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  1. Henry Street

    Jim Dhaenens NOLF Saufley Hangars?

    Wow, haven't seen that one around in a while. Just did a quick search thru all my USN bases and I don't have it. Checked simviation, freewarescenery, and flyawaysim...no joy there.
  2. Henry Street

    ActiveSky Web Companion in the P3D kneeboard

    Yikes that's coool!
  3. This can be a "simulation of a simulation" with about any throttle using FSUIPC axes calibration. The Thrustmaster HOTAS, for example, has markings, when used in conjuction with FSUIPC, can have a "beta range". Again, not perfect, but enough to "simulate" the operation of a King Air in taxi. Agreed, the fuel flow, etc are a little wonky compared to real world.
  4. Henry Street

    Prepar3D and W10 rules of coexistence

    I have UAC turned on.
  5. Henry Street

    Prepar3D and W10 rules of coexistence

    Been running P3D v3 and v4 on Windows 10 for a long while. All Windows 10 updates applied too. No problems if you follow Jay's advice.
  6. Check advice from Adriana and MarkH. The included PDF is the best starting point.
  7. Henry Street


    My Razer at work get 9+ hours a day at bursts of 100WPM. Been using it for about 2 years with no fatigue or failures in the keys. Had the one at the house for about 4 years now. Regards Razer mice, love them but they are overpriced and don't last me more than a couple of years. The scroll wheel is what goes first.
  8. Henry Street


    I've had very good experience with Razer mechanical keyboards (although my co-workers at the office jokingly complain about the noise). The good news is that you can turn the lighting off or to a color / intensity level you like.
  9. meh... i've done some "computer as furniture", building a server into an antique sewing machine case to blend into my house. but i just never evolved to "computer as ornament" perspective. some of these unusual case designs offer functional benefits such as additional cooling, etc.
  10. Henry Street

    From 3 HD Monitors to one big UHD TV - suggestions?

    a relevant screenshot below...regards the clarity issues, perhaps another example of the, oh-so-common-in-this-forum, logical fallacy of extrapolating one's personal experience to the personal experience of everyone else?
  11. Henry Street

    From 3 HD Monitors to one big UHD TV - suggestions?

    To add to Ray's comment, it is especially important to run the ClearType wizard when setting up a TV as computer monitor. Windows 10 is a little better suited IMHO than Windows 7 for use of TV as monitor.
  12. Henry Street

    From 3 HD Monitors to one big UHD TV - suggestions?

    43" at 32" viewing distance for me. With the zoom level in sim that I like, the instruments are just under 1:1 with the real thing. I have to consciously and visibly shift my head/focus to go from outside the windows to inside the cockpit (just like in a real airplane).
  13. Henry Street

    P3Dv4.4 Issue with A2A New Windshield Rain Updates

    This makes perfect sense because the rain effects are an additional part of the actual model. (See the SDK for them). They are "solid" but transparent. Interested to see what they say.
  14. Henry Street

    New FDE

    Thanks for your Thanks! Appreciate your work on one of my favorite classic Carenado's.
  15. Just a guess, looks like you are missing some textures. Probably the ones for high level cirrus. Could also be a shader problem (again, just a guess). Look up how to clear out the shaders. Good luck, let us know what happens.