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Mr T

Amazing news! Js41 for p3d

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Been waiting for years for this outstanding news. J41 is the only regional pax prop I know that fully interfaces correctly with my current setup. Other one I have while nice, has issues due to the way it interfaces with the sim. Thanks PMDG!

Richard Hardman


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Please, I can not find any update of the upcoming j41 64bits, please I am suffering abstinence síndrome!!!!!:ampun::ohmy::bengong::blush:

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12 minutes ago, McFly08151 said:

It's the same as the one I had uploaded at youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNapaIpwlU4&t

There is also the following https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGPUmWBSDvY

Chris Makris


You can find us at http://forum.pmdg.com


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It was nice to see and good news for me that the development are still in progress and not stoped.
I`ve flown many many hours with the JS41 in FSX. Now i miss they in P3D.

Detlef Krüger

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Are they going to implement Beta mode like the Majestic? Does it even work that way? The J41made an impression on me too back in the late 90's from New York to BWI. One of Rob's flights??? I think I determined it was his company already. I was so impressed with the plane I looked up it's name in the info card and the J41 has been in my heart since.

Tim Dobrowolsky

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One item that would be nice in a new version would be to have the pax on the load sheet set to an empty cabin. That way for users who like to use other addons like FSPax and FS2Crew and add the pax after starting the flight to the amount of pax generated, they dont have to zero out the load sheet or take pax off the plane.

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On ‎10‎/‎05‎/‎2017 at 2:16 PM, ckyliu said:

The post you quoted literally says there will be F1 GTN integration. Would be nice if they could do RXP GNSv2 too though. 

F1 GTN and RPX GNSv2 are nice, but they can't be updated (to my knowledge). I've gotten the one for X-Plane and asked the same question about updating the AIRAC, they laughed at me and hung up the phone, perhaps the one for P3D may be different but I don't believe so. You get the AIRAC that comes with it and that's it. Regardless of what PMDG integrates or has available the bird is bought as soon as it's ready. Been waiting for this one a long time. :biggrin:

Michael Lagow
Madness Software

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It's been discussed at length in another topic, no you cannot get AIRAC updates for the any of the Garmin trainers. Whatever they come with is it, and every few years Garmin may decide to chuck an update out, otherwise you'll have to pay for their official nav database and it's many many dollars.

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ckyliu, proud supporter of ViaIntercity.com. Find my spec and settings in "About me" on my profile.


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