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  1. Henry Street

    how do you REALISTICALLY fly in/out of major airports?

    Check out youtube for videos of GA pilots flying in and out of large airports in California. Ton of videos will give you the idea. For my money, you have to have live ATC....no way around it. VATSIM or, best of all, PilotEdge. A secondary option is software like Pilot2ATC or ProATC. If you don't have ATC, flying in and out of larger airports in Class B or C airspace is just flying in and out of smaller airports. Hope you get some other interesting answers.
  2. Henry Street

    Twin Comanche Imminent ?

    Scott, Very off topic, but I have the same impression of the Bonanza. Does the trim mechanism seem really slow to move? Seems like it takes forever to dial in some trim.
  3. If PMDG interpreted all "Path" as "Taxi" the result would be more wrong then the existing situation. Virtually EVERY airport would be wrong in the display.
  4. Henry Street

    P3D 4.3 Loading time

    AI traffic files definitely affect loading time. The more AI, the longer it takes. I have tested this with and without addon AI.
  5. Henry Street

    Landing Jefferson

    Very nice. I use that weather/texture combo as well. Love it. Produces multiple layers of clouds if conditions warrant.
  6. Know it can be a pain, but backing up/deleting the prepar3d.cfg file (and clearing the shaders) is part of my routine when updating GPU hardware. Had a bad experience with the first upgrade I did (and didn't clear out old settings).
  7. hmm...the highest I've taken it so far is FL240 and was able to trim straight and level no issue. I am using FSUIPC and Thrustmaster Warthog joystick.
  8. seems like "better thread optimization" (better performance) is an early leader
  9. I picked "Better thread optimization" but what I want is better performance.
  10. Henry Street

    Rhodos for Free

    Thanks!! for making these beautiful sceneries.
  11. Windows 10 since day 1 here, take updates every week automatically. No problems ever with Windows updates and P3Dv3, P3Dv4, XPlane, DCS or FSX-SE.
  12. My experience is exactly antipodal. I have been using PTA with P3D v3 and v4 and this behavior you describe (as it appears on my rig) started "spontaneously". No changes in PTA settings for months.
  13. Definitely interested in community experience with this. Been having similar experiences. Don't see how this is PTA.