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  1. Fully agree with Alan and Bob. Likely what you are feeling could be easily taken care of with some controls calibration. I use FSUIPC like Bob suggested. For most of my GA birds, slope for roll is 1, slope for pitch is 2, and slope for yaw is 4. With FSUIPC, positive slopes provide a little "flattening" of the joystick response around the zero point. Negative slopes accelerate the response around the zero point.
  2. made me laugh out loud :-)
  3. nice signature quote there pmanhart
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I haven't bought any of their work...just saw it available.
  5. Odd how both of the sims did not accurately reflect the landclass around the airport. Poor Alan, dodging the trees. I am really liking the atmospheric look in FSW in all the videos so far. PTA is a must for P3D to get accurate Rayleigh scattering but it seems that FSW has it built into the shaders. Also, TruSky has a ton of potential. Hoping they continue development...it looks great.
  6. Stan, not sure if you have seen it...there is a payware KABE at Simmarket. Not as nice as a full blown payware Orbx but much better then most of the Orbx freeware NA airfields.
  7. +1 The best, most realistic right now. I have the Milviz King Air alpha(s) and the flight model 2 years ago was very good. Looking forward to it in final form.
  8. Dovetail and Steam assume all support for the products they sell, no matter who develops them. This allows a developer to greatly discount an individual license to them for resell. At some other forums that have active developers, this has been discussed. There are good and bad aspects to this business model but for the developer to avoid support costs is a huge economic incentive to use Steam as a distribution method.
  9. FSX-MS

    Do you have the Garmin trainer installed?
  10. Be sure to check the FSUIPC user manual starting at page 40. Axis control and calibration with FSUIPC is very elegant and funtional,
  11. I have my Thrustmaster throttle configured to use reverse thrust similar to a Beech B200 or C90 throttle. The setting at idle printed on the Thrustmaster is the "0" point. Forward of that is normal thrust, rear of that is beta range. If you use the switches, they will need to be repeatedly pressed OR set up to repeat automatically in the FSUIPC button definition. Check out the FSUIPC user guide starting on page 40 for axes setup. A bit into that section, there is info about how to set the beta range.
  12. LOL..yes there was "something" in the air :-) Dweezil and band does his father great devotion, keeping the sardonically iconoclastic spirit of the music alive as well as accurately playing it.
  13. wowzer Fr. Bill...incredible story! Glad to see another Zappa fan. My sons and I have seen Dweezil 3 times in the last 5 years.
  14. I use fsfiles.org