all seemed OK.I deleted the airport from the airport folder, and FU starts OK, but when I start FLED and get within the vicinity of the aforesaid offending airport, I get the FLED "Yo! No airport" message.:-hmmmPressing on, I can recreate the airport, but FU still crashes.Any ideas?There must be a better way of permanently deleting airports other than just deleting the folder?Cheers,Bruce H :-zhelp
  21. Yeay! :-jumpy That's the one, although I can't quite make out the reclining seats.Now what to call it.... how about "The Platypus" :7 At least with the quadracycle gear maybe I won't bend the wingtips as much.CheersBruce H
  22. Hey Jon,Can you do me a S6 with full glass cockpit, quadracycle retractable gear and reclining seats? Green with white flashes would be nice...:-hah CheersBruce H
  23. Congratulations Jon,A great effort and a great new addition to the fleet.Thanks,Bruce H
  24. Hi Folks,It would be nice to be able to help out with getting the GPS portability going, and maybe one day I will be able to have a look at it. Not just at the moment though. I do feel adequately guilty about not getting under way.I'm sure there are much more capable/qualified tinkerers out there who could give it a good push.I want to get LightGen finished off and at least one Oz scenery package out there before I take on any other projects.Gideon seems to have done most of the hard stuff, but coming up to speed would take me quite a while I fear.New and portable "glass" instruments have got to be developed methinks for FU to retain a leading edge feel. But there are other areas within FU which need lots of work.Jon, have you got a selection of "Oz-alike" trees that could be planted around a small private strip? CheersBruce H :-wave
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