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  1. Hi Evan, The FE suggests to leave 120 lbs as safety measure to correct for gauge error. It is advisable that you have more fuel in the inboard tanks vs. the outboard tanks to prevent high wing loading. In other words, best practice is to equalize your main tanks.
  2. Hi Rob, Could you point me to the page where the 'auxiliary blower light' is mentioned? Thanks! EDIT: I found it. Will correct. It is in fact, or should be, VOLTAGE REGULATOR OVERHEAT warning light.
  3. Hi Evan, I am busy testing your scenario at the moment. Currently set up exactly as you described, with engines 1 & 2 feeding from Main2 and engines 3 & 4 feeding from main3. X-feed levers are in the 1-2/3-4 positions respectively. Tanks 1 and 4 are off (most aft position). See attached pic. So far I am not seeing any issues. I will keep flying and monitor this.
  4. Hi there Stefan, I will be answering your question re. the fuel distribution. Tell you what - let me have a chat with Sam (our DC-6 Flight Engineer who consulted on this project) hopefully tomorrow, latest Monday (it is weekend after all). I will discuss your questions with him and then get back to you with good information.
  5. Craig, The DC-6B will come equipped with a Sperry A-12 autopilot.
  6. Please check pg. 64 of the Pilot’s Tutorial, as well as pg. 71 of the Pilot Introduction document.