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  1. Thanks, Creating the flight plan folder and put a checklist in my aircraft folder resolved the problem, so all is well. Just need to find a way of running the Garmin checklist creation program help file in Win7 as it is in the old unsupported format. Appreciate the speedy response. Gerard
  2. Sorry if this is a silly question, but I can't find the checklist menu within the utilities page. I'm using "GarminTrainerSetup_2000" for the trainer (version 6.41?) and GTN750 v 2.4.10 on Win7 and FSX. Running the trainer in demo mode doesn't show the checklist option. Appreciate any pointers to resolving this. Gerard
  3. Thanks Bill, I'll have a look at that. I guess its just a little disappointing that the upgraded gauge is not a straight drop-in replacement for the old, especially that RealAir made a 3d model for the gauge.. Nevertheless the RXP gauge is probably the best buy I've made for FSX, so I'll persevere for a solution.
  4. Having used the V1 GNS430 successfully in the RealAir Piston Duke, I've upgraded to the V2 gauge and am having a problem using the new 430 in the VC. I used the menu option to replace the existing V1 gauge with the new and at first appearance things seemed ok. The windowed gauge works fine, but with the VC gauge I cannot access the left lower knob clickspot to change the khz frequencies ( no mouse cursor appears). The upper knob clickspot to change mhz is ok as is the center click spot on the knob, I've not changed any other settings, but against my assumption, I wonder if the new gauge dimensions are slightly different from the old?I'd be grateful for some guidance on how to resolve this. Also the V1 gauges had the ability to popup the windowed gauge by clicking within the vc gauge window, is there a similar function in V2. Thanks Gerard
  5. Yes, I am seeing the exact same problem and also found the RAASPro addition to the xml.dll file which I think must be placed there in error.
  6. Yes, something is wrong about how this navaids are defined in FSX for this airport. You loose the DME reading as soon as the localiser is picked up, but if your aircraft happens to have something like a Bendix 62A fitted ( as per some A2A models) you can get DME by setting the frequency on the DME receiver itself. I settled for the compromise of creating a new AFCAD with DME just defined with the localiser.
  7. I believe the issue is that the default EGPO airport does not have DME on 110.9. Often FSX does not reflect reality as per current charts and airports need to be updated as required. EGPO can be easily corrected by modifying the stock airport to create a new AFCAD using ADEX.
  8. I've noticed a couple of small points which, if confirmed, might be for consideration in any future tweak. Firstly I suspect that the main panel OAT gauge is actually reading TAT. Also the OAT reading on the transponder seems to be truncated, maybe a font issue. It read -01 when TAT was actually -15. Observed during a flight using FSXA. Small points with what is otherwise a really nice aircraft to fly. Very happy with it.
  9. I run a q6600, albeit overclocked to 3.1mhz. FSX performance is ok except for complex payware airports and/or lots of AI. I'd recommend adding more memory, bring it up to at least 4gb, I upgraded mine to 8gb and installed win7/64 - going 64bit made a big improvement in stablility and has added a couple of years to the life of the machine. Overclocking is worthwhile as it is essentially a free performance boost, just watch the temperatures and keep the PC clean and dust free. Used memory can be found quite cheaply on ebay. I did change my original ATI 4650 graphics to a Nvidia GTX460 and think this is about as far as it is worth going with such a system. So in summary, overclock your cpu, add more memory, use win7/64 and keep your fsx settings modest
  10. Yes, I also wondered about these strange paths, and also assumed they were an anti-theft measure. Not a very clever idea though as there isn't an un-install programme provided for the Learjet.
  11. Thanks for recognising the problem Dean. Looking at the photoscenery files, I believe the underlying imagery is ok, it just seems that the mask has been over generously applied and allowing the default to bleed through. This is evident by how the default scenery is graduated in visibility as per the mask density. Lets hoping a quick fix if possible to what otherwise is a decent and good value rendition of my home area.
  12. That's exactly the same as I have, very disappointing to have such a large and significant area borked.
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