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  1. FSX-MS

    You probably want to contact oisin at milviz.com to get access to their support forum. There is also an unofficial Milviz support forum here at Avsim that the Milviz folks visit on a regular basis.
  2. FSX-MS

    With the Milviz, they are VERY specific and adamant that the installer be downloaded and run with all antivirus turned off. The symptoms of not all parts being visible is one of the indicators that antivirus might have prevented some install process.
  3. FSX-MS

    LOL oops... sorry...yes which DHC-3, the JustFlight one or the Milviz one?
  4. FSX-MS

    Which DC-3? Is it the JustFlight one or the Milviz one?
  5. You might want to try a powered USB hub. Based on your symptoms, your power supply may be a little weak for the total load on your system.
  6. XP11

    Very nice! Great photoreal colors.
  7. FSX-SE

    FSX-SE runs great on Windows 10! I would recommend you install Steam (and associated FSX-SE) in its own folder outside of "Program Files". One of the best things about FSX-SE is that it is FSX recompiled with modern software tools and needs much much less "configuration" of the operating system and associated system programs. I will close my comment and cede the floor to others with specific advice.(think you will like what you end up with.)
  8. VRS Superbug F/A-18E Ant's T-28 Series is on a study level with Justflight Pipers
  9. Try using CTRL-SHIFT-F4 before going thru the cold and dark startup procedure.
  10. Most of the flights I do last 1-2 hours but are filled with various maneuvers and a lot of hand flying. Not uncommon to spend 30-45 minutes, prior to the "walk" time, checking weather, checking VATSIM/PE, fuel calcs, making a radio card, reviewing the plan for the flight (maneuvers, goals, etc.). Generally, will make a "crib sheet". Starting the aircraft, getting set up in the cockpit, ATC....about 10-15 minutes. In total, about an hour before each flight.
  11. Looking at another thread here at Avsim, there is a group called AviationLads that developed 2 PTA presets....one for warmer climes and one for cooler climes. This differentiation is an acknowledgement of the differences that atmospheric moisture and sun angle can make. Less atmospheric moisture means clearer skies at longer distances, lower sun angle means warmer overall color balance. I tried both of the presets and, while not completely to my taste (based on my prejudiced experience in a couple of USA regions)...salute to them for considering the reality.
  12. As someone who spent 20 years doing aerial photography, I would heartily agree with this. Atmospheric moisture saturation is also a very significant contributor to sky color/tone.
  13. Hard to beat X-Plane because the atmospheric rendering is so good...for a single tool, PTA as @b757 mentioned is the "go-to" for P3D. I have other add-ons such as ENVTEX but still use PTA for my shaders. There are lots of folks who make their "presets" (as the PTA settings are called) available for download. PTA has example screenshot built into the interface if you feel like adjusting things.
  14. I'm another who uses the scroll wheel on the knob selections and it does appear to be working in the VC v4. And I'm also having the issue with chocks and the configuration panel.