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  1. The weather servers used for xp12s weather are good, but the algorithms used for the merge between forecast (NOAA) and METAR still need some fine tuning...
  2. I don't think that when you manually set the weather, METAR data get's merged with it... It'll be up to you to define the weather parameters to properly match your airfield. Out of curiosity, Aerowinx PSX does allow for the merge between RW METAR and custom weather defined based on it's built in Global Weather Model + Editor. There is yet another simulator following the same approah - Airlinetools A32x-. In XP12 and in MFS, you either use manual weather or online weather, and you only get METAR data when online.
  3. WSIL31 BICC 070824 BIRD SIGMET U02 VALID 070900/071100 BIRK- BIRD REYKJAVIK CTA SEV TURB FCST WI N6730 W01440 - N6420 W01145 - N6310 W01835 - N6640 W02130 - N6730 W01440 SFC/FL100 MOV NE 50KT WKN=
  4. Indeed, but so far my experience with the most sophisticated addons like the FBW A320 N, the Fenix A320 and the PMDG 736 is great, even with the Graphics settings set to the highest I have ever used with any flight simulator. Overall MFS's performance is way above anything else I have used before, specially if taking into consideration the level of detail put into scenery, weather and overall rendering, ...
  5. I LOVE FBW!!! No, trully, Love it, the Devs and the Flight Mode itself 🙂
  6. I bought the boxed edition, but I only used it once ( the DVDs ) for installing. Whenever I reinstall MFS I use an image of dvd1 + my Store account. It works beautifully. I always keep a backup of the last install's Community and official folders and the reinstalls are smooth & fast. Never experienced any problems reinstalling MFS. I opted for the xBox insider so that I always have access to the beta channel too. My main error was to buy the Standard Edition 😕 Upgrading costs a LOT, so, please consider the Premium and the Premium Plus versions before you decide. And, congratulations. No matter what some say, MFS is by far the best present option for a general purpose flight simulator, for all reasons, from content to the huge community supporting it and the special energy and investment put into it by ASOBO and MS !!! (I play the other sims too...)
  7. I believe that while the Fenix A320 is a great addon, the PMDG 737 has captured the "feel of flight" and the potential of the ASOBO / MFS flight dynamics more successfully. While I am a fan of the Airbus style, I do prefer manually "flying" the 737 in my virtual cockpit, specially under adverse weather scenarios where it feels very close to what I believe being reality. Still, I vote for playing both ex-aequo, having the time for it....
  8. Amazingly Beautiful Devon! Thanks for sharing!!!
  9. Will have to check that. Thx for calling my attention - and it's been quite a while since I last used the 737 ... Time for testing and will report back later tday
  10. Less at night where there are no clouds at all.... At least in MFS we have clouds all day long, as IRL. But I do agree they looked a bit "cartoonish" n previous versions although presently they got really better (in MFS). Daylight, and excluding those weird extensions of mid/high level clouds that look like walls, XP12 clouds do sometimes look really very good indeed. In this area I hope LR keeps developing XP12 and fixing it's problems with weather depiction and effects. MFS is doing it too as was just announced yesterday on their latest twitch with lots of good news for upcoming updates regarding weather too, so, good reasons for both to now lower their arms...
  11. Bob, IMO they're both MUST HAVE !!! in MFS. I have owned the first PMDG 737, for fs9, as well as the 744, and then the 777 for FSX and P3D, and I think this MFS version excels compared to those. Boeing is Boeing, Airbus is Airbus, each on it's own they're great airliners and both Fenix and PMDG have been able to create extraordinary recreations of their real counterparts, from the systems to even some aspects of what I believe should be the feel of flight of such aircraft, and also graphically OFC. I am sure you won't regret spending some $$ in the 737. I bought the 736 because it was cheaper, but I will most surely buy the 777 and who knows, a 757 or 787 if released one day 🙂
  12. Great story @sd_flyer, and it surely IS a great aircraft, in all meanings, to see added to this amazing flight simulation platform! If I'm not wrong MFS natively supports up to 6 engines, not more, making the Goose a bit fake with it's 8 engines, so, it'll be possible to more closely replicate the true power of the Mriya. When I was young my father and my mother had a serious quarrel with a neighbour who was seen as a very bad person in the building... I was in the primary school, and that neighbour had two children, a beautiful girl I was in LOVE with, and a boy a little older than me with whom I loved to play. We were very close, and I take my hat off to both my parents and their parents for, after all, never having brought to our youth the terrible sensation of having to be driven by interests which have nothing to do with our lives and what we value... Simmers should IMO behave the very same way irrespective of whatever happens with their football clubs, and so on.... Those interests have nothing to do with happiness and true dedication to Live and what we care for or simply what we like to do, being it an hobby, work, business, ...
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