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DTG: What would you like to see in a new Flight Simulator?

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The easy way (FS) or the highway (Game).


Well both obviously since one without the other is like having keys missing on a piano or laptop, or like peanuts without taste.


'Little Kids Play Microsoft Flight Simulator X'


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Make one wonders why are they here?


For the same reasons you and I are here: to add 2 cents to nothingness.

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For the same reasons you and I are here: to add 2 cents to nothingness.


How dare you say that, sir!  ;-) After all he has contributed one or two constructive gems to this debate, my favourite being these words of wisdom .....


"In a game, any game, 99% of the entertainment comes from the Developer. It better be good then, real good".


"In a simulator, any simulator, 99% of the entertainment comes from the User. The simulator better be as truthful and close to real deal as tech allows it to be".


"I just dreamed of three Simulators under one engine. Cause something monumental happened yesterday on my way to my PC".


"Telling you, it is a gift that keeps on giving. "Imagination" + the quote I love the most: "That's the stuff that dreams are made of...". A touch of Bogie".




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I suggest "DTG's Flight Simgame"....


Maybe they can have a contest.........  :lol:

Just Flight Beta Tester
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Bunch of great ideas in here. Some of my ideas on top of everything else listed:


1. 64 bit/DX 12 (DX 11 compatible)


2. Completely new program means no backwards compatibility, but you should work with current 3rd party addon developers so they may upgrade their software (and hopefully only charge a small fee to update :))


3. Helicopters, I want these done right. That means everything from realistic flight models, to plug and play support of real helicopter input devices (my biggest thing is differentiating from collective and throttle). X Plane did helicopters very well, and I hear that some of the 3rd party paywares are very good. Unfortunatley the rest of the platform is kind of meh.


4. A virtual flight training 'career' mode would be cool. I'm talking about interactive training that closely follows FAA 141 slybi. Minimum hour requirements followed by checkrides. Once you earn your ratings, you build hours and can go do some real commercial work. Everything from just basic tours or cargo operations, to charters, to fire fighting, to air ambulance (helicopter heavy

obviously, but can be some fixed wing missions), to large scheduled airlines. Of course all of this could just be side missions too, without all the hassle of earning ratings and building hours.


5. Native Oculus Rift support. Not everyone's cup of tea I understand, but for just wanting to go on some basic VFR flights, it can't be beat. Especially for helicopters, where head movement and perefrial vision (not the greatest on Gen 1 Rift's, but surely will improve) is pretty much vital.


6. Weather that reduces wildsheild visibility i.e. rain drops and melted snow on the windsheild, windsheild fogging.


7. Full realistic modeling of some of the world's biggest cities/areas. Seemless integration may be possible, but seperate loading from a menu would not be a huge deal. I'm thinking like GTA V quality in these areas. Great for some low and slow VFR, amazing for helicopter flight.

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And much extra revenue for DTG will those developers earn? Remember, DTG isn't a charity - it's a hard-headed businees.

There will be no future developers as the next generation of 12 year olds need accessibility to later become the 16 to 18 and into their 20's as they grow into commercial developers. Note that ORBX has developers ranging from high school age to retirees and are for the most part self taught. No reason to change the ecosystem as the commercial developers can and have already made partnerships Or dialogue with DTG. You're just throwing a spanner into the works


Anyhow, topic is what you would like to see in the next sim? I don't think licensing needs to be apart of this discussion

Matthew Kane


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In a new simulator, for me, smoothness is paramount. I have quite a lot of add on scenery as well as complex aircraft and a 15 year history with MS Flight Simulator in its many versions. I have learned through, some bitter, some sweet, experiences that smoothness is the the best choice in a flight simulator. i used to kid myself that I could realistically fly, say a PMDG 737 Ngx with scenery loaded. Yes, it would fly but 13 fps one way on a runway and 10 fps in the other direction, convinced me I was on the wrong track. So, my installation of FSX contains zero add on scenery.


I fly with bog standard FSX Scenery and ASN (because it doesn't seem real enough without it) and turn 30 fps (in sim) just about everywhere except the VC, where the framerate never drops below 20 fps and the program is smooth beyond words.


This is not an attack on add on scenery providers. I love their stuff and have purchased much of it but for complex aircraft, flying at 34000, it is a hindrance to smooth flight (on my setup) and unnecessary (FSX scenery looks acceptable from high altitudes). Low and slow, less complex aircraft, use scenery. If you are flying tubeliners, having scenery is nice but not really necessary. New Flight Simulator?  FPS hovering in the 30 fps and smoothness. Give me that and I'll buy it.





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