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  1. The fix i use: start APU as first thing in the cockpit 🙂
  2. An24 works on v4. Aerosoft An2 native. Sibwings An2 for v4 in development. An-28 works quite well.
  3. I know ERJ145 from feelthere.
  4. [Vcockpit12] Background_color = 0,0,0 size_mm = 1024, 1024 visible = 1 pixel_size = 1024 texture = $CDU gauge00 = CLS_DC10_FSX!ICON_FMC, 100,60,478,400 gauge01 = isg1!SMITHS_FMS, 26,12,624,1024,DC10
  5. Sure, will send you required line as soon as i am back from work. Can you share DC10-30 too? I am flying dash 30 only as i have no performance charts for -10.
  6. Thanks! Will try some of your sertings. i managed to add ISG FMS to VC. Fits perfectly. I am calculating v speeds using real world charts. I use Milviz/ Rex radar as pup up window. Did you build some DC10 like ISG cfg file to customize FMS? I can see you have this DC1010F suffix as 5th parmeter in gauges.
  7. Can you share your panel.cfg settings for CLS Dc10 ISG integration? Did you also replace default gauge with MD11 style ISG ND.
  8. Window04 = ISG MCU Window05 = ISG HW MD11 EFIS CTRL Window06 = ISG HW MD11 ND [Window03] Background_color = 0,0,0 size_mm = 197,271 window_size_ratio = 1.000 position = 0 visible = 0 ident = 4004 window_size = 0.500, 0.500 window_pos = 0.000, 0.000 gauge00 = isg1!SMITHS_FMS, 0,0,197,271 [Window04] Background_color = 0,0,0 size_mm = 312,214 position = 4 window_pos = 0.1541,0.3133 window_size = 0.1888,0.2044 visible = 0 ident = 4001 gauge00 = isg1!MCU, 0,0,312,214,ACDMD11 [Window05] Background_color = 0,0,0 size_mm = 315,310 visible = 0 ident = 4013 window_pos = 0.7332,0.0922 window_size = 0.2500, 0.2500 gauge00 = isg1!MD11_EFIS_CTRL, 0,0,315,310 [Window06] Background_color = 0,0,0 size_mm = 255,275 window_size_ratio = 1.000 position = 0 visible = 0 ident = 4007 window_size = 0.500, 0.500 window_pos = 0.000, 0.000 gauge00 = isg1!HW_MD11_ND,0,0,255,275,WN [Vcockpit01] replace gauge01 line with: gauge01 = isg1!HW_MD11_ND_NB, 0,0,256,256,VC [Vcockpit02] replace gauge08 line with: gauge08 = isg1!SMITHS_FMS, 254,5,260,408
  9. V3 installer works in v4 except click sounds in the cockpit.
  10. Anyone with SLI configuration tested it in v4.4 and can confirm if light flashing disappeared?
  11. Released. Just cannot find in the description what kind of navigation to do oceanic runs is installed.
  12. MD-11 style ND goes in VC, FMC goes in VC. ND control panel is 2D popup same as MCU. Folks, i still owe you proper panel.cfg entries, i know. I was busy recently hence delay. Hope will find sime time this weekend.
  13. Why should i go to some some other website? Coca Cola is bad example. Its branded the same way wherever u buy it, its FMCG. With unbranded soft published on software producer website its their product. Be sure. This is how cosumers can or should consider it. You probably didnt understand the comment i made to initiall statement. If one said that the EDDN is not on sale as it is not developed by FB... But its not the case. Lets just leave it now as it is as it may start looking like someone has a problem with FB not discounting EDDN which was not a point at all.
  14. A220 is developed by Bombardier. Its Airbus’ Product.
  15. You didnt read the thread, didnt ya? 🙂
  16. Correct links: https://photos.app.goo.gl/q34DVJqdALNphQ939 https://photos.app.goo.gl/xwVohsW9xH4NW7jv5
  17. KSMP KDEN - sunset cruising and debording at snowy Denver: https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipNTXI2s4Zbu_on-3GDc9ISVqoS5FkNufjk8u0nx https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipP17FL-5a3zExkOF-xYdFobsJcvYrXXcABvjHDv
  18. You mean it will flare and close the throttles and you can disconnect the AP just prior to runway turn off?
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