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  1. Henry Street

    WhereAreMyAircraft - WAMA updated to 1.12

    Oliver, great info and great example of how to use the software. Look for me to be a user soon. Thanks!
  2. Henry Street

    WhereAreMyAircraft - WAMA updated to 1.12

    Oliver, I've been intrigued by WAMA since the first release but am having a difficult time imaging how it would work (or replace or augment or .....) with my current setup. Perhaps you or other WAMA users could offer advice or ideas? I've been using SimStarter NG for a long while. Configured in SimStarter, I have several saved flights with various aircraft at various airports. So, if I want to fly my C337 out of Yuma, I would select that flight to load (and all the other associated settings that would go with that flight). What WAMA might do for me is 1) allow me to have multiple starting aircraft at one airport and 2) after flying to a different airport, automatically be able to pick up from that previous destination. Do you have any experience with SimStarter and how might it integrate with WAMA? Thanks for any ideas from all who might comment.
  3. Henry Street

    need help with my addon.xml file

    Love me some XML add-ons files. Hating how some add-on developers have not embraced them yet. Looking at you Milviz and Flight1. Love me some Oliver and Lorby!!
  4. Henry Street

    ORBX Rainbow Scenery (Glitch)

    Cool, I learned something new too from the Orbx post. Thanks
  5. Henry Street

    ORBX Rainbow Scenery (Glitch)

    Using FTX Central, re-run the unified migration (under settings). Be sure to select an insertion point for the Orbx sceneries while in settings. Failing that, post in Orbx support forum.
  6. Henry Street

    Good flying books recommendations?

    IFR: A Sturctured Approach by John Eckalbar Fly the Wing by Jim Webb and Billy Walker
  7. Agree with @marques, overclocking your CPU could be a $0 or $Low upgrade. I have the same processor and overclocked to 4.8GHz. Runs great. You might have to upgrade your CPU cooler.
  8. Henry Street

    Ear Trumpet - Better volume control.

    Yes, a wide variation. Volume control in the sim is relatively complex. The addon aircraft vary widely in base volume. There are several places that levels can be set: 1) In the control panel properties of each hardware sound device 2) the Windows mixer 3) in each sound device graphical interface 4) in the sim, for each device and several categories of sound 5) in many of the sim add-ons, possible multiple places Seems way more complex than necessary. Dave, no action item from this post from me....just an "in general" mini-rant from someone sensitive to the sounds. 🙂
  9. Henry Street

    Server Update Completed

    Ditto from my computer! Quite peppy so far.
  10. Henry Street


    Our new little friend can't spell his name yet.
  11. Henry Street


    Better go home to your mommy, little one. You're not ready to be with the big people.
  12. Henry Street


    More wisdom from the village imbecile.
  13. Henry Street


    Wow you are quite the orator. And such eloquence. Surely you must be at least 13 years old (mentally).
  14. Henry Street

    Avialogs Website for manuals and checklists

    Yes well worth it. Also contributing to a great cause. I've been on and off subscription a couple of times in the last five years but if I need to download anything, I sign up again. Good Stuff!!