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  1. get raid 0 for OS drive
  2. ZoomAir

    What is the native P3D texture resolution?

    gona try setting 4096 check fps see if this is some scam
  3. ZoomAir

    SP1 Beta Testers: Performance Differences?

    I rest my case, lets record what's been said here , and by whom,. Then wait till PMDG SP1 comes out with new features and see what effect this has on VAS footprint. I totally accept that PMDG products are no longer for me cause that baby is getting too big for the bath, and doesn't seem to realise it. Does not need to have low memory footprint of default aircraft, at same time should keep its memory requirement within a boundary that makes the sim as a whole stable. Google search shows many PMDG customers are in same boat as me, buying a product for FSX that's too big to fit inside the simulator it runs on, and only promising to get bigger still. That ladies and gentlemen is where I make my PMDG exit. With low scenery settings ,only about 10% of my pmdg 777 flights ever made it to destination before a VAS crash, that's where loving it turned to, as suggested leaving it for me. google is your friend when after public opinion on an issue , google, "PMDG 777 OOM", the search results is not a pmdg advert trust me. As a result I conclude that opinions here are in the minority. Argue with google results if you prefer but am out of this lala land. Lets see what SP1 VAS brings with the advertised new features. I will check on google.
  4. ZoomAir

    SP1 Beta Testers: Performance Differences?

    @Kriva The magic of football is doing it without your hands, the magic of swimming is doing it horizontal with both feet off the ground, the magic of a great add-on plane for a simulator is one that fits inside the simulator without breaking it. Given the right amount of time I could code you 5D FSX 777 more realistic than the real thing, only catch is that FSX will never boot again after you install it, and Kriva will be the first to purchase. So Kriva Like I said before, I have pretty much all fsx a/c in my hanger, and only one is doing OOM guess which one ? If you cant understand what that means as far as unit testing goes, I cant explain any further nor take you seriously from this point on. Maybe PMDG should cut back on systems simulation so folks can make a few landings before crash
  5. ZoomAir

    SP1 Beta Testers: Performance Differences?

    Please enough with the lectures on x86 and x64 we all know VAS is nothing to do with how super your system is its the 4gig address limit. Adding my specs was suggested earlier and still a good idea As I found, watch out lecturing people on avsim, we are all nerds over here, I build embedded PC's for robots in my day job, so please no lectures on computer architecture I drown in that all day. Like I said before, its pretty clear, default a/c don't give OOM, all properly developed add-on a/c should as a minimum meet that standard. Even with modern scenery like gex,utx FsGlobalUltimate only thing in my hanger causing OOM is POMDG 777. All the graphics and complex systems simulation is useless if its comes at the expense of system wide stability. That's why these days I also have fun with JustFlight type add-ons that play their position in resource consumption. PMDG were able to do this perfectly with MD11, got a bit worse by NGX, and by 777 they were carried away, and went too far on simulator resource use.
  6. ZoomAir

    SP1 Beta Testers: Performance Differences?

    My system is I7990 @4.6Ghz 12Gig Ram win7 64bit GTX Titan. 3 x SSD (OS, FSX, Scenery) The system is rock solid stable and smooth, I build my PC's myself and configure professionally. Using IO Bit game booster and ProcessLaso (both are must have for fps ) The only time FSX crashes for me this days is PMDG 777 hitting VAS limit hours into long haul flight. I am not looking forward to new features just VAS fix or improvement, the plane needs to leave some VAS for the platform its running on . Its as simple as that and you cant argue with that. The fact that googling FSX OOM PMDG 777 brings up tons of results is enough to nullify the comments of those saying they have never had OOM with PMDG 777. Cause you are in the extreme minority according to Google statistics. Increasingly starting to look like FSX is not powerful enough for PMDG 777. I have used all PMDG products over the years and 777 is the first time since using fsx from 2006 that I see this OOM error message. Never had OOM with NGX, and MD11 was super fps friendly, even J41 never gave issues. A product designed for a platform needs to leave memory for the platform to run, in same way a truck too big for a bridge will cause collapse. Fact that PMDG 777 VAS is not a big topic, but instead new features are, says a lot about how much you can trust the message on avsim. even Word Not Allowed and froogle are no longer here. If PMDG 777 was not a great product I won't be using it, but it unreasonably overpowers the platform its designed for (FSX) and that is a HUGE design flaw. If I don't get OOM with default a/c then in principle I should not with PMDG. I can understand lower FPS with default a/c but not OOM. P3Dv2 also has huge flaws, the most unbelievable is the flight planner that crashes, makes you wonder what was tested before release. You have to take it slow with this hobby otherwise you ll be very broke and very pis+sed off very quickly. 99% Flight sim products is crap software , cause its a small community. But brushing these flaws under carpet is killing the community, people loosing money and interest and leaving. Maybe its time for PMDG to move to XPlane, so we can close down the FSX forum once and for all.
  7. ZoomAir

    SP1 Beta Testers: Performance Differences?

    Always check other site to get better info AVSIM alone should not be used as before purchase info, cause info on AVSIm can be very unrealistic at times. For example all the noise about p3dv2 on avsim, I bought it only to find you need an update for flight plans to work, and yet to figure out how to load user graphic settings. In same way, the first question everybody should be asking about pmdg 777 is the VAS issue that has folks turning down scenery to insane levels just so they don't hit vas limit. Now pmdg announced new features like camera and weather radar but no info vas, so far am gona leave the 777 alone till addon devs come down from cloud9 lala land. PMDG New features are totally useless if I have to turn my scenery slider to zero for your addon to work. Don't make decisions based on info you read here go to other sites also to get a more realistic view. And as such the only thing we need from pmdg right now is not new features, but solution to the VAS issue. Cause am currently flying 777 in fsx using fs1994 scenery standard to avoid vas limit. On avsim sometimes too much factual information gets omitted in marketing threads, only for you to buy another unstable addon on an already unstable fsx platform to waste your time.
  8. ZoomAir

    Captain Sim 777 Update 1.4

    heard this new version works in p3d
  9. OS always needs SSD more than FSX. My OC was better with OS on SSD and FSX on HDD, than everything on SSD. the more programs you put on same drive. the more bottle neck you create. Better to get couple of old HDD's out to put addons on rather than everything on one SSD. better off getting a few smaller ssd's to spread stuff out than a single huge SSD Must say My OS and FSX drives have been SSD for a while now, but there was better FSX perf all around once I put scenery on SSD as well, previously had FsGlobal on HDD.
  10. ZoomAir

    Taxiways disappered after v2.2 update?

    I have green taxiway problem as well, very helpful thread here. using mytraffic 3d for p3dv2. Think I will for now lower MTX to bottom of scenery for now as a neat way to park its airports till there is a fix. I usually have traffic set low anyway 10 - 15% max, so AI should have enough parking from default airports, I assume. I hope disabling MTX airports this way will also fix the issue with GSX being confused about gate sizes at MTX airports. unfortunately for MTX developer increasingly with more add-ons disabling his scenery is the easiest solution, he needs to fix this, by maybe adding extra config options to MTX that make it flexible to use with add-ons.
  11. ZoomAir

    Outstanding NI settings

    is this for dx10 only
  12. ZoomAir

    BA Boeing 777-300ER (Beta Preview)

    One question to be asking PMDG is how new features like taxi cam and weather radar affect VAS. Cause at the moment PMDG 777 has me turning sliders down all the way to flight sim of 1980 graphics. Don't wana have my highly detailed PMDG complete with taxi cam and weather radar flying around in Flight sim v1.0 cause I have had to turn all sliders down to avoid running out of VAS. Quite honestly the most important feature I am looking for in PMDG 777 update is one that uses less VAS so I can turn my scenery sliders back up to complete the circle. Any news on VAS usage for the updates, did they do anything to reduce VAS usage or config to tune VAS usage.
  13. I have never had to set affinity mask in FSX since I got Processlaso. If the OP got processlaso you wount regret it, set affinity mask for FSX and about a thousand other features to improve your PC for smooth sim. For example 1. it allows disable core parking, 2. move all unessential programs to cores not used by FSX, don't touch system apps 3. I Use throttling to reduce CPU use of hungary apps like weather programs, I use laso to throttle ASN, I prefer smooth flight to smooth weather. 4. No need for clever maths, just click the cores you want for each app such as FSX in nice window view. 5. information is retained after boot and you can set profiles 6.A big bonus is ability to set IO and Memory priority for apps, for example FScommander is set to lower cpu, iO and mem priority 7. 8. 9. and much more. Laso is a no brainer essential toolbox for any self respecting blue screen veteran. But watchout this one can break your system if you tweak it faster than you understand it, so best start with saving the default profile and setting affinity initially. Also no need to test if leaving cores off helps, if you gona OC it will allow you to OC higher, if you not in OC, then its less usefull. In short FSX has a flaw in its design that makes it starve the PC that is running it till it crashes, the more you OC the more obvious this becomes, and one of numerous ways to tame is leave some cores off, but that's not all, not by a long shot. add small partreject ratio = 4 My system mostly set to Word Not Allowed's guide, and Bufferpools set to zero for years and never looked back, only pain is the 2xwater you have to use. Did a test today that proved you can OC higher if you spread stuff out like scenery on a third drive, and even addons then on fourth drive, obviously system and FSX being first 2 drives. With FSX running using windows resource monitor see what is busy on drives. Hard drive is one of the biggest neglected bottle necks in FSX especially if you got Gigabytes of addon scenery to load. My FSX always used to crash on first load then work next time round cause its had chance to cache, that before I increased IOH, ICH voltages. FSX is not just CPU Hungary its Hard disk MAD. After several hours battling to stabilise my OC and failing, it occurred to me that my I7990 is worth about 3 times as much as my entire Gigabyte mobo, so maybe leaning heavily on the cpu clock rather than the base clock would help, so went from x31 to x36 on the CPU Multiplier, and this is how my latest OC got stable. also PCI clock is doing fine at 120, and stable with higher PCIE voltage. These are the bottle necks that cause app crash, cause if all sliders are down trust me you won't get app crash, I checked.
  14. Few points to help increase fps, just had to battle my 4.8GHz OC which prefers to be 4.68 in summer as I just found. 1. Overclock is essential to run FSX with demanding addons such as PMDG. 2. When overclocking most people never touch ICH IOH mobo voltages and I just found they helped put an end to app crashes that result when you OC and your hard drive is not got enough juice to keep up. 3. You need top top cooling so those voiltages can go higher and fps higher. 4. Try to use ssd for as much as possible especially OS drive. Try to spread stuff out across multiple drives, but the more drives you add the higher you need to make the mobo voltages mentioned above, so good cooling. 5.Always get a case with maximum cooling potential, bigger cases are better for more air flow if air cooling. 6. Always leave off 20/40% of your cores out of FSX, so you can have more and stable OC. example affinity mask 14 as mentioned, 7. Only way to avoid OC in this business is to stick to default FSX and lower quality addons such as justflight etc. I think justflight is just as good as PMDG sometimes cause their addons don't eatup everything you throw at them. 8.In my case PC hasd DIY pipe that moves hot air outside, and ther is standby portable AC to b low air in the case on hot days. 9.higher mobo voltages == higher fps == higher OC == super cooling. 10. My case is big tower, 2 140mm fans in front, 3 on top, 2 120mm fans in back all blowing air into case, and their is a heat sink that comes with its own 3 140mmm fans that blows air out the case into a pipe that takes the hot air outside. with this type of case, and a portable ac to blow air into the top of the case when needed, heat is not a problem. my cpu voltage is above 1.54v and temps never get to 90%. In short get a good cooling solution, does not have to be liquid cuase am doing very well on air, and PC is easier to service on air cooling, and then you can play with voltages and clocks to get the FPS you want. Doing so in a confined case with lapse cooling leaves very few low fps options.