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  1. Windows 8.1 powering down my controllers

    There is a way to edit the registry and stop this behavior in Windows 8.1 BUT getting to Windows 10 is a better solution. There are still some controllers/devices that are affected in Windows 10 (Thrustmaster MFD, in my case) but overall, the problem is much resolved. Here is an article I wrote about editing the registry in Win 8.1. See "USB Device Problem" https://uchisworld.wordpress.com/2015/10/08/exploring-a-dark-forest/ EDIT: PS read the comments to the article as well
  2. Agreed, go with a more powerful GPU, it appears to be the weakest component of your system.
  3. In search of ...

    Rob, Here is the a sample of the XML file. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <kml xmlns="http://www.opengis.net/kml/2.2"> <Document> <Name /> <open>1</open> <Style id="NoDD"> <BalloonStyle> <text>$[description]</text> </BalloonStyle> </Style> <Folder> <name>Australia</name> <Placemark> <name>YMLT - Launceston</name> <description>&lt;center&gt;&lt;table width=500&gt;&lt;tr bgcolor="#ffffff"&gt;&lt;th align="right"&gt;City:&lt;/th&gt;&lt;td&gt;Launceston&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;&lt;tr&gt;&lt;th align="right"&gt;Altitude:&lt;/th&gt;&lt;td&gt;562ft&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;&lt;tr bgcolor="#ffffff"&gt;&lt;th align="right"&gt;METAR:&lt;/th&gt;&lt;td&gt;&lt;a href="http://www.aviationweather.gov/adds/metars/?station_ids=ymlt"&gt;YMLT&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;&lt;tr&gt;&lt;th align="right"&gt;Area name:&lt;/th&gt;&lt;td&gt;FTXAA_YMLT&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;&lt;tr&gt;&lt;th align="right"&gt;Runways:&lt;/th&gt;&lt;td&gt;RWY 32L # Length: 6,504ft # Surface: Asphalt # ILS: 109.50 (Hdg 313.3)&lt;br&gt;RWY 14R # Length: 6,504ft # Surface: Asphalt # ILS: (Hdg )&lt;br&gt;&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;&lt;tr bgcolor="#ffffff"&gt;&lt;th align="right"&gt;LAT/LON:&lt;/th&gt;&lt;td&gt;147.2141665,-41.5452615833333,0&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;&lt;tr&gt;&lt;th align="right"&gt;Scenery file:&lt;/th&gt;&lt;td&gt;ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_YMLT\scenery\ORBX_YMLT_APX.bgl&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;&lt;/table&gt;&lt;/center&gt;</description> <Style> <IconStyle> <Icon> <href>http://earth.google.com/images/kml-icons/track-directional/track-none.png</href> </Icon> </IconStyle> <LabelStyle> <color>FFFFFFFF</color> </LabelStyle> </Style> <Point> <coordinates>147.2141665,-41.5452615833333,0</coordinates> </Point> </Placemark> </Folder>
  4. In search of ...

    Not at the house right now, but as I recall, the locations of the airports are pushpins. And, yes, you could just use this capability. The locations are based on Pete D makerwys.exe. There is also a capability to map your saved flights in a similar way.
  5. i5-8600k

    You may do better, both cost and performance wise, to get just a newer motherboard, a water cpu cooler, and overclock your I7. Many of the newer motherboards are "one-click" overclocks. EDIT: Here is a comparison of stock CPUs. Hard to say how this would translate to performance in FSX with its single core dependency. Likely the 8600 would do better with XPlane or P3Dv4. http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-4790K-vs-Intel-Core-i5-8600K/2384vs3941
  6. This is why I'm using XPlane 90% of the time

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ My words, your words, they speak for themselves.
  7. A P3Dv4 scenery audit

    Yikes, @Richard McDonald Woods what a grand idea for tour. BZ!
  8. This is why I'm using XPlane 90% of the time

    You don't fly much in California do you? EDIT: After reflection, will go ahead and make my point instead of engaging in Socratic dialog. Bottomline, your comments and perspective exhibit EXACTLY the bias I described in my first post of this thread. Your personal experience is 1) paramount to all others experience 2) applies to the whole of the geographic world and 3) your experience exhibits intellectual superiority because you directly experienced it. I would encourage you to engage more with other people who have other experiences so you can begin to understand the limitations of your own. There are way more real life flying experiences than you have had. Just as there are way more sim flying experiences than you have had. To claim superiority where you have had no experience is called Dunning-Kruger effect. EDIT 2: @sidfadc original post had a very good tone and came from his original and unique experience, which he used to qualify his statements. This is the exact opposite of Dunning-Kruger effect.
  9. This is why I'm using XPlane 90% of the time

    Over 90% of my sim flying is done in Southern California. No matter what kind of aircraft you fly in this region, you deal with marine layer clouds. Can any XPlane users out there post a screenshot of marine layer from any version of XPlane?
  10. This is why I'm using XPlane 90% of the time

    And, Alex, you have your opinion. There is a saying that compares opinions to colonic orifices, I will extend that analogy to say that we never know how bad ours smells to other people. You have your bias, just as Thomas and I do. We have another saying where I am from: "A hit dog will holler". This may also apply.
  11. This is why I'm using XPlane 90% of the time

    Thomas, Your post is a great summation of the positives in the current state of XPlane. And, your experience with other sims, including Prepar3D, adds a great deal of credibility to your opinion. If I might, your bias is the same as any other flight simmer's....you are not using the sim(s) in the same flight profiles/addon combos/aircraft features as EVERYONE else. Your fear of starting a flame war is, unfortunately, a valid one because of this bias that EVERY simmer has, to some degree or another. This is not a criticism of your post as much as it is a criticism of the community as a whole. I, for one, am a member of a very small flight sim community that prefers modern USNavy aircraft, scenery, and flight profiles. How would you assess the various sims for my usage? Do you even know of what I speak? Again, thanks for what is a very good analysis of the current XPlane positives. Have fun and keep writing, you have a good perspective.
  12. Why are some Scenery entries greyed out?

    The greyed out sceneries have been installed using the addon.xml method. The others have been installed directly into the scenery.cfg file.
  13. P3D getting stuck on the splash screen, at 6% terrain data

    When you get to the scenario menu, pick a default aircraft and a default airport. Possible you could have a problem with your saved flight or addons. Using only defaults is a good test.
  14. P3D getting stuck on the splash screen, at 6% terrain data

    Just so I'm sure what to say: When you double click the P3D program icon, does it immediately go to loading a flight or does it stop at the scenario start screen where you pick a vehicle, weather, etc?
  15. P3D getting stuck on the splash screen, at 6% terrain data

    I would strongly recommend always starting P3d with the scenario menu enabled. Not sure this is what is causing a problem for you in this case...but there are a lot of issues reported when starting from a saved scenario even the default. Thanks for posting about this problem, interested to hear what happens.