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  1. Brilliant review Ray.....you set the bar pretty darn high for the rest of us :good:
  2. Actually I just pm'd him the email addy of the individual that assisted me. Just on the off chance he gets a response. I found the IRIS folks quite helpful.There were no mods-just a recommendation of what to try and the reasoning for the "unassisted" bank angle changes in level flight. While its not perfect it is manageable and more important-expalianed and expected behavior.Hope the OP gets it sorted. It's a pretty sexy aircraft with very interesting engines (I guess you love it or hate it).
  3. Just as an FYI for the OP:I purchased the same aircraft package during the Christmas sale (I won't repeat the price to avoid damage to your monitor :().While I had zero graphics issues the aircraft displays a noticable "pull to the left"-in other words a steadily increasing left bank. After an exchange of support emails generated via the trouble ticket system it turns out IRIS had issues with the load balancing part of the model (apparently quite common under FSX with light GA aircraft). To correct the issue-or rather to minimize it-you will need to play with the balance during flight setup. I found that a pilot at 170 lbs and a co-pilot at 174-176 lbs worked best for me to correct the slow roll in the model.I will also send you via PM the IRIS email from my old support ticket.Hope this helps a bit.
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