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  1. Default X-Plane ATC is...left wanting.
  2. Can you give us the system specs for the main system and the secondary system? An itemized list of components. Also, a screenshot that includes the data output from the sim that includes framerate and any other pertinent info.
  3. Also, if you had ORBx for your P3D build, look into Ortho4XP for your XP build. Its freeware and will compliment the Alpilot's HD Mesh, though it may take a few runs through the Youtube tutorials to get it right.
  4. Don't think the Spruce Goose had reversers though...but a B52 may and it has 8 as well.
  5. LMAO I apologize...no I do remember from yesterday we both seemed to post our initial replies within seconds of each other ;)
  6. Maybe...do you have random old spinning drives you replaced with SSDs that may have the download on them? I was referring to the fact that LR has 3 separate hyperlinks to the SAME download within the SAME domain...
  7. It is never the computers fault. His system was fine until the user intervened (installed new hardware without updating driver). Users are evil. IF you have hardware that uses its own driver (as opposed to a default OS driver) always remove said driver prior to removal and replacement of hardware. It may not always be needed...but youll generally never have an issue ;)
  8. im impressed we found 3 different links at the same website for the same download...so far
  9. http://www.x-plane.com/kb/install-digital-download/
  10. The Asus Motherboards have a decent utility built into the BIOS to assist you with this. Break out the Motherboard manual and itll walk you through it. Make sure you have the most up to date BIOS firmware. You probably do with that Z270 board, but it never hurts to check.
  11. So is it not possible to have the SIM run on 1 PC, and offload the Out-The-Window (Visuals) to another PC? This is with the current Sims that are available to consumers. I know it is done on much larger commercial sims. According to LM, P3D will talk CIGI but I just don't know if the sim is set up to operate that way. Anyone know?
  12. b1bmsgt - Click the Unread Content in the top right corner (below the banner), then click on Activity (it'll be grey) in the top left corner under the banner. You will now see "All Recent Activity" and it will auto-update for you as threads are created or added to.
  13. Do any of the sims allow dividing the sim in 2? 1 system for the Sim Host and 1 system for the Image Generator? I know P3D will talk on CIGI so not sure if it will allow this, maybe only on the Pro software?
  14. OK so you all found that you can click Forum > Unread Content > Activity right? And it auto-updates for you? No need to keep clicking around trying to find out where the new posts are. You don't even have to refresh the page anymore to see the newest posts.
  15. Hrmmm...what possible motivation could a website have to purposefully cause you to have to change pages more often... I'm sure we can figure this out.
  16. Ive been trying to get Ortho4XP to DL but it keeps hanging on some scenery - timeouts that never end. The one time it DID finish all the tiles I wanted (only about 6) it failed to build the overlay folder. Any idea what I screwed up?
  17. You could always buy a workstation class system from Dell or HP (Precision or Elite Z*** respectively) but then you throw your budget right out the window again
  18. Given that the video was from another airliner above and behind the aircraft, the skies are probably pretty busy above Germany. If your not talking to ATC, they can't alert you to aircraft at your same level.
  19. Alan - is the 45 degree max rotation to any one side on the normal Saitek that big of a deal?
  20. You would be surprised that the local PC place may not be as expensive as you think. I know the following website is US centric, but it could go a long ways as to fining compatible parts and will really help you in judging your budget. www.pcpartpicker.com Theres plenty of Youtube videos out there to help you assemble the system, and if your only doing air cooled systems everything is really plug n play with not a lot of opportunity to screw things up too badly. Just make sure not to do any of this while standing on carpet.
  21. Are we allowed to link to a website that makes assembling the necessary parts for a PC? A one stop shop that will handle all the compatibility issues for you? Cause if so, there is one (and I know most of you know what it is) and it takes the heartache out of making sure your getting parts that work with each other.
  22. To double-check, the monitor cable is connected to the video card and not the onboard video right? As Bert said, you should be using the NVidia executable and not going anywhere near the Windows Device Manager. If you are plugged into the onboard video (near all the USB ports and NIC port) It is possible that your video card is not seated in the PCI-E slot correctly. Simply shut the system down, pull the power plug and re-seat the card. You could try this even if you are plugged into a video-out on the card.
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