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  1. I don't have one but have a question. Are those monitor's 30Hz refresh rate? Do you see any jitters in mouse movement etc?
  2. Thanks for the video. I don't understand the need to copy the zzz_uhd_global_scenery_v1 folder to the \Global Scenery folder. Can you explain this?
  3. Just color me jealous! Try PaintingPete. If he has the acft, I'd bet he would give it a go. I'm not that experienced.
  4. That is good to know. I'll wait till the release for WED 1.4. Not too much longer.
  5. I don't use XP built in ATC. So I couldn't tell you.
  6. A set of 13 video's. Great way to start with WED. http://developer.x-plane.com/videos/creating-airports-with-worldeditor/
  7. Thank you Andras! I just downloaded Colorado and I live in KCOS. The UHD is very correct for the Front Range. I am impressed to say the least.
  8. Nice. I have a NG MIP from FDS. Always fun to push real buttons and switches. Great accomplishment. Even better is the interest from Zach!
  9. Bob, have you read through this blog on FPS? http://developer.x-plane.com/2011/12/tips-for-better-frame-rates-pt-1/
  10. I strictly advise againt using it as it is very addictive.
  11. Stunning! Ca't wait for Colorado! Thank You for all you do!
  12. There is even an 13 part video tutorial series for WED. http://developer.x-plane.com/videos/creating-airports-with-worldeditor/ Helped me creat my own airports.
  13. There are no buildings at some airports. LR has started an area called Gateway where authors can upload sceneries that then once approved are downloaded in updates. These are in your Custom Scenery\Global Airport folder.They are lego brick type airports. I think KMIA is a payware airport, so chances are that a freeware lego style probably won't get done. Most XP users spend time downloading sceneries from sites to populate them. Search google for X-Plane Gateway.
  14. I think AIPilotX stated to not even try HDMv3 without at least 8GB ram. Possibly upgrade that, easy, and less expensive that other options. Have a look at FSRealWX. I personnaly haven't got it quite working, but others have. EFASS Ultra WX disconnects the program from the weather source randomly. The author is aware of it and hopefully will fix it soon.
  15. It is there have another look. Their scenery download section.
  16. ISDG did a replacement day and night lighting that may take care of your needs. I don't know if the file is available elsewhere.
  17. There are also different versions, Regional and global with different price points. I went with US regional and have recently bought the global upgrade for that. Download the demo and try it.
  18. I didn't just install some, I did it all. Just to be clearer. If you have room, install a second copy of x-plane in a different location and install all.
  19. I just did this same upgrade a couple of days ago. No issues. Are you using the Disc #1 from the upgrade set?
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