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  1. I understand the frustration with the CTD....however, ..it's always refreshing to see others are having the same issues. (smile) Like someone else have stated already......eventually there will be an update or fix to the problem. I'll have to find something else to putz around in for the time being. (smile) Cheers,
  2. Forgive me if this has been asked before...... I've been away for a VERY long time and starting to get back into the flying once again. I'm curious.....but what happened to all those beautiful repaints for download at the PMDG site? I've searched here at Avsim and have found some repaints.....but they appear to be for the first version of the 737, and not the NGX. The only thing I see at the PMDG site are for the DC-6 XP and the J41......all others are gone. I see the note that all other liveries are "downloaded" and installed via the operation center......however, from what I can ascertain.......you must have the repaint downloaded and saved somewhere before you can install it. Am I missing or not understanding something?? (Quite possible.......Smile) Thanks!! Steven J. Rapp Edit.......Never Mind........ Once again, I figured it out......AFTER.....I asked the question (smile) Steven J. Rapp
  3. Bert, BRAVO...BRAVO...BRAVO...!!!! :Applause: Just what the Doctor ordered!!! Just in case it wasn't listed on one of posts. I'm running FSX SE......No issues installed easy and I actually think my frame rates are a little better. Prior to install......I have FPS set to "Unlimited" and generally run around 57-60 fps with most stuff. With the Hawker around the Settle Washington area....ORBX PNW installed as well as active sky, REX etc. I noticed around 28 - 35. (Running DX10 also) Just did a quick flight from Troutdale KTTD to Bremerton KTWP and was running 38-47!! Thanks once again Bert!! Good things can never be said enough for folks willing to take their time and then share their great achievements!!! I've been doing Flightsim for close to 30 years now (since the FS3 days).....and it's talented Flightsimmer's that have made this program what it is today!!! Once again.....Many Thanks and a Job VERY well done!!! Most sincerely, Steve R.
  4. Hello Bert, Hmmm......I would have sworn I posted this morning, however, don't see it so probably messed something up. I sent you a P.M., with my e-mail address requesting your VERY generous offer for your Flight 1 GTN 750 Mod. Many Thanks again for taking the time to do this!! Most sincerely, Steve R.
  5. Jake..... I moved the Southwest textures over to the straight 800 and it looks and works fine. Had to fiddle with the config file some ......(not enough coffee before I started) but texture work fine. Steve R.SgtMajor, USMC (Retired)
  6. +1 (smile) Steve R.SgtMajor, USMC (Retired)
  7. And of course, let's not forget. Cheers,
  8. Don't forget the "Speciality" Paints by Southwest...........would love to see ALL of them. Here's their link: http://www.southwest.com/html/cs/landing/floridaOne.html Some examples: Illinois One: Arizona One: Florida One: California One: Cheers,Steven Rapp
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