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  1. WallysWorld

    GTX 970 feedback

    You're correct. I fooled around with the fan settings and now I got the idle down to under 30c. The fans don't kick in until the temperature reaches 61c.
  2. WallysWorld

    GTX 970 feedback

    Idle temperature of 61 C for my eVGA FTX ACX 2.0 GTX 970 card. I thought that was very high, but with the fans off, that is about normal for this factory overclocked card. Never seen the card get higher than 75 C when trying out the Heaven and Valley benchmark programs. I don't use a fan profile yet and don't know if I'll set one up.
  3. Latst week I replaced my 660 Ti with the eVGA FTW ACX 2.0 GTX 970 which supposedly fixes the coil whine once and for all. No coil whine from this card either and the fan doesn't turn on until the card reach a temperature around 65C. Even then the fan is super quiet.
  4. WallysWorld

    What speakers do you use?

    Yep, me too! Great set of speakers.
  5. WallysWorld

    MTX 5.4c change to 5.4 b database

    Start the MyTraffic X Configurator and select the Autumn 2012 schedule under the Select Schedules drop down list. The Autumn 2012 schedule is basically 5.4b.
  6. WallysWorld

    AI Traffic Sound

    XP only. I tried many times to get it to work on Windows 7 to no avail.
  7. WallysWorld

    very little ai

    If you have your airport scenery complexity set high, it will take about 10-15 minutes for the fuel trucks and baggage trucks have to do their routine before a MTX AI plane can push back. Burkhard has mentioned this in the past when people noticed that planes won't move. When I load FSX, I usually wait for about 15 minutes before I start my scheduled flight to see the MTX planes push back and depart.
  8. WallysWorld

    AFS-DESIGN - World & Mosaic 2004

    One positive review of the product on the Simmarket page. Looks pretty good to me, but I'm already using GE Pro and UT so I wonder how much of a difference it'll be.
  9. WallysWorld

    Flight 1 Audio Environment Airliner Edition

    I have both as well, but after using AE for a long time, I switched to using Alan Constable traffic sounds and I think they are excellent and I use them now. The only issue I have with Alan's sounds is that I had to manually change the sound configs for some of the newer planes that come with the latest version of MT. That took me about 90 minutes to do. http://secure.simmarket.com/a-constable-traffic-sounds-fsx-extreme-edition-2009.phtml
  10. WallysWorld

    AI Traffic Sound

    FSHotSFX was the only reason I built my now three year old PC with dual boot XP and Windows 7. For FSX, the closest thing to FSHotSFX is Flight One's Audio Environment.
  11. WallysWorld

    AI Traffic Sound

    At the end of this post are my own FSHotSFX settings that I've been using for a very long time.More FSHotSFX points:1) One quirk with FSHotSFX is that the touchdown sounds (the tire squeel) happens a second or two too early when a plane is landing. I've tried different settings to no avail so it's something we'll have to live with. The vast advantages of FSHotSFX far outweigh this minor point.2) There are some great user created sounds that can be used with FSHotSFX which can be found by searching here at the Avsim library by searching for FSHotSFX:3) Run the Refresh AI Aircraft button every time you add new AI traffic to your FS2004 setup. The program will then add the proper lines to the new AI aircraft folders. I've also found that those lines the programs does add each of the AI's aircraft.cfg files will not interfere with FS2004 if you happen to uninstall FSHotSFX. They will do no harm.My FSHotSFX settings:The only tweak I've done recently is to increase the spoiler sound setting. Other sounds like gear, flaps, brakes and so on, I've turned off because either the plane I'm flying has those sounds or I just don't really some sounds like the Pushback Tug sound.I turned off the Tower flyby settings as these interfere with the use of the free addon Autower.
  12. WallysWorld

    AI Traffic Sound

    Sorry Greg, I really don't know of any AI sounds programs that work with FS2004 and anything newer than XP.If you use FSX, there is the Flight 1's Audio Environment: Airliner Edition which adds sounds for AI planes in FSX only. I use it with my Windows 7 FSX setup and like it with MyTraffic X.
  13. WallysWorld

    AI Traffic Sound

    The program adds that single line to every aircraft you have in your FS2004 aircraft folder. The program uses that line to distinguish what sound it should play for the aircraft: for example 737 compared to a Dash-8.One more thing: FSHotSFX does not work well with ATC addons like Radar Contact and Pro Flight Emulator because it changes a setting in FSUIPC. Myself, I only use FS2004's ATC so that I can use FSHotSFX.
  14. WallysWorld

    AI Traffic Sound

    I use FSHotSFX for FS9 and it works terrific. It really brings the airports alive with AI sound.However be warned that it only works with Windows XP and there is no more support for it. But I've never had an issue with it and you can always try the demo at KMDW.http://fshotseat.com/
  15. Well I found this thread to be really rewarding for me. With my new 560TI, I keep on getting bad shimmering in FSX and my other games no matter what settings I tried in Inspector. But after trying SUPERVCAA 64X 4V 12 for the AA setting, the shimmers have really been cut down big time. Many thanks to both Iain and Rich Sennett for mentioning this AA setting as I wouldn't have know about it. My apologies to anyone else who mentioned it in this thread, but I missed their name.