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  1. I use MSI afternurner, you can set CPU,GPU usage, displaying temp. etc. This guy give the best tutorial on Youtube.
  2. Micheal Moulton said his father is an "experience Pilot", as an experience pilot, shouldn't he know to apply full power before attempt to pull up?
  3. Really? Gonna need more input/confirmation b4 I jump into the latest OS...
  4. How would you know that Oculus DK2 will certainly work for Xplane? According to Luckey Palmer that game porting don't always work.
  5. I can confirm the tear and spikes still exist after installing the latest Radeon Pro. I very much doubted is Radeon Pro but the Actual Catalyst version of AMD. I have the latest Beta ver14.1. Even with version 13.4 the spike still won't go away. I am thinking seriously going back to Nvidia but the price tag is pretty high for a good 4gb GTX770 in the UK.
  6. My daughter love this repaint! Hope they update the night texture.
  7. Attach 3 ButtKickers to your chair would give you the immersion effect :smile:
  8. For me I just remove one of the pitch spring and replace the roll spring with 2 rubber bands. Work brilliantly.
  9. I thought that giant sink hole only appear in US?
  10. I did tried it about 18 months ago... but fail to take out the spring! When I try to put it back together I snapped most internal wires and still sitting in the junk storage. :rolleyes:
  11. You guys actually fly the real hours of your long haul flight without simulating faster? Or there is no such option in XPX?
  12. I stumble across this news today. Wondering if this airport is designed by the same 'developer'? A British Airways plane has crashed into a building at Johannesburg Airport in South Africa.
  13. rofl! Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  14. I'm existing customer of REX Essential+overdrive customer, but when I added the product to my shopping cart in FSS, the $5.00 discount did not apply in payment screen. Although in my purchase history still has REX Ess+Overdrive.
  15. Omg on the 4th ss! Can you share your xplane and settings? I never knew xplane traffic and road can look as realistic as that. Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  16. Urbanmaxx is cheaper in simMarket. Edit: nevermind, is in Euro, more expensive in simMarket, bought it to try X-plane few days ago... :rolleyes:
  17. Congrats Mr. Young! Great CTD guru known to me since the day I join AVsim. Very helpful individual. Since Tom mention about golfing... What is the best club to achieve back spin? (I'm still learning this frustrated sport on my free time :smile2: )
  18. Thanks for the HU. It has now confirm that is the latest beta driver caused the glitch. I must admit X-plane is very nice to fly in dark, the street light look so much realistic. But I can't afford to fork out $59 for now until after Christmas as I am still spending money on fsx add-on. Will definitely see how it goes when version 10.30 release. I find that X-plane still lack of UK airport add-on and more complicated aircraft to fly like PMDG. But I am very impress with the ixeg 737 and developer Beti-X future commitment on X-plane. When it release, I foresee more and more fsx converts follows.
  19. Thanks for replying Jim. I was too searching for the "Couatl Error" after I post here and found the same link. But wow, GSX has so many incompatible programs if running in the background. Found out it was my Radeon Pro API monitoring caused the problem. Everything work well now, Happy! :smile2:
  20. I have taken the advantage of black friday FSDT 30% discount sale. Bought GSX today and was eagerly to see the ground crew work, but unfortunately can't seem to get it work without crashing. It seem the add-on wanted me to download the standalone addon Manager over and over again. I got the message "The Couatl scripting Engine has encounted an unrecoverable error and will be restarted. Please download the latest stand-alone Addon Manager" at start up. Then crashed as I call up the ground crew at gate. I know I should have address this problem at the FSDT forum, as I have never register on their forum so it will probably take a while for them to activate my forum registration. So I try my luck here to see if any experience GSX guys can help me out. Regards, Tony
  21. I would love to hear more from13.11 beta users if they have any issue that similar to my problem before I submit the bug report to xplane. If is the driver then perhaps I will try to back date my driver. Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  22. I thought the same at first. Deleted the whole X-plane demo folder and tried another download, but still the same. :(
  23. Thx for help, but... I already have the latest Beta driver 13.11 And, the demo is version 10.25
  24. I must say these suggestion is good flying at night and not during the day, it will be too bright.
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