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  1. jbinner

    Creating a Batch File for Win10

    windows 10 / Server 2012R2 adds into the mix "powershell." You could also write an auto-start method in this. We used it a lot where I work for various things.
  2. It's been a while since I put my thoughts to words, and today I felt the urge that I needed to. Tom has been gone for too long already, and taken way too soon from us. But the memory of him, what he did, what we all tried to help with, lives on. Today, after an interview for my "real world" job, I found myself going back to my IT support days for Tom and this wonderful organization. But sometimes, I do feel responsible for what occurred in 2009. 馃槥 Had I not resigned, had I not decided that my personal life was too busy, I would have remained as the IT staff and the hack in 2009 would have never happened. It haunts me. I had the chance to talk about it with Tom before his passing, he tried to assure me I had NOTHING to do with it. but I still cant get passed it; my choice to quit caused that new person to be "hired." Today, for some reason, I decided to send the hiring authority for this new job a link to the events of 2009 page still found here on AVSIM. Tom and Mrs. A were like a 3rd set of parents for me. (I am lucky enough to have parents and step parents that ALL get along, thus 3rd.) Even so much as when I developed a HUGE blister between my toes in San Diego at the SimCon there, Mrs. A went into nurse mode and assisted me before our flight back to DCA. 馃檪 Tom and I didn't always see eye to eye, we butted heads, we argued, we shouted. But I never stopped enjoying what I did. Even my day job counter-parts will tell you that I blurt out at times, but in the long run I get it done and enjoy the work. But deep down Tom was a mentor for me. Made me smile, made me laugh way more then we ever argued. One night in a bar in the "unofficial" HQ hotel for AVSIM, after my work at the NOC, we met. Mid conversation Tom looks at me, says, "John, your problem is you don't talk enough about YOURSELF." I don't think I have ever had a larger compliment given to me. You see, my adage of HOW I.T. should be done, is if we are doing our jobs right, none of you should know we are even there. It should just work. We didn't always hit that goal, but we sure as heck tried. Which I guess is why I am writing this today. I am still very proud of what we did that day and for years with AVSIM. Maybe Tom was in my mind from above today, and for whatever reason I chose to send the hack-blurb about how we helped recover this amazing site. There was so much going on BEHIND the scenes, some of which I am not now and was not then aware of. The flight sim community owes a tremendous thank you to Tom. I hope we never forget that. I know I won't. And if I land this job, I am sure Tom will be smiling, and I will silently thank him for helping me get to here. So, Tom, Mrs. A, Bob K and others, thank you. I'll never forget the fun, work, sweat, tears that we all had together. 馃檪 We miss you Tom.
  3. jbinner

    FSExpo Organisers - Streaming of presentations

    mu guess is, with 2 online radio stations going live from the floor, one or both will broadcast some audio maybe.
  4. jbinner

    Need assistance, at wit's end

    I yanked out driver, shaders and cfg. one of them worked, I am now back in 30's FPS. thanks poppet. I will use this next time, IF I ever do driver again. lol
  5. jbinner

    Need assistance, at wit's end

    Lemme try to reply, and I am going to uninstall / reinstall video now. Nothing to lose on it anyway. --I did remove shaders. didn't remove cfg but I will. --I DID tick do a clean install of video, but I didn't remove first the old one. That is what I I am doing after I finish this reply. --no onboard video, and yes I checked in settings in P3D anyway, it's got the 970 picked, only video I have. be back later after I rip out video driver again.
  6. I am at the point where I was a few years ago and honestly ready to exit stage right from this hobby. :( Sounds drastic I know, but it seems this never gets better for me. I will try to be patient, if someone would be willing to assist. First, I am not a newb, nor am I "new" to computers. I do it for a living, manage to keep an 1,100 bed hospital imaging servers running, I would hope I can get around this, again. Now, onto the stuff. --Running Windows 10 64-Bit Pro. --NVidia 970 ASUS GTX, just got it for my birthday in July. --Athlon (don't shoot me) Phenom II at 3.5Ghz --16GB of RAM, dunno make offhand I forget but can find it need be, yes I know P3D will only see 4GB of it. --Saitek Yoke, pedals, TPM --3 Dell 17" Monitors running in surround mode, P3D trying to run across all 3. --P3D latest version as of Oct 1, and was freshly installed PRIOR to the last Nvidia update. --Only add-ons I am running is AS, ASCA, PMDG NGX, DEFAULT Scenery After the latest Nvidia update, I am back to less then 9FPS parked, in ATL, with default scenery. I WAS around 25-30 before the video driver update. Seems every time I remove the video driver, allow it to fresh-install the new one, I am right back to this square one. Last time I even re-installed ALL of P3D fresh. Someone please assist. I am ready to give remote to come in and look if someone is willing to help. Thanks again.
  7. jbinner

    Activation error

  8. jbinner

    Activation error

    it's not the simconnect files. I just tried those to install again, same error as everyone else. ticket opened. Update 942pm EST: I removed ALL of the 777 products, did a complete reinstall of just the 772. Ran P3D, same issue, same flexnet errors. Well I tried, wait on the ticket now.
  9. jbinner

    I can not install PC-12

    can confirm Wing's solution above worked for the PC12 into P3D 3.3.5 as well! thanks!
  10. IF we decide to use VATSIM online for the flight, we might want to engage the local facilities and have them staff-up ATC for us. I am not familiar with the Virginia area as much as I should be, not sure if that field is controlled or not? But, they could put a center and approach controllers up for us.
  11. Sorry, didn't see the forum link at first. I am volunteering for whatever is needed, and whatever I can do. I would also like to suggest IAD as an airport, as it was the "unofficial" HQ for AVSIM for a number of years for FanCons, server-farm work, and board meetings. I can't believe it's been a year already. :(
  12. I wanted to write a little bit this morning, about the event, and my thoughts as a "lifetime" flight simmer, because that is what I intend to be. Yesterday I took the PMDG 777 from KMIA to EDDT as part of the titled event. just shy of 10 hours, and my computer handled it like a champ. But, more on that in a bit. First, for the event itself: 路 FSS stations, for the most part, were outstanding. I had ONE problem "controller" that unfortunately I had to report for his attitude on the air. All, myself included, if you cannot handle the stress of an enormous event, don't work it. If you are not prepared, don't fly it. Literally thousands of people plan for this event and it only works if everyone is prepared. 路 ATC, was incredible. Couldn't be happier with how it all played out!!! 路 The event itself, overall, was everything I remember it to be. I haven't done a cross the pond in a long while and was lucky enough to snag a slot last-minute.... well last days anyway. Now for some suggestions: 路 VATSIM should strive to get an automatic reporting system, which i am told exists in real-world. I've never done trans-Atlantic in real life, but my dispatcher that I "use" for flight sim has, and has to do several a year to remain current with his real-world job. This would take a HUGE burden off the voice system and FSS controllers, as all they would need to do is SELCAL or voice acknowledge the position report. 路 System tests. yes, I know voice servers can die the day of, but EVERYONE should check their system, controllers check mic levels, USE a headset!!!!! Not a mic sitting on your desk with reverb on every transmission. I am not just preaching, the night before I loaded up the 777 in both KMIA and EDDT and made sure the scenery matched the diagrams we were all given. I also loaded in the flight plan into the FMC to make sure it matched what I needed the next morning. Again, be prepared! 路 Other than that, I LOVED the event, and do every time it鈥檚 that busy online. Now I wanted to give some feedback on what I call 鈥渃hasing the system.鈥 For YEARS, and even with my tenure with AVSIM, I chased my system to make it better, and better, and better. Constantly moving to improve, spend what I could, upgrade. I want those of us, with less cash then we鈥檇 hope, to know this. You don鈥檛 always have to have the latest and greatest. I am an IT Analyst by trade, and it鈥檚 NOT my lack of know-how holding me back on the top-end system. I am a single dad, so flight sim has to be 鈥渨hat it is鈥 and work for what I have. And thankfully yesterday was about the largest stress test I could do, and it worked. I took off, cruised, landed with ZERO issues. I wanted to encourage people in the same situation as me. Get your sim stable. It may not be perfect, but if it works, STOP. Don鈥檛 make major changes unless you have to, or unless it鈥檚 just that big of a bang for the buck. Then test some more. I am counter to most of what we always see on here, latest and greatest Intel CPU, video cards that could run the highest end engineering on it and still don鈥檛 push FSX the way you think it should, etc. Frame Rates, MY GOD stop worrying about them, if VISUALLY the sim looks smooth TO YOU, then stop chasing the system! I am going to give my specs below, trying to give ALL of them, every part, so that maybe I can help future and current simmers see that it鈥檚 not always what you spend, but what you can DO with it. ENJOY flying again, I do. J My setup: Main rig: Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit (upgrade, then fresh install), 1TB primary Seagate SATA at 7200RPM, secondary 500GB Seagate at 7200RPM, ASUS SATA-DVD ROM, AMD Radeon R7 260 with 2GB RAM, AMD Phenon II 970 at 3.5Ghz (Quad Core) with Zalmann cooler (Fan, not water), 16GB Crucial Ballistix Elite at 9-9-9-27 timing, ThermalTake SMART SP-750M Power Supply, ASUS M5A99FX Pro R2.0 MotherBoard. Three 17鈥 Dell Monitors running from the above video. Logitech G510s Keyboard and Logitech gaming mouse. For now (until this week delivery) I am using a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro flight stick. Internet connection is a 30MBPS down, 5MBPS up with Time Warner Cable. (sorry only thing available here) Software as flown yesterday: FSX Steam Edition, ActiveSky Next, REX SoftClouds, GEX for ground equipment, vpilot for VATSIM connection, my VA鈥檚 ACARS software. Airport scenery was freeware from AVSIM; just enough to give me current runways and parking. WOAI installed for traffic for the above vpilot for VATSIM. I AM running a secondary laptop, that runs WideFs to the above system for the moving map using FSCommander. That is all it runs, along with pulling up anything PDF that I need like flight plans, charts, etc. Oh, it's also Win10 64-Bit Seeing a common thread in all of that? Yes, it works, but it鈥檚 in NO WAY the latest and greatest! ENJOY flying again and not worry so much about the latest and greatest. I do. J (Will be cross-posting this to VATSIM as well to give them feedback on their event.)
  13. jbinner

    Avsim down time

    I am far removed from the current discussion above then I used to be, but rest assured Chase and the team working the IT side of things have taken what we (I) installed in 2009 and made it VASTLY better. NO online service is going to be able to touch the stability and sheer volume of data traffic as the current NOC does. It is quite literally secure from a physical and data point of view. Not Azure, not rackspace, not godaddy, not google, not anyone. Comparing the sheer volume of AVSIM's library and forums to ANY other site it like comparing an apple to a zucchini. They have the right people and server farm in place. Please just give them some time to do their job AND their volunteer work here. --Former IT Staff, AVSIM
  14. AMAZING kit! Running windows 10 at home, Android ASUS 7" tablet with Dolphin browser and this works FLAWLESSLY! Just purchased another license for my friend to!!!! NICE JOB!!!