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Tyndall AFB is really a mess

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Came across some video of a fly-over and it's going to be a while before things get back.  The Panama city airport is nearby and probably isn't any better off.



scott s.



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Heard on NPR this morning that they moved all the active aircraft and flight crews to another base (Ohio I think?) before the storm landed, so no equipment was lost. But yeah, going to be a bit before they can return to operations there.

I saw at the end of the video there was some red-tipped f-16's in the one hangar, maybe they were just training aircraft of some kind?

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That base is just off the coastline, stretched along the primary runway in a narrow strip of land that runs west to east and separated from the gulf by only a narrow barrier island.  Most if not all of the housing and administrative buildings sit between the gulf and the runways. Totally exposed. Look at it with Google Earth and you will see what I refer to.  The entire base was exposed to this storm like a defense line is exposed to the enemy in war.

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Here is another one. I'm west of Tyndall and we got lucky. 


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Those trees -- stripped of leaves and snapped off.  Those were some serious winds.  I hope everyone was out of there.  I would have holed up in one of those hardened aircraft shelters with the earth on top, if I had gotten trapped in that.


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I seem to recall that a few years back Tyndall was on a short list of possible base closings. Given the extent of the damage it makes one wonder about the rebuilding possibilities..........Doug

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I live in Pensacola and our neighbors just down the road are in real trouble. Red Cross already has 100 full shelters. I live next to a Hospital and there has been a pretty regular arrival of Air Evac Choppers coming and going yesterday and today.


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In Arizona we are getting remnants of Hurricane Sergio last night and today, which is pouring a lot of rain and causing a lot of local flooding and now closing of Interstate 10.  My street is partially flooded and I cannot walk to the store as cars are sending large waves over the sidewalks.  Parts of Sergio also made it into Texas today, it started in the Pacific way back in September and hit us with frontal rain last weekend as well.  Such rain brings Sky Harbor to a crawl, definitely instrument landings today, for many hours it seems.  Rare for such weather to be a factor here in the desert, most of our storms are monsoonal and localized and last 30-45 minutes at most.  Today's is a steady, drenching rain, only 1.5 inches so far but in the desert that can bring floods comparable to 20 inches of rain, with our ground unable to soak the water in.  So I have been home bound and simming all day,  Unusual for me to be held inside.  In two or three hours I will go out to get to the store.  It is so quiet of aircraft, usually I hear jets flying over all the time.  Eerie...


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