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  1. I fly FS2004 on a laptop. The laptop is not a shabby performer, but I've never entirely gotten rid of stuttering - even on FS9. The game stutters badly when increasing mip levels on terrain tiles - and gets even worse when using addon scenery. The delay in loading terrrain textures must surely be due to a slow component somewhere, but I don't know quite where. I suspect that the hard-drive is old and slow and that switching to an SSD would fix the issue, but before I pull the trigger, I'd like your input on identifying the issue, as RAM or graphics card issues are a possibility. GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6620G 512Mbs DD3 with core clock 444Mhz and memory clock 667Mhz in Crossfire with AMD Radeon 6660M 1G GDDR5 with core clock 600Mhz and memory clock 800Mhz CPU: AMD A8-5300 quad core clocked at 1.4Ghz (don't know more than that) RAM: 6Gbs installed (don't know more than that) HDD: Toshiba MK6476GSX SATA Disk Device 640Gbs 5400 RPM 8Mbs Cache
  2. ematheson

    Jerky FS9 with new Rig

    If you've installed a lot of scenery libraries, extra or high-res textures, etc, it can take a while for FS to load all the textures it needs into memory. A faster HD decreases the time this takes - a SSD can take tenths of a second to load what my 7200 RPM laptop HD takes 1-3 seconds to access. You might not have considered this when you built your system and bought a drive for capacity instead of speed... with the result that FS might jerk while it pauses to load textures or other needed files.
  3. ematheson

    Jerky FS9 with new Rig

    What speed does your hard disk spin at?
  4. ematheson

    Are people making the switch to FSX Steam?

    I'm sure many of us could ask the same of you... Back on topic, though: I made the switch early and haven't regretted it. I am primarily an FS9 user, but I've bought a few FSX addons and fly in FSX once in a while. For me, the Steam edition performs much better... double the FPS, fewer stutters, etc. I also convert FSX scenery to FS9 on occasion. The Steam edition object libraries are (slightly) expanded and (slightly) bug fixed. There's no reason to have noticed this unless you're too familiar with them like I am, but that was a nice bonus for me.
  5. ematheson

    FlightSim Manager FSM 2.8.5

    As a matter of fact, yes. The daily stream of trolls didn't really start to let up until about a year or so ago... Not that you are a troll. But there was (and still is) a population of trolls who think it is appropriate to insult and malign FS9 users.
  6. ematheson

    One thing about aircraft that annoys me.

    Actually, no. The problem is insistence on 2d panels, not VCs...In most addons featuring "wing views", the wing view is a fixed view angle based on the 2d panel. This view system was developed for FS95, before VCs existed in any form and therefore, necessarily, existed as a defined view angle of the external model. Thus, a wing view as programmed into the 2d panel through the panel.Cfg will have external sounds. However, since FS98, (and excluding the anomaly that was FS2000), all versions of FS and CFS have had a VC view that can have separate sounds associated with it. If a wing view is programmed as a FSX camera in a VC model containing a wing and cabin, it can make use of custom VC sounds, which can be made to be realistic. In short, if you find this problem, it's because you aren't actually in the cabin and are using outdated technology.
  7. ematheson

    DISAPPOINTING, to say the least

    Hard drives are not perfect pieces of machinery and occasionally data-loss happens through no fault of anyones. Sometimes, these things happen. In a complex program with little tolerance for errors (such as FS9), this can be a problem... Which is why I usually reinstall about once a year regardless. It ensures continued integrity of things like landclass files - which FS can't be bothered to tolerate. In that regard, landclass is a bother. If there's a texture missing, FS OOMs. If it's layered wrong, FS OOMs. If it's got even a minor error, FS crashes... if there's anything wrong, FS gags on it. Not like textures - FS has a lot tolerance for those things...
  8. ematheson

    FS9 freezing my PC. Any ideas?

    By default, FS9 doesn't actually use LODs of scenery objects... It's either all or nothing. Auto_lod is an option in the display (I think) section of the FS9.cfg that toggles use of LODs for scenery objects, which can reduce number of polygons and textures needed while still displaying the same number of objects at a distance. If you're getting stuttering while FS9 loads high detail objects, this setting might help.
  9. ematheson

    FS9 freezing my PC. Any ideas?

    Sounds disk related. I was getting this all the time in my last install... Seems it was because not only the files, but the directory too, was fragmented. Because of replacement of ground and sky textures, I had ground textures essentially shotgunned around my drive, so I got a severe lag drawing ground textures. You might also try turning on auto_lod in your FS9.cfg. And/or adding empty LODs to your converted FSX libraries. Anything to reduce the amount of searching your drive needs to do...
  10. Please see posts by clearedtoland. He has said essentially what I would say. If you read what he has posted, I suspect you will find a subtext saying what I have said as well... Just perhaps a little more diplomatically.
  11. You have spent the time to write several long posts essentially telling such individuals that they are stupid or lazy or both. If this was not your intent, I challenge you to demonstrate this. Your posts in this thread constitute a clear example of the negative or ill-willed responses that you claim to be seeking to end. Kindly define "informative" in a way that addresses your perceived issue. What is informative for you is not necessarily what is needed by another... Which is precisely why people post the questions that seem to annoy you so much. I submit that your wish carries an underlying sentiment that you are a flight simulator god, knowing all that there is to know about FS at that time and that those of lesser knowledge are not worthy to post here, there, or anywhere. If you have your way, avsim will become a place with draconian moderation and a utility similar to Wikipedia. I would not belong to such a forum.
  12. ematheson

    Dreamfleet / F1 Cessna 310

    Oh... That. I loved the plane, but I almost never used the default scheme, preferring some of the many fine repaints that were done for it... So that detail rather escaped me. Thanks for the explanation.
  13. ematheson

    Dreamfleet / F1 Cessna 310

    I wasn't in the payware market at that time (in fact, I was using FS98 on a computer that was too slow for it at that time). I'm afraid I missed that aspect of the product and don't remember reading anything like that on the documentation. Could you explain? I agree, though, it's a pretty special model. I just formatted my HD and am reinstalling windows, but on my last install, it got a lot of milage.
  14. How many times sure Tom Allensworth have to say no before this topic quits being posted?
  15. ematheson

    Problem with PHJR in FS9

    George's version adds custom buildings, plenty of objects, and photoscenery. Not all of this converts... Some FSX scenery elements cannot be converted. These include photoscenery, landclass, vector scenery, and some super detailed models. I create new photoscenery and new vectors for my conversions to make them work right, since the FSX versions don't convert. On the other hand, airports and most models do convert. There's really two programs to use for conversion: ModelConverterX and FSX2FS9. I also use SBuilder, AirportDesignerEditor (ADE9), AGeNt, and FSEarthTiles to create new supporting files to replace that which won't convert. I may post some screenshots this evening, but I don't have a photo hosting account anywhere, so that might be difficult.