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  1. Beat me to it. Hiroshi Igami is a legend.
  2. How bad is the tilt? The Aerosoft CRJ normally tilts towards the outside of the turn a little bit.
  3. There is one other option that might pan out for P3D: https://www.facebook.com/Whiskey-Jet-Simulations-160289901451287/ (You don't need a Facebook account to view) The devs have stated that it's mainly for FSX but might work with some versions of P3D...they aren't sure yet.
  4. Took a look through my saved scenarios folder...I've got 45 save files (22 manual saves, 23 auto saves) and counting, some dating all the way back to early 2017. Are you sure that something isn't deleting them automatically?
  5. Just giving this a try...Will try and delete if it doesn't work... Edit: I removed the "?dl=0". It doesn't work on my end, but clicking the link opens the image...
  6. I think a big chunk of people purchased it during the $25 sale they had last month. Picked up the base + RR expansion during the same sale...its a great aircraft but $50 for a freighter is unsettling.
  7. I found it on a different forum, but I'm not sure which one anymore. It's a few years old actually...
  8. Moderator will interrupt this thread, wait for it.... :(
  9. I can't believe you quoted his entire post, including all nine pictures, just to ask about the throttle quadrant.Check here: http://forum.avsim.n...little-project/
  10. http://www.deltava.org/ <--Another very large VA.
  11. Cough cough, party poopers. :lol: I really don't think it matters...there are 18 pages in this thread, now almost 19. Cleaning it won't do much.
  12. Lucky it didn't happen to me, I would of gone off on the guy.
  13. Thanks for your hard work!

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