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  1. Full hard drive? Not enough space to create file? Just spitballing there though
  2. It is an interesting one - the BA 747 that lost an engine on departure from LAX a few years back, continued on to LHR, then due to a fuel mismanagement issue diverted and I believe the FAA got in a huff about it all. Half way across the Pacific, it may well be best to continue on, but in the BA case, hindsight and all, it may have been better to land, even if not at LAX but at JFK or something like that.
  3. Totally not what I was expecting from a "When will we get X aircraft!" thread. But I get where you are coming from, there is something to be said for escaping for a few hours into a world where the difficulties of our lives can be paused for even but a small moment.. and I hear you on the sound aspect - my partner has no issues falling asleep to the lull from a pair of GE90's crossing the Pacific or some RB211's doing an Atlantic run... Francois, my thoughts are with you and your family and wish you well and hope to see you back in the community soon. Wes
  4. The FSX key wont activate the P3D version and vice versa. What you are trying to do is EULA busting, if not downright piracy. Why would PMDG help you achieve this in their official forum? If it was my friend, I would tell them a credit card and the PMDG website is a good starting point to get the PMDG products in P3D.
  5. ESET is not a bad one when it comes to AV programs. We run it at work but I don't bother on my home computer. I just use defender.
  6. No. Neither does the 777. Yet... PS check the forum rules
  7. Thanks PMDG team. I just did a flight in the 77F and have / had the autobrake clicky problem, was going to raise a ticket but checked here first. Good to see it is on the fix list. Well done everyone on the team for what you have brought us!
  8. 1. If you only want PMDG to respond, reply to your support ticket in their system. Not on the forum... 2. If they have not yet fixed it, then, ergo, they must still be working on it, ergo, they have nothing to report.... but perhaps Kyle will be along shortly to indulge you.
  9. I hate to say this, but have you tried rebooting it? I had a similar issue after updating my nvidia drivers, didn't even think of a reboot at first as it was hours later that I tried to go flying.
  10. Oh not again.... come on James, they are working on it and it is not a high-priority fix. Hell, it is probably within the allowable margin of sensor error on the real aircraft.
  11. https://www.ivao.aero/training/documentation/books/APC_Aircraft_perf.pdf Page 5. Poor 767 is not even listed. I expect it would fall into the "heavy liner" block. I wonder what Concorde was?
  12. Yes I forgot about ye olde MD11. I don't think we would see an A300, A330, B767, B787 or even A380 need to go above 250 clean though; seems to be more of an issue on the really highly loaded wings. I may be wrong. All off topic of course!
  13. Yes, I meant Vatsim. And yes, I agree on what you say, a lot of controllers don't seem to know that rule, although some sneaky pilots try to pull it off in a 737. Really only the 747 and 777-300ER should need to. Perhaps the A340 as well?
  14. Thats good to know; unfortunately my last few trips on Avsim out of EGLL this was not the case (not vectored off the SID) but that was a while back IIRC. I figured in the real world they probably didn't keep a flight a 6K all that long much like the ?OP's 16K example.
  15. Just tested the whole FPS / landing lights thing - it does seem a bit better after this update. With LL, Strobes, Beacon and Nav, at default KEDW, I see a drop from 35-40fps in the VC down to about 28-30fps with lights on. This is better than before. 777 seems mostly unaffected with all lights on. Thanks for the work PMDG team, and enjoy your holiday weekend.
  16. They just released new hotfixes (PMDG)
  17. Not as bad as some out of Heathrow that keep you at 6000ft (!) for quite some way out to keep you under the arrivals path.
  18. I am condensing this down but a thread is a unit of work for a CPU, and the whole thread scheduling thing is about making sure the FSX/P3D threads are being executed (bad term, really, it means "run") on the cores/ vCPU's that have less additional load. On many systems Core0 (Yes, they start at Zero, not One) is the most loaded core, and some of these programs can help to swap your FS load to cores that have less threads running on them. Personally, I trust Windows 10 to manage the thread execution for me. For a non-tech person, I would not reccomend a program that manually overrides the Windows thread scheduler.
  19. I feel your pain RE the pricing on computer parts in SA - I grew up near Glencairn near Cape Town and so know what the prices can be like there. Even here in NZ though, things are pricey, I paid well over $1200 for my Ti and that's at our cost/trade price. Luckily I could trade in my standard 1080 so got some money back. Alas, it has not made much of a difference with the whole FPS brouhaha. It may just be an excuse for me to take the tripple 7 for a few spins, she has not had much flight time since the 747 released. I will just book the ol' Queen in for a D Check and sub in a 777. If only I had the -300ER though... RE the 737... I can't bring myself to fly it. Not after the 777 and 747v3. I know it is not yet P3Dv4 compatible, but even in V3, the age is showing, as RSR himself stated ("is a VERY old product") et al. The front window size issue that I thought was not an issue is now a major for me; it just does not look right. This is after not only pictures but being in both a VA and QF 738 flight deck recently (on the ground). I would be quite happy to pay for a PMDG 737v4 that brought it up to 744v3 / 777 standards. But I digress and this is not what this thread is about. Apologies.
  20. Sad to say I see the same, even after getting a 1080Ti. Landing lights on going from 40fps locked down to 20-30. turn on the strobes, runway turnoff and taxi lights and I am in the 15-20fps region. This is with the 747. On the 777-200LR, I go from 40fps locked to 30-33fps with ALL lights on. PMDG ?
  21. Very interesting. I know PMDG use some ingenious workarounds to the limitations of the FSX/P3D code but a shadow aircraft is a new one!
  22. I personally believe that this is an efficiency issue with using SSAA in the P3Dv4 code, not a PMDG specific issue. I don't believe it is ONLY related to unoptimized P3Dv3/2/1 ported scenery. This may be an issue for some; but it is not the only cause. I can't comment on the 744 using an AI object for lighting... I don't even know how you found this out...
  23. I am swapping my 1080 for a 1080ti OC tomorrow in the hopes this will help a little with this. I can confirm I see the FPS drop even at a stock standard P3D airport with AA settings using SSAA, but anything less looks nasty so I accept the hit.
  24. Are the OOOI times new? (Off, Out, On In) I noticed they do actually record correctly, based on parking brake position, gear struts uncompressing on rotation, etc.
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