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  1. You may also want to consider PTA, Prepar3d Tweak Assistant.
  2. Looks like video artifacts to me...have you upgraded your Nvidia driver lately?
  3. Your CPU looks pretty good but your graphics card is not very powerful. Prepar3dv4 offloads a LOT of visual rendering to the graphics card. You can try turning down the texture settings in options and also reduce the autogen settings to see if that helps. EDIT: check out this comparison. The GTX 970 is a very common card for P3Dv4. Note especially the texture fill rate comparison. http://www.gpureview.com/show_cards.php?card1=696&card2=687
  4. Hard for me to tell where this topic has evolved/devolved to...but for sure there are 2 very large groups of flight sim hobbyists that are being ignored and cannot be represented by Navigraph data. 1) Military flightsimmers -- VRS users in FSX and P3D are much greater in number than the folks at this site can believe. DCS is hugely hugely popular worldwide with flightsimmers that came from Falcon BMS and have never used FSX/XP. 2) Young first timers -- FSX-SE has had very strong growth with young people trying out flight simulation for the first time. Making FSX available on Steam was a significant evolutionary step for the hobby. Dovetail still competes with itself trying to get FSW adopted.
  5. There is another pretty big gap in this data: DCS.
  6. Yes, the title of the post is a bit misleading. This is not a measure of flight sim platform marketshare. The data measures only Navigraph users.
  7. The Iris def flies in v4. Here are some shots. Took me about 15 mins to convert the sound stuff. Even the loadout manager works although no TacPack at this time. http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/album/G9J
  8. You might want to just copy the folders from your FSX or v3 install over to v4 and see what happens.
  9. I haven't ported the Iris A-10A over to v4 yet. I have ported T-6B, T-6A, and C-27J. Just looking at the A-10A files, there are only 2 files that could be problematic. One is the DSD sound gauge and there is a 64 bit version of that. I've used the X64 dll as part of the v4 port for the models listed. There is a fuel.dll that not sure what it does. However, you could port the model and see what functionality is missing. Suspect that is a re-fueling tool for non-Tacpack. Speaking of TacPack, it is not available on v4 yet.
  10. From my experience, your long term relationship with the current VR technology will depend a lot on your current flightsim preferences. If your preferred flightsim profile is flying VFR GA unbound by most aspects of real world flying such as ATC, you will likely have a long and satisfying relationship. If your preferred flightsim profile more closely simulates real world flying, especially in the airline and/or military realms, you will quickly find the limitations. An important ancillary consideration is the length of your typical flight...generally the longer, the more limiting and uncomfortable the current technology can be. Another consideration is your susceptibility to motion sickness, if you are sensitive, VR may provoke the symptoms. Of course, opinions vary (much like people in general). The best that can be said, in my estimation, is that we are still in the early stages of VR technology. More development needed for the state of the technology to match my flightsim preferences. Hope this helps.
  11. must be all the scenery design work I've done...5x5 for me.
  12. Does the whole computer freeze or just P3D?
  13. I've been doing XML installs of my v3 compatible planes. Iris C27J, Dino's T-45C, etc. Futzing around with the DDawson 64bit sound DLL. So far, so good. Mucho improved performance in v4 over v3.
  14. oops you didn't read thru the whole thread before posting :-)
  15. I stand corrected, a victim of my outdated experience. Thanks for the update! Full disclosure: since my unhappy experience with un-compatible SCE, been using SimStarter NG.