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Beta Preview - 747-8i Over New Zealand

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Good evening Gents,

Some pictures taken last night showing the 747-8i in fictitious Air New Zealand colours. All credit for this livery goes to Pete Sterling, who does amazing work I think we can all agree.

Flight was over ORBX NZSI on a test flight where I had enough time to step outside!

Remember this is a BETA at present, so any errors or oddities are still being worked on. That said, I think PMDG has definitely done a fine job on this model!

Larger formats available directly through the flickr links.


29469232118_36e26b074b_o.jpg2018-7-10_22-33-22-159 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr

41529722570_179c6ac68b_o.jpg2018-7-10_22-33-33-229 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr

29469232658_46b54ce311_k.jpg2018-7-10_22-34-37-626 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr

41529723080_8a0cd80d64_o.jpg2018-7-10_22-42-22-804 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr

29469233368_ea08a555c3_o.jpg2018-7-10_22-42-26-709 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr

28470084577_584833d512_o.jpg2018-7-10_22-49-30-297 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr

29469233858_8ed74a7edf_o.jpg2018-7-10_23-34-55-289 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr

41529723630_bc31661cba_o.jpg2018-7-10_23-44-52-388 by Mark Adeane, on Flickr

41529723910_6de41c6b8a_o.jpg2018-7-10_22-48-39-547 Panorama by Mark Adeane, on Flickr

29469235098_1c429ecfa8_o.jpg2018-7-10_22-51-52-994 Panorama by Mark Adeane, on Flickr


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Mark Adeane - NZWN

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This paint might increase the temperature in the cabin to a maximum 😄

Awesome livery and it looks even better on the shapes of the -8 ❤️

Regards, Timm
V1 Simulations | SimAware


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Darn.  I'm gonna need a bigger hanger at my airports now.  Looking good!

Rick Ryan

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Absolutely fantastic great work best i have seen since my 35 years in flight simulation.🤩👏.WOW.😍

Zdenek  Cebis

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Thanks for the pics.

LOVE to see more flight deck pics though.



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53 minutes ago, serviceceiling said:

Nice! Is the new Lufthansa livery finished yet?

Saw this on insta yesterday (@iadspotter via @dulles_airport) and thought it was appropriate:


...the only difference is that we didn't paint YK. It's YC.

(So, yes.)

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Kyle Rodgers

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Wonderful! I really anxious for fly with Lufthansa! I will fly many routes by Lufthansa! 

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That New Zealand fictional paint job rocks on the -8....New Zealand should consider adopting it!

(Although as alluded to, most airliners are white so they don't soak up to much heat...)

The 3D model of this -8 is, perhaps, the best I've ever seen in FS- round or oval things actually look round or oval...for a sim old-timer such as myself, this day has been long awaited.  I am certainly going to be setting up lots of external views for those somewhat longer flights where the Autopilot has the plane.

Mark Trainer


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