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  1. DDR4 32 max Intel 3200 or AMD 3600. 3-4 years when DDR5 is the new DDR4 and games have progressed then 64GB. If your sim is smooth then then that's good. If not and your hardware is up to it a M2 PCIE 4x drive may give better bang for your buck for now providing you have the OS and MSFS custom folder on that same drive.
  2. Next would be to copy the store folder/community folder providing it downloaded completely to the c drive root folder (leaving a copy on E) then edit the usercfg file to point to where the folder is on c drive browse to it and hopefully it would run. After that word not allowed.
  3. 64GB DDR4 3200 running MSFS without Pagefile and NVME Drive Still stutters like old P3D v4 So i grabbed a PCIE 4 NVME drive to see if that may texture stream better install and custom folder from the c drive. Find out next week.
  4. Jokes aside with all sim Airbus models I've noticed in every contemporary sim with 2 early 90s Aircraft models that somehow snuck in taking the absolute cake. Luckily im team Boeing so its a non issue but getting back to whether its a sim I'm sure it is. And as whether it'll become the next P3D this most likely would happen with a better installer e.t.c.
  5. Game from what we see as default but a sim if Airbuses removed and in their place 747 inserted.
  6. Their 600/700 Expansion is incredible too. When their 737 comes to MSFS ill jump back over but until then P3D.
  7. Someone on this forum told me about this last year. Link DirectStorage is coming to PC - DirectX Developer Blog (microsoft.com)
  8. Also does this after a fresh AS install till the options changed. Reason i switch off volumetric clouds. Otherwise no idea.
  9. System restore in windows to a previous save.
  10. Good point. Just hoping for a update later on.
  11. Use AM both instances as 349525 and those other tips. Pausing is a P3D issue needing a hotfix.
  12. You can delete the 2 files then they should regenerate next P3D run as the P3D 5 version.
  13. Oh ok. Yeah LGA 1700 is elongated as you mentioned. Good ram specs though you should near equal the DD5-6000 Ram. Ill wait also till DDR5 is optimised and also not handing down my 11900k just yet as to standoff issue on coolers.
  14. Good to know. That is the only issue with most aircoolers i.e Noctua which prevented me from the upgrade.
  15. You might find the holes to be spaced differently coming straight off your 8086 board. Look into that and if so see if you can get an adapter for the cooler.
  16. More Specs Between DDR4-3600 and DDR5-6000 DDR4 vs. DDR5, The Best Memory For Gamers? Core i9-12900K, 41 Game Benchmark - YouTube @6.12 mark MSFS
  17. Tried it. Still stuttery. What i did was to delete the [jobscheduler] part then saved then tagged as read only then deleted any the old P3D cfg file and any backup in the directory then dropped the modded read only P3D.cfg back in. Smooth as. Glad you found what you wanted. Hope others do too.
  18. Skewed towards FSlabs A320 and PMDG 737 now on P3D V 5.3. Issues on FS2020 forced me back to P3D but now can only wait till the maddening rush the new 737 should bring.
  19. Yep on the deleted jobscheduler section Running W11 tho and no issues on Stock P3D 5.3. Still stops and stutters not sure what's going on there,
  20. With W10 Affinitymask use 5592405 or 21845 and leave the other 8 cores active. With W11 not needed.
  21. And make the A330 and A380 an optional install like the A320 in content manager so we can uninstall them and not tamper with core files.
  22. CRJ-900 Hud broken now in that sim. Ill give them one last chance then assume the worst to what's going on. Really hope they can fix it cause its a really beautiful sim in the environment way,
  23. Also Bios settings and game compatibility. Might be issues yet found in the sim. Watch from 11.20 Intel 12900K Issue Report: VBS, Game DRM, BIOS & Power Limits, Cooler Spacing, & PCIe 5 - YouTube
  24. Official Display Driver Uninstaller DDU Download (wagnardsoft.com) Ver 496.49 Driver Gamma correction off in Settings. Old may be stable but just using the latest.
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