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A BIG THANK YOU to a Legendary company : PMDG !

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Hi guys,


I have been away from this forum for a couple of months, since i was busy with my training but i am really happy to be back here. So i thought i would come back with something nice to show..... I perfectly know thats its not directly PMDG related however, i have to say publicly that this company has played a HUGE role in my life in the sense that 60% of my knowledge comes from what i have read in this forum, the various ops manuals, tutorials, explanations from Ryan and conversations with him.

One thing is for sure, if you use FSX as a real/professional tool, follow the procedures, fly online, use all the available products out there on the market, then it'll take your simming experience to the next Level. I would like to thank Robert Randazzo for all his efforts, and dedication to the FS community, as well as Ryan Maziarz (just a fantastic person), all PMDG team members ( especially Dr E. Vaos), all the painters, all the knowledgeable people around here, and also all the active members on the PMDG forum that i unfortunately dont know personally: Luke pabari,Kriva, Scandinavian13, Epikk, Richard Sennett, EGLL77W, Linux731, McCarter, Aceridgey.......and MANY MORE.


My dreams take flight and PMDG is definitely a part of it !


Sit back, relax and enjoy !




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Nice video, I miss that feeling of acomplishment after your first solo/solo x country, and getting out of the plane passing your private checkride.

Aviation is really awesome, I can see you really enjoy it!


-Sean L

PPL + IFR, SEL HP/Complex.. LAS WN Ground Ops



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Really nice video, congratulations on your achievements thus far!


Your aviation career in still in it's infancy, you'll have many more euphoric moments, wait until your first airliner take off and landing:-)


Very best of luck with it all, the only job I know where you are virtually guaranteed a sunny day in the office everyday:-)


Best Regards,


James B 

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Congrats man! I hope to follow in your shoes in a few years.

Name available upon request



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What a corker of a video and post. Heartiest Congrats. You are an inspiration to all those aspiring to the Dream. Looking forward to following your expolits and career.



Rick Almeida

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Well done! Great to see, how FS can help getting ones dream come true ;)





Alexander Marx

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Chat to you soon Captain great work you deserve it.




Wayne HART

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PMDG is amazing isn't it?

Just not with Updates.. :lol:

Kacper Nowotynski

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Great vid. Even though I couldn't keep running in my own aviation career I hope your marathon to the goal is as fun as it will be rewarding. Best of luck to you and enjoy the ride!

"I am the Master of the Fist!" -Akuma

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