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  1. Happens after every update unfortunately. Or it does for me also.
  2. Just curious if you also use the HD Audio driver from the Nvidia driver. Not sure why you would need it over the MB.
  3. @jmhelms The procedure I exampled was just detailed in a zendesk report and they didn't comment on anything wrong with it, so I assume from that and it worked for me its right. When Windows Uninstalls MSFS, it does not completely uninstall it. Hopefully you saved your Community folder and any preferences and camera settings before your uninstall. What should be left is the MSFS/Official folder. Ensure you delete that prior to install. I used the XBox app on my pc to install. It will install a small file to your C:\ drive and then you can select where to install your MSFS Files. I created my folder before hand. You need to get comfortable with how to access those drives now before you lose the data. Oh, hope you recover quickly.
  4. Steam or Store version? Steam can't help you. Store version I just did. Save you Community folder somewhere safe. Use the windows app to uninstall MSFS. Delete the MSFS folder. Create a new folder on your SSD called MSFS. Reboot. Load and run XBox app. Install MSFS from there into your new SSD. Once done, copy your Community folder into MSFS folder and do settings. My camera settings are associated with the aircraft which are in the Community folder. Everything else I can configure easy.
  5. you need to go through each connected device and check to see what roll/aileron is doing. My advise, if it's not the joystick, unbind it. Sometimes you will find that also on rudder pedals.
  6. Live Traffic + LiveATC. Great combo. An XP essential for me.
  7. Oh, gotcha. I listen to live atc. for the airport. FSLTL is a great program, and now that they have it packaged in a one click download and update its pretty easy. Because I use a paid version of Real Traffic, PSXT works better for me using FSLTL base models rather than using FSLTL traffic injector.
  8. Jetway? Not sure what you mean there. They aren't animated much in MSFS that I see, but do work for me when I request them in PMDG aircraft. And as far as I know, there isn't a "Live" traffic addon that we are discussing here that interacts with the default ATC. Doubt that will ever happen.
  9. I use PSXT + Real Traffic and for the audio I use VLC Player with a 60 second delay (Tools/Track Synchronization/Audio Track Synchronization) with LIiveATC.net as the source. Almost exact. I also use FSTL base models and had the AIG kit loaded but got tired of seeing incomplete textured aircraft, so I removed AIG. One key thing you need to remember is the sim needs to be in real time.
  10. Auto save something if it does it consistently timed. FSUIPC Autosave? I know i had mine set and it did that. No reason on why I did it either.
  11. You could try opening the lowest level of the lodXX.gltf in the model folder of the aircraft you wish to paint. That's what I use in Blender. Texture files are different in MSFS (of course, why not change everything). So does Substance painter have a msfs import addon? Able to read a .gltf file is what I mean.
  12. I don't have one but have a question. Are those monitor's 30Hz refresh rate? Do you see any jitters in mouse movement etc?
  13. Thanks for the video. I don't understand the need to copy the zzz_uhd_global_scenery_v1 folder to the \Global Scenery folder. Can you explain this?
  14. Just color me jealous! Try PaintingPete. If he has the acft, I'd bet he would give it a go. I'm not that experienced.
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