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  1. You can turn RainMaker off if you wish. Ref. page 196 of the Intro document.
  2. Hi guys, Thanks for everyone's feedback. We have found and fixed this bug. It was FSX/SE specific. It will be rectified in the next update.
  3. Hi Robert, The original Douglas manual includes all the various options - different props (Hamilton and Curtiss), different fuel tank configurations (8 and 10-tank systems), and so forth. We deleted any and all items not applicable to our airplane.
  4. To add to what Dan said above - see POH, pg. 138-139: "Depending on O.A.T. and cabin temperature requirements, the mixing valve mixes the air from any two adjacent ports in the proper proportion to provide tempered air, as required, to maintain cabin temperature within the limits of 65°F to 85°F. The cooling turbine has a limited capacity, but is capable of holding cabin temperature approximately 15°F below O.A.T., provided excessive humidity is not encountered."
  5. Hi Gunter, Please go to \<Prepar3D v4 root>\PMDG\PMDG DC-6\ and look for log.txt. Please go to http://support.precisionmanuals.com/Main/ and submit a ticket, including your log.txt file.
  6. Hi guys, Both the green 'water pressure safe' lights as well as the GPS LOC flag are fixed already and will be included in the next update. Regarding the Cabin Pressure Warning Horn - we are aware of this and will be including it in a future update.
  7. Hi there Noah, Glad to see how much you like the J41. I share the same appreciation for it. Just a tiny correction: the J41 actually has very little default FSX functionality
  8. Hi Michael, Not yet, but we're working on it.
  9. Hi guys, I assigned AP pitch ref (down) and AP pitch ref (up) to a toggle switch on my TQ, and even though it does not visually move the glide wheel, the airplane responds to up/down inputs. We'll look at linking these inputs to the glide wheel animation.
  10. Hi Matt, This is unfortunately a result of having the GPS display in both the VC and the 2D popup, and keeping them in sync. We're looking into a way to remedy this.
  11. We have included a 'PMDG Bendix (no-GPS)' option, which is selectable from the Realism Option screen. This gives you a non-GPS equipped aircraft with Bendix Nav/Com 1 and 2 as well as ADF.
  12. I tested this in P3D v3 and I am seeing the same as what Rafal reports. Definitely a hypoxia issue. Check your pressurization setting Rafal. Set the FLIGHT needle to whatever altitude you want to be cruising at, in other words, your max altitude for your planned flight. Once I had set the FLIGHT needle to 20,000 ft, the cabin started pressurizing, and after about 4 minutes or so I could access the popup windows again. We'll look into why the screen is not fading to black (it should).
  13. Hi Evan, The FE suggests to leave 120 lbs as safety measure to correct for gauge error. It is advisable that you have more fuel in the inboard tanks vs. the outboard tanks to prevent high wing loading. In other words, best practice is to equalize your main tanks.
  14. Hi Rob, Could you point me to the page where the 'auxiliary blower light' is mentioned? Thanks! EDIT: I found it. Will correct. It is in fact, or should be, VOLTAGE REGULATOR OVERHEAT warning light.
  15. Hi Evan, I am busy testing your scenario at the moment. Currently set up exactly as you described, with engines 1 & 2 feeding from Main2 and engines 3 & 4 feeding from main3. X-feed levers are in the 1-2/3-4 positions respectively. Tanks 1 and 4 are off (most aft position). See attached pic. So far I am not seeing any issues. I will keep flying and monitor this.
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