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  1. Yeah, I'm guessing some of these folks have never enjoyed flying from Cordoba to La Rioja or from Mendoza over the hills to Santiago. Too bad for them.
  2. As it has been said "Ignorance is bliss".
  3. True this about the users. Imagine thinking that the "migration tool" would make 32bit code work in v4. Yes, I've seen it asked in the context of "why doesn't work".
  4. Great news, especially about the 737-200. I never used the FMS, love old fashion radio NAV with this one.
  5. I'm assuming by reading this thread that we don't understand why the C337 et al from Carenado are showing the "glass cockpit"? It is because they require .dll files to be loaded in the dll.xml file. These .dll files are currently just 32 bit. These files include gauges and other functionality. These planes will not work properly in V4 until the .dll files are compiled as 64 bit. EDIT: Any aircraft addon that uses only XML gauges should work properly in V4 with a simple copy from FSX or V3. Regards the EMT, you are playing with fire.
  6. Best, most concise info Ive seen.
  7. Thanks for a great discussion...not quite what I expected but very erudite and interesting.
  8. +1 for SimStarter....love that product If Pete D. decides to not do FSUIPC5, SimStarter will the best way to do dissimilar control assignments based on aircraft.
  9. Our experience is that Notepad++ gets the coding correct based on the original file being edited.
  10. In the IT business, we see this a good bit with applications designed to be compatible with Unicode. It is a minor, but very real, issue that has to be addressed.
  11. I will say something else that may generate some controversy.... As the ratio of (software complexity/dev shop size) increases, the lifespan of continued development for that complex software generally decreases. This is the primary reason for my bearish take on Aerofly FS.
  12. I've been suspicious of LM's motives since day 1. But, I will concede, that if P3D is comfortable supporting the "nudge, nudge" community, they are likely to keep using it as a user test base at the very least.
  13. I completely agree that any business action DTG takes regard FSX-SE is not evil. And, I am not, personally, opposed to the phase out of FSX-SE. EDIT: Great synopsis of the product marketplaces.
  14. Some thoughts...as I've previously mentioned in 2015, DTG's only competition in their desired marketplace is themselves, and only themselves. Most of you reading this are not in their target marketplace and would move to P3D, Xplane, DCS, or even (shrugs shoulders) Aerofly (if you dont already have one or more). All DTG has to do is stop selling FSX-SE for FSW to flourish. The business of software is quite a bit different from the hobby of FlightSim despite how important the current user community believes itself to be.