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  1. There is also this element of soap boxing in many of the posts similar to the OPs. If these commentators are really registered users of PMDG products then they know how to contact the developer by email, request to be part of a testing team (by stating their qualifications), and, in general, be a part of a constructive process. To sign up at a forum and make 1 (one!) post like this with no qualification, evidence or attribution is dangerously close to trolling. Regardless of what you think of how PMDG handles the comments, you can either be part of the process to make things better by demonstrating evidence, documentation and qualifications. Or, you can crow your superiority complex with these street corner proclamations similar to the OP's original tome.
  2. Henry Street

    FTX Central , will it ever work properly?

    Bob, FTX Central 3 relies heavily on Microsoft .NET. If your computer is not up to date with Windows updates or the .NET install is damaged, FTX Central can crash. Also, antivirus software can interfere with the operation of FTX Central because of the communication mechanisms with the Orbx "mothership". The fact that you can download the packages manually tells me your internet connection and the Orbx servers are working as they should. I suspect the reason Orbx repeatedly suggests manual install in cases like yours is they do not want to get into the business of computer support. Try doing a full Windows update, then repairing the install of FTX Central. Hope this helps. (PS my FTX Central has worked flawlessly since the the early FSX Central 2 problems with the migrated regions was resolved.)
  3. Henry Street

    Favorite planes

    For general flying, the C337. Even though the cowl flaps have no effect in the Carenado model, it's my "go to" most of the time. Have many many hours in the VRS F/A-18E, a surprisingly easy aircraft to avigate and navigate. Love the L-39 and the T-38A for their challenges to piloting skills. My favorite piston single of all time was the Saab Safir...alas, no longer supported and dropped when I stopped using FSX.
  4. Henry Street

    KACK to 6B6

    wonderful story in great pictures!
  5. Henry Street

    A Picture Is Worth...

  6. Henry Street

    FSUIPC and LUA Script

    Al, My apologies, this is a Linda function, not a boolean Lua function as I thought. Had to get home to verify. Thanks
  7. Henry Street

    FSUIPC and LUA Script

    t stands for "true"
  8. Henry Street

    FSUIPC and LUA Script

    Christian, Things are looking correct in your FSUIPC. I am thinking there is an issue with your LUA script formatting. Scripts direct from LINDA will not work directly in FSUIPC. If you want to combine many functions in one script, here is a good example: npc4fsx&p3d.zip by Al Klayton. Al has many scripts here at Avsim Library. See how Al use FSUIPC to autostart the script? Many times, it is easier to create many scriptlets. Here is an example I created: https://uchisworld.wordpress.com/2016/02/06/this-game-of-ghosts/ Good luck with your scripting adventure. FSUIPC and LUA are very powerful.
  9. Henry Street

    How to convert a plane to 64-bit P3Dv4?

    Success taking a given model to P3dV4 largely depends on the original model and varies widely from "No Way" to "Drop in folder". What is the aircraft? Who was the developer? What version of simulator was it originally developed for? EDIT: just read your original post more carefully. See @Lorby_SI below.
  10. Henry Street

    Congratulations to Rob Ainscough!

    Good choice. Congrats @Rob Ainscough
  11. Henry Street

    Skysimworks Beech 18 Sounds

    True this. My personal history includes about 200 hours as mission specialist in a C337. The default Carenado sounds were way too "clean". The C337 (like a lot of well used, aspirated engine GA) sounds like a bucket of bolts at low RPM on the tarmac. Tried a payware sound package, a couple of freeware versions, finally settled on the FSD O-2 sounds. Not perfect but a better (to my ear) representation of the shake rattle and roll sitting in the airplane.
  12. Henry Street

    Bug List

    Great advice that could only come from someone who has been there!
  13. Henry Street

    Looking for Avatars - sitting down

    @Lorby_SI this is what I was talking about
  14. FSX-SE runs fine on Windows 8 and 10. I've installed and flown it on both operating systems. If I were you, I would reinstall Windows, do a full Windows update, and try FSX-SE again. PS you do have to have Steam running to install and use FSX-SE. Good luck with your travails.
  15. Henry Street

    Looking for Avatars - sitting down