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  1. I guess since I am browsing forums today, I'll bite. 🙂 U.S. Dept of Veteran's Affairs, Senior IT Analyst. VA employee since 2011. Currently I am a "SME" (Subject matter expert) reporting to a supervisor and assisting 9 sites with the Imaging storage, hardware, VMware, and software needs.
  2. Honestly, if you go that route anyway, get the online version, "ultimate" monthly. It comes out to around $10 USD depending on the exchange rate when it's debited. I have used it for a long time now and not only do you get the data you need, but a moving map that you can load onto the charts from another machine. I usually connect with a laptop and use the moving map for taxxing easier on the ground. 🙂
  3. Yes, AVG WIND is trip wind.
  4. I am only using 2020 for GA flying for now until PMDG comes over. lol INIT should be roughly the same for info, based on what you said above. I have not tried the 2020 'bus yet, so I am not sure what all is modeled in the FMC. But, if they have the init fully modeled, ZFW entry should fill in a lot of the other stuff. SO load payload, load fuel, and then go into INIT and try right click on ZFW, see if it will auto-fill the rest. If not, use numbers from your dispatch in either PFPX or simbrief. To try to answer each section though: TAXI: fuel time for taxi, dependent on what you fill-in for dispatch rules, my VA uses 10-15 mins fuel ZFW/ZFWCG; See above answer. TRIP/TIME: Use EET from your dispatch number BLOCK: Again this is a time entry from your dispatch TOW/LW: Should auto-fill based on your ZFW (I hope) FINAL TIME: ETA based on your FP MINE DEST FOB: Fuel on Board at Destination, again from dispatch "remaining fuel" TRIP WIND: Should be on your dispatch as an average wind at cruise EXTRA TIME: based on your fuel load, how much extra time do you have loaded? Good luck!
  5. From what little I know about it, most of that info would come from a flight dispatch in the real world. Trip wind would be included in the dispatch as an average during your cruise. DEST FOB is the remaining fuel you should have at your destination and would also be calculated in the FMC based on your inputs and fuel load given from dispatch. I see you reference to an A320 page so I won't go further as I fly Boeing aircraft, but when I create a dispatch with PFPX most of the info you seek is given IN the dispatch. Create an account on www.simbrief.com and dispatch a flight. It may help to sort it more for you. 🙂
  6. FSUIPC is in Beta for MSFS2020. It did what you want in FSX and earlier, I assume it will be able to in MSFS2020 when released. (sorry, cannot link to it here, it's on a competing site, but a quick google for "FSUPC for 2020" will find it.
  7. the point was to ask a question and it was answered before your reply. But thanks. (nice to see nothing has changed here.)
  8. Rob's word is gospel in my eyes. People that know me (of me? LOL) know that. There was a little meeting in Canada with the then AVSIM BoD, and others on the phone, when the "sale" of whatever rights was going on. If Rob is talking about it, then my NDA doesn't apply anymore either. 🙂 BUT, as I said, all this will do is drive me to XPlane; or out of simming (again) altogether. It may be business as usual but it's not how I do business. I don't forget and I don't forget how the community was treated, what we were promised, and what never happened. And the cycle is coming around again full circle. My questions are answered for now. Thanks for the quick replies.
  9. What I figured. M$ played games with the community and we will all eat it up. Xplane here I come.
  10. Am I the only one thinking the following: HOW is M$ bringing this back around again, as an updated version, when they sold off the rights? (or so I thought based on info I am not sure I can talk about yet)??? Didn't the education / business licenses get sold to Lockheed and the entertainment license to Dovetail? Or have I been under a rock since I left AVSIM? I AM NOT trolling, just curious...as I have not seen it mentioned anywhere....or did M$ pull their magic hidden text again in those contracts?
  11. how quickly we all forget HOW MS left us the first time? They claim to be all for the people, the community, then sell it off into little pieces. LM got part, Dovetail got a part, and NOW they come back? I honestly don't care if it has 90,000,000 FPS and looks like smooth glass. I would ditch Office, WIndows, etc if I didnt need it for my workplace. I feel much the same about MSFS now a days. They bailed on us and that counts for a lot in my book.
  12. Came up with a plan, now I am hoping to find someone out here for help in the final execution. Here is the scenario: --Present setup includes a 42" monitor, sitting on it's original stand on a desk. Needs 28" VERTICAL clearance to get over it. --looking to use the newer versions of the remote software for FMC and Overhead. FMC is non-issue, I already have a touch laptop to use for that. --Overhead panel. Have identified touch-screen monitors in various sizes. Would use one of these for the overhead panel with the above software. Problem: Need to find a monitor mount, to support a 22" or 24" touch-screen OVER the existing 42". Must articulate "out" at a 30-degree angle or so, to create the simulated overhead look. (and be close enough to my chair to "touch" the controls without standing up. Follow up, plan B, I guess I could go with a non-touch monitor and still use the mouse??? Takes away the touch problem. However, back to the mount, anyone have ideas on a mount like I am describing? The reasoning behind this rather then an actual "hardware" overhead is then I am not locked down to one-style overhead. I can still fly Boeing and CRJ and they will switch to whatever I want. Thanks in advance! Just trying to find a desk-mount articulating arm that will be tall enough.
  13. windows 10 / Server 2012R2 adds into the mix "powershell." You could also write an auto-start method in this. We used it a lot where I work for various things.
  14. It's been a while since I put my thoughts to words, and today I felt the urge that I needed to. Tom has been gone for too long already, and taken way too soon from us. But the memory of him, what he did, what we all tried to help with, lives on. Today, after an interview for my "real world" job, I found myself going back to my IT support days for Tom and this wonderful organization. But sometimes, I do feel responsible for what occurred in 2009. 😞 Had I not resigned, had I not decided that my personal life was too busy, I would have remained as the IT staff and the hack in 2009 would have never happened. It haunts me. I had the chance to talk about it with Tom before his passing, he tried to assure me I had NOTHING to do with it. but I still cant get passed it; my choice to quit caused that new person to be "hired." Today, for some reason, I decided to send the hiring authority for this new job a link to the events of 2009 page still found here on AVSIM. Tom and Mrs. A were like a 3rd set of parents for me. (I am lucky enough to have parents and step parents that ALL get along, thus 3rd.) Even so much as when I developed a HUGE blister between my toes in San Diego at the SimCon there, Mrs. A went into nurse mode and assisted me before our flight back to DCA. 🙂 Tom and I didn't always see eye to eye, we butted heads, we argued, we shouted. But I never stopped enjoying what I did. Even my day job counter-parts will tell you that I blurt out at times, but in the long run I get it done and enjoy the work. But deep down Tom was a mentor for me. Made me smile, made me laugh way more then we ever argued. One night in a bar in the "unofficial" HQ hotel for AVSIM, after my work at the NOC, we met. Mid conversation Tom looks at me, says, "John, your problem is you don't talk enough about YOURSELF." I don't think I have ever had a larger compliment given to me. You see, my adage of HOW I.T. should be done, is if we are doing our jobs right, none of you should know we are even there. It should just work. We didn't always hit that goal, but we sure as heck tried. Which I guess is why I am writing this today. I am still very proud of what we did that day and for years with AVSIM. Maybe Tom was in my mind from above today, and for whatever reason I chose to send the hack-blurb about how we helped recover this amazing site. There was so much going on BEHIND the scenes, some of which I am not now and was not then aware of. The flight sim community owes a tremendous thank you to Tom. I hope we never forget that. I know I won't. And if I land this job, I am sure Tom will be smiling, and I will silently thank him for helping me get to here. So, Tom, Mrs. A, Bob K and others, thank you. I'll never forget the fun, work, sweat, tears that we all had together. 🙂 We miss you Tom.
  15. mu guess is, with 2 online radio stations going live from the floor, one or both will broadcast some audio maybe.
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