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  1. The ISG fits well into MD-11 v2. You can use the retrofit file easly, just do not replace whole planel.cfg as Windows section and Gauges list differ a bit. So you just need to compare two files and looking at the retrofit one respectively deactivate FMC and ND gauges while adding ISG ones. I think i also slightly adjusted FMC position to match 3D buttons. i am just cruising over rocky mountains with N708DE and all works good. Also the PFPX flightplans works 100%.
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NRAfCKE0z1rXLFHFDPwoZB8VXqI99hcI[/Img]
  3. Its Douglas’ Bitchin Betty 🙂 And she says: ffffllllaps 🙂 i think you can also hear it on throttle TO warning test (when u move them during preflight). I also like: stabilizer motion 🙂
  4. I thought the seats get the light from other bulbs and i hoped i will use your settings in my projects - its really hard to keep light within pedestal frame only. Anyway it loooks good, thx.
  5. Pedestal looks great, i like how it doesnt light outside of it. Can you write down the numbers you put for this Light (position, direction and angles)?
  6. bavirtual for BA. buffaloairwaysvirtual if you like old props. vdelta.org if you like delta and their partner airlines, codeshare agreements.
  7. Well, first of all what you or me consider a day is not the same as Microsoft or LM 🙂 Thats why you have no lights in the cockpit during dawn and dusk in their FS. The complex addons handle that but looks like SS Md-11 does not. Secondly, even during a midday your cockpit my get really dark, especially when its grey and rainy outside. I am supprised you dont see a need for lights even during a day time.
  8. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ka97I-EHHS0B4YOxDQBPHFdukD3v3zmw The blue/grey variant is ready
  9. Ok, made two flights. First was bad. Very bed. Mostly as the autopilot and autothrottle are unpredictable. The second flight was better because of two reasons: i ve learnt how to fight with AP, second as I integrated ISG1. Now, the aircraft needs a lot of modding to make it at least flyable. First, i need to get some good .air and .cfg files and try to integrate it. Too bad i have no longer FSX installed to try the PMDG ones. Then i will make a good FSLSpootlight profile as the SS MD11 lights do not work at day. Finally replacement of some sounds will be needed (almost evert test in the cockpit launches the same .wav).
  10. Mixed fillings now. Looks better then i expected. If someone can confirm good ISG1 integration i would go for it.
  11. There are 737-200 fraighters available for P3D v4 as well as Shorts.
  12. Memphis Belle. Flight od Black Angel.
  13. Yes, flown LOC approaches. But the issue also appeared right after take off with ILS approach installed in FMC. Will that cause the problem?
  14. Hi, 4 good flights Sunday and Monday. Since today aircrafts stops responding sometimes right after takeoff, sometimes during the flight. FMC freezes, autopilot is not maintaining the plane. Unregistered and uninstalled both 744 and 748, installed again with fresh downloaded packages, registered serials succesfully and again the same problem. Please advise. Krzysztof
  15. Based on what you say that?
  16. I hope Wilco will make P3Dv4 update. Each day i am more into CS757. Just made a very stable and precise VOR 13L approach into KJFK. As we now non-precission approaches requires a lot of... precission and this one is especially tricky. The plane behave as expected, flown by the numbers, it was exactly where it should be. Good experiance. Its little bit more glass than 737CL but its still narrowbody and pre full glass Boeing.
  17. There is one. Captain Sim released their new 757 for P3Dv4. Base pack with PW engines and expansion with RR. Quite good Addon although expensive. It still requires some VNAV improvement and some other minor fixes but it is really a solid product. I am flying it right now with Delta from EGCC to KJFK
  18. If you belive 732 is early glass cockpit then fine. That was what OP asked about.
  19. The topic is about early glass/ semi analog cockpit alternative for 737 CL. The 732 does not fall into this category.
  20. Leonardo Maddog. i would love to see Wilco 737CL updated to v4 as none of the developers have it on their roadmap as of now.
  21. Not sure if it is called v3 but its a 2018 release for all platforms including P3Dv4. This plane is their step forward in terms of systems complexity however it suffers vnav/ lanv and power management problems again. It doesnt stop me from flying it but it is still to be fixed. What i dont like about it is that there is already a second Service pack released (current version is 1.2) and these issues are still not fixed. This Addon is acctually exactly at PMDG 777 price (if you compare their 200LR/F base pack + 300ER expansion with expected price for simmilar set of 757 fuselages so 200 + F + 300) so i would expect that such major things a sorted out immediatelly. Anyway i will be flying this bird a lot. 🙂
  22. So far the plane works good except two things: power Management on take off, vnav decent profle. Other than that its a great 757.
  23. With regards to 717, airlines would by it today if available, at least its what they say. In fact a second hand 717 is worth as a gold today. Coming back to 757. I disagree that returning production line back and upgrading the plane to MAX will cost as much as clean sheet design. You have core design made and tested, you have production knowledge, practice and at least part of equipment already in place. Its still huge investment but for sure small part of the new plane one.
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