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  1. As per words of developer of FF A320, it's seems a little bit incorrect to compare a model, which is released relatively long time ago with lot of patches and a model which was just put on open beta. Netherless it's seems that difference in terms of simulations and general quality is not so big. So I'm glad for XP fans as they are getting high quality plane in their sim. Also, as for now, FF is planning to release this bird for Prepar
  2. I've got one issue with new PTA - if applying old presets to the program, i'm loosing an image of the plane at startup screen and accordingly missed body and VC at the sim after loading in an airport. I've checked all items one by one from scratch and found that this issue caused by Sky Saturation parameter - if you uncheck this box everything is working perfectly. Is looks a bit strange to me as i know that other users do not have such issues with that parameter. Will keep digging...
  3. Hey, mates! After reading this topic i'm in the club now with Oculus CV1 and Flyinside for Prepar. And so excited so far! After some couple long haulers and short trips with PMDG 747 and 737 in VR i can not put myself back to 2D.. Could we share here our settings for Flyinside ini file? I think it could be useful for new adopters, as i've spent a day or so to get a more or less solid picture in my sim, searching for nice settings.
  4. Do not forget to click "Update cameras set" in drop-down File menu after every change made for cameras, presets, etc.
  5. Update is coming soon - with some major improvments and tools for presets. Also plane behaivor in turbulence generated by AS2016 will be improved, Horizont Hold function control, etc.
  6. Just select preset for B737 - cameras positions are more or less similar - then you can make fine position tuning pressing NUM2 (once entering EDIT mode, when finish editing press NUM2 again fixing new position of edited camera). More presets will follow shortly. Do not forget to select Update cameras in drop-down list pressing File - it should be pressed for remembering of your adjustments
  7. No, due to approach of modeling of effects for cameras is different. But V2 will come with presets for popular aircrafts. And more presets will be available for download soon after release. Moreover now the adjustments of cameras is much more userfriendly - it's takes 15 minutes to adopt preset from default set (light, heavy, super heavy ) to particular aircraft
  8. Yes, it will be distributed via Flight 1
  9. Some news for pricing policy (got it in Russian-speaking sim community site) For users who bought Ezdok V1 within 30 days before release - upgrade is free to V2 For existing owners of V1 - V2 price 11.95 usd (offer is limited by 2 weeks after release date) For new customers - V2 price 19.95 usd (offer is limited by 2 weeks after release date) After 2 weeks general price will be 34.95 Release is expecting 03-04.01.17
  10. Just tried yesterday, working fine for me. Nice additional hatch for immersion by the way
  11. Actually the Ezdok 2 in closed beta at the moment. Even with some previews on YouTube (not sure if it's allowed here to link it). As I know author is going to prepare announce soon - hopefully we can see it also on Avsim.com
  12. Especially if keeping in mind that Ezdok Ver.2 is coming in veeery near future)
  13. Robert thanks for a portion of fresh air regarding 747)
  14. A lot of. 747v2, adopting 737 and 777 for Prepar3D, some undisclosed models for X-Plane.. And it's really exciting.
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