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  1. I have all of the above mentioned buses - just to mention how professional I find v1-simulation is - he points out the positives in the repective products. Whilst I am not an expert I am pretty sure that you will find the most system depth on the FSLabs, followed by FF then ToLiss. Then my satisfaction as a humble simmer - ToLiss (with excellent support), FSLabs (with good support), FF. Then for the loading i.e. ability to use without additional ground services FF, FSLabs, ToLiss. You will need to make your own decission - I would not part with of any of them! Summary - X-Plane go for ToLiss, Prepar3d go for FSLabs.
  2. Hi All, I recently got to the point of needing an OS rebuild. I did this on a new 1TB SSD and retained my mechanical drives with X-Plane installed. Such a breeze to get x-plane working again; clicked on the exe and all was as I left off. Controllers had their settings etc. - what a seemless experience! :) Carl
  3. As above, I still run both but I do find myself flying significantly more in x-plane than P3D. I think the main thing positive for me in x-plane are visuals - inside and outside the cockpit are more realistic. Visuals are much more fluid too. I don't have a scenery investment in P3D so keeping it does not cost me any disk space. Given I've wrote my own first officer for two planes (to decrease my workload when entering & leaving runway) is my big investment and I would not know where to start in P3D -Carl
  4. Hi All, The 767 set file I have (called 767-300ER.set) does not work with the 767 (it used to do so, a few updates ago). Does anyone know of a set and a link to download that works with the latest 767 update please ? Thanks Carl
  5. @captjames I would recommend as you are new to X-plane that you do not tick "beta". Plenty in the latest version 11.26 to get you started 🙂
  6. The aircraft like many can of course be daunting if you have never flown it. Like others, you can do what i do with a new release; take it around your favourite airport using stick and rudder. I have both and the main difference for me (not doing a compare of systems) is the handling: FFA320 very sensitive to my joystick, FSlabs requires more effort. Both are a credit to their respective sims - if you can support them, do so. The go to for tutorials seems to be youtube: blackbox711
  7. And you do not have to buy Ortho of course, so whilst you are paying for hardware there is no software to buy in relation to Ortho :)
  8. If I could save my flight using the FF757/767 then I would do so. So for now, I just have to work around it... hence my question :)
  9. Hi This is admittedly a long shot.... Occasionally I may pause my sim, put the computer to sleep and continue a flight where I left off - works fine. If I pause, switch user when I come back to X-Plane the sound does not work anymore - of course the answer is don't do it! But anyone know how to get X-Plane playing sound again ? Of course if I exit X-Plane and start the sim again, all is well. And yes all other sounds/music plays fine. This is in the FF 757/767 Just wondering :) Thanks
  10. For me I started with FS98 and actually dipped my toe into X-Plane in 2012. The level D 767 kept me with FSX for so long, then later the NGX and tripple. I've spent the years since 2012 backwards and forwards however I've noticed that I've been flying X-Plane as my main sim since 2016. I've got P3Dv4 and this was for a certain aircraft that was released for P3Dv4.1 in October. However the P3Dv4.1 experience hasn't quite done it for me ! When I want to fly it's more a case of what plane do I want - and nearly all of them now are in X-Plane (add on tube liners btw - I've never used default aircraft) I think X-Plane also offers superb value for money. I asked a question the other day about setting up defined views in a VC in P3D - answer buy an add on! Hang on what about move your view then ctrl + number and it's saved as we can do in X-Plane. X-P also runs very fluid for me. Just my 2c - I am hugely great full though for the choice and even more so nowadays, the choice of aircraft. - Carl
  11. Hi All, Not sure what mode I enabled but I've just looked outside of the aircraft and I see a purple track line, white on the starboard side, black on the port side. It would have been a key stroke, but I do not see it in the menu. Of course ..... ctrl+p :) Thanks - Carl
  12. Hi All, I am sure from my own analysis that my PC would benefit from a GPU upgrade. Pls see below current system specs. I think I skimped on the GPU when I built it! Summary Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU Intel Core i7 4770K @ 3.50GHz 25 °C Haswell 22nm Technology RAM 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 800MHz (11-11-11-28) Motherboard MSI Z87 MPOWER (MS-7818) (SOCKET 0) 32 °C Graphics iiyama PL2278H (1920x1080@60Hz) PL2278H (1920x1080@60Hz) 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 (EVGA) 29 °C Storage 1863GB Seagate ST2000DX001-1NS164 (SATA) 27 °C 232GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250G SCSI Disk Device (SSD) 28 °C 1863GB TOSHIBA HDWD120 SCSI Disk Device (SATA) 28 °C Optical Drives ATAPI iHAS124 B Audio Realtek High Definition Audio What I am looking for is a recommendation that if you were to purchase a new GPU what would you get based on I currently use XP 11 but I also intend to install P3Dv4 (for the FS Labs 320 when it is ready). Thanks - Carl
  13. In addition to the above:- Failures>World>Bird Strike Always Working and untick Set global mean time between failures
  14. So you have had your vent of anger.... but your title is completely unacceptable. Warning to X-Plane users ? For something that you have not given chance ? I have been gradually using X-Plane/ for 5 years off and on to the point now where for most of this year and last I have done most flying in it. Are you really trying to think that using X-Plane after 'recently converting' is going to do you any good ? It's like trying to go from regular to decaf. Fly 'em both and enjoy. Try, practice. Try again - ask for support. When I read your threat, I would urge you to thoroughly check everything. A few assignments and see how it goes. That is how the community will support you.
  15. Agree :) - question if I may - when you disconnected the AP, there was no 'cavalry charge'. Is that because you quickly pressed the AP disconnected again before the sound?
  16. Always useful as a reminder on these things, thanks! At the moment I am looking for new places to fly.... that looks like a very good link. Thanks!
  17. So if they (FF) are saying the benefit in buying is support for the life of the XP11 platform then what does that mean for the 767 ? Will it turn into a plate of blancmange the moment it hears XP11 being fired up ? Will it work with 11.00 but not after 11.xx ? So maybe a smaller upgrade needed to get the 767 in the XP 11 air ? Perhaps not now, or in the immediate months ahead, but it may be cheaper in one of the sales than the upgrade ? I'm not being overly critical as they are improving what they have already written, and the new developers on the team won't have benefited from the V1 sale. I get that. I think an offer of say one month at for e.g. $20 would have had sales to the extent that their web server would have crashed! But I'm still on the fence....
  18. Hi All, Certainly in 10.50 the smoothness and graphics are simply - wow ! :smile: I now notice cockpit shadows and when in clouds at night - are they reflections from the strobes ? My question is, are these 10.50 and above features ? I ask as I was able to up a few of my graphics settings after a small overclock. Thanks
  19. What I should have said is - for me - time acceleration is better in FSX as whilst I'm aware of CTRL+T in X-plane I only get upto 2x but I will try the above tip.
  20. Hi Just to add to this topic, I use both FSX:SE, X-Plane and PSX (I don't see myself investing in P3D) I use very few addons in any sim, I will list these:- FSX:SE Active Sky FSUIPC FSLabs A320 (previously PMDG, Level-D) X-Plane FS Global Real Weather Mesh FF 777 767 757 and very likely the IXEG when time allows Why do I like FSX:SE ? Time acceleration Most aircraft add-ons allow saving and therefore resuming of a flight. Pop out e.g. PDF, ND Exit sim has to be confirmed with an acknowledgement! Why do I like X-Plane Appeals better visually to me, even airports just with taxiways are good for my experience. Flight dynamics Sloping runways and taxiways Easier to set up flight controls - e.g. after an OS reinstall in the summer I simply launched x-plane and it picked up the previous configuration of my game controllers Easy to install scenery. So in short, having started with FS (I guess like most of us!), I have just naturally moved towards more flying in XP this year. Indeed after the OS install it was a month before I reinstalled FSX. - Carl
  21. Congrats on reaching this significant point - good luck with the testing. I'll be pleased to support this on release - some UK holiday airline liveries would be an added bonus at some time :smile: Thanks
  22. As above, there was a youtube vid (the vid is no longer available) where the Emirates captain explains - so supporting what you say - that you do not get the ballooning effect when, like you may in say a 747, selecting flaps 20. It just stays straight and level was basically what he said!
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