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  1. I've always used DDU when I update the nVidia drivers. I run DDU in Safe Mode exactly as you describe and then let the computer reboot into normal mode and the install the new driver. One thing I've been doing lately is unplugging from the internet or disabling the Network Connection while I do the uninstall and install of the new driver. That prevents Windows 10 from downloading and installing its own nVidia driver while you are working to install the new one. I've had that happen to me a few times and I had to do the process all over again. When you reboot after the uninstall in Safe Mode, Windows 10 should start in normal mode for sure. If it doesn't, something is not set correctly.
  2. Completely agree with G-RFRY in regards to getting a bigger SSD for your O/S drive. I went with a 500 GB SSD for my Windows 10 install on my new computer and have about 185 GB left even though I install all games on my other SSD's.
  3. After using my 25" 1080p 60hz monitor for years, I tried out a 27" 1440p IPS monitor and found that the IPS glow was pretty bad compared to my old monitor with just its backlight bleed. The glow was so bad that it really interfered with flying at night with FSX. I returned it. That was the spring. Last week I got the same monitor, but it's a TN panel. Hardly any glow on it and just a little bit of blacklight bleed on one side. A big difference from the IPS monitor. IPS may have better colors, but the glow really killed it for me. I like my TN panel and after playing around with the settings, I finally got the colors I consider nice.
  4. There is myTraffic 6 which for me was very simple to set up and use and it does a great job. Yes, the models are not as nice as AIG or WOAI, but for a fast simple install and with plenty of traffic, I have no regrets.
  5. So I finally discovered Steve's magical DX10 Fixer last month and been loving it since, but I find that installing any payware addon that adds more extensive contrails like Envtex or PrecipitFX causes a weird stuttering issue. The issue is not directly with the contrails themselves, but weirdly when flying high enough to get the contrails and then looking down at the ground from the plane. That's when the frame rate drops from a constant 30 fps down to like 20-23 fps. Only when these addon contrails appear and only when I look straight down at the ground passing underneath my plane do I see the frame rates drop. It's definitely the contrails as there is not stuttering before the contrails appear or after I lower my altitude to make the contrails disappear. This is issue does not happen with the FSX vanilla contrails. This is using Steve's latest Fixer version. As far as I can find, there is no option to turn on or off converting effects in the latest Fixer. Anyone else having this peculiar issue? Thanks.
  6. Until the virtual airline that I fly for converts more of its planes to MSFS, I'll be flying FSX for a long time to come and buying addons for it. I just 'upgraded' FSX using Steve's DX10 fixer and couldn't be happier. MSFS for me is a few years off for sure.
  7. You're correct. I fooled around with the fan settings and now I got the idle down to under 30c. The fans don't kick in until the temperature reaches 61c.
  8. Idle temperature of 61 C for my eVGA FTX ACX 2.0 GTX 970 card. I thought that was very high, but with the fans off, that is about normal for this factory overclocked card. Never seen the card get higher than 75 C when trying out the Heaven and Valley benchmark programs. I don't use a fan profile yet and don't know if I'll set one up.
  9. Latst week I replaced my 660 Ti with the eVGA FTW ACX 2.0 GTX 970 which supposedly fixes the coil whine once and for all. No coil whine from this card either and the fan doesn't turn on until the card reach a temperature around 65C. Even then the fan is super quiet.
  10. Start the MyTraffic X Configurator and select the Autumn 2012 schedule under the Select Schedules drop down list. The Autumn 2012 schedule is basically 5.4b.
  11. XP only. I tried many times to get it to work on Windows 7 to no avail.
  12. If you have your airport scenery complexity set high, it will take about 10-15 minutes for the fuel trucks and baggage trucks have to do their routine before a MTX AI plane can push back. Burkhard has mentioned this in the past when people noticed that planes won't move. When I load FSX, I usually wait for about 15 minutes before I start my scheduled flight to see the MTX planes push back and depart.
  13. One positive review of the product on the Simmarket page. Looks pretty good to me, but I'm already using GE Pro and UT so I wonder how much of a difference it'll be.
  14. I have both as well, but after using AE for a long time, I switched to using Alan Constable traffic sounds and I think they are excellent and I use them now. The only issue I have with Alan's sounds is that I had to manually change the sound configs for some of the newer planes that come with the latest version of MT. That took me about 90 minutes to do. http://secure.simmarket.com/a-constable-traffic-sounds-fsx-extreme-edition-2009.phtml
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