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  1. Well we've already decided to call it FS2020 so they have no choice now.
  2. We currently have - FS9, FSX, FSXSE, FSW, MSFLIGHT, XP11, P3DVx.x, AeroFly and others It looks to me as if MSFS2020 has become the chosen abbreviated name for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 right now. It's concise enough, tells you who made it, what the product is and when it was released etc but I'm thinking FS11 might be better, after all it is the next version. But would that suggest too much an upgraded version of FSX. There is always a danger that MSFS2020 would get shortened to FS20 then where would we be? Remember the win95, win98 naming system - great thinking. Ed
  3. For me Microsoft Flight died mainly because it lacked a living world. No ATC, no AI, no autopilot. All these things are essential if you want to feel you are in a simulator rather than a game. I enjoyed chasing aerocaches etc but at the end of the day it needed more life. And that didn't happen. I won't touch any future version of flight without those things.
  4. With the default A321 you can break the nose wheel steering if you land too hard , lower the flaps at too high an airspeed or something like that, can't remember. Anyhow it may be the same in the default 737. I've done this before and the only way to steer off the runway is to thrust one engine only. Maybe that is the cause. Ed
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