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  1. Attach 3 ButtKickers to your chair would give you the immersion effect :smile:
  2. For me I just remove one of the pitch spring and replace the roll spring with 2 rubber bands. Work brilliantly.
  3. I'm existing customer of REX Essential+overdrive customer, but when I added the product to my shopping cart in FSS, the $5.00 discount did not apply in payment screen. Although in my purchase history still has REX Ess+Overdrive.
  4. Thanks for sharing your settings in RP Charles. Copied your settings and had a small fps improvement. However, I can't seem to see the OSD in game.
  5. Can you share your settings in RP, I'm curious what you have chosen in visual, Advance & tweaks TAB. Regards
  6. Thx for the HU, didn't know this until now. @ Charles, do you have Radeon Pro? Look like there is plenty of tweaks to play with. If you can please enclose some pictures here when you done with it. I like to compare the tweaks I have selected. Regards.
  7. Over the past years, we have plenty of tweaks for Nvidia users but not ATI. Keep up with your research on ATI card settings for fsx. I'm sure us ATI users will be glad to know if there's a tweak which on par with Nvidia NI. Regards.
  8. Using your CCC settings and lock fps at 30. I loss about 6 fps at the same airport + aircraft with my system. I can't stress my i7 2700K beyond 4.7ghz without bumping up the vcore to 1.40, which also stresses the temperature over 82 on Prime95 stress test.
  9. I think the PMDG JS-41 + default Orbx CYVR hardly a 'frame killer' compare to my combinations of UK2000 EGLL + PMDG737. Wish I could compare unfortunately I don't have the same add on as you. What system you got btw?
  10. Can you tell me how much fps do you get with PMDG737 at UK2000 EGLL? (If you have the add on) Otherwise, choose a fps hungry aircraft+airport. I am trying to compare my settings to yours. I get around 24 fps base on above mentioned with below settings.
  11. ENB never work for my rig, but luckily sweetFX do. With a little tweak with the color contrast, it work just like the pictures posted by OP. Glad someone enjoy the richness but is a little unrealistic flying with that color tone. Thanks for sharing tho.
  12. My SweetFX settings. You can preview and download my setting from here.
  13. No files were altered. Everything seems To be OK!
  14. I only have a Low Filter Cutoff, High On/Off button & High Cutoff Frequency knob. Would the Subsonic filter off be the Low Filter Cutoff?
  15. FXAA & SweetFX both work really well for me in DX9 and DX10, but ENB don't... Is so strange how it perform on different system, my fps drop in full screen but not in window mode.
  16. Thx for HU, will give a go later since FXAA won't work in DX10.
  17. Wow, how did it happen? Got the BK2 about a month and the remote is not working properly. The amp standby light sometimes stay on orange even pressing it on the main unit. After an hour or so it work again. Suspect over heat that cause the problem.
  18. Oh found it! I have Audio Environment that's why I couldn't find it. Reverted back to original and replaced. :lol:
  19. Thank you Steve for taking the time to compiling all the links. However I do have a question regarding the Final Thrust sound file. Inside are 2 files : PMDG737NGX_REV1.wav & PMDG737NGX_REV2.wav. Inside the FSX / Simobjects / Airplane / PMDG737-800NGX FOLDER no such a files to overwrite. How does it work? Regards, AJ
  20. Are those Bosch wipers you got there, I never leave home without it on rainy day
  21. Hi Paul, I'm using REX Essential atm. What you saying is that you removed RE and went for AS2012 just to solve the DX10 waves problem? In that case I rather stick with the dead waves
  22. I just notice that the water wave is kinda still in DX10. I recheck the water wave in DX9, I can notice it is pretty much 'alive'.
  23. OK nevermind about the alphasearcher tutorial, after playing around with it, I just selected the FSX drive, bullet in Missing and process sub folders too, I got a result. I got around 12 missing alphachannels in 2 UK2000 airport scenery. But when I run DXTfixersX(Just report bad files uncheck)provided by Neumanix on those textures, the log says "no files were altered. Everything seems to be OK." Am I doing something wrong?
  24. Gentlemen, could some one shed me some light as to how to use the Alphasearcher plz? A nice little tutorial would be appreciate. So far I started the Alphasearcher, selected individual texture- start search....and then I see a bar at the bottom scanning. But I can't find the log. Secondly, when running Convimx, the buttons really confuse me, how do I add mips? Regards, Anthony
  25. After Searching on the internet, I found a few mp3 file. Manage to edit a bit and convert it to .wav file. But these are Singapore Airline cabin announcements. Safety Announcement http://www.mediafire...737_HiChime.wav Taxi2gate after Landing http://www.mediafire...737_LoChime.wav
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