Weird Antennas over the whole globe

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Have you determined that those antennas do not exist in the real world?

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Good Point, but they are all over the world in positions where they dont make any sense.

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Its a graphic error. I have seen this sometimes as well in some setiings combo with certain drivers. (Even in FSX) 

Try default setiings to begin with and maybe another driver. 

Sorry update. 

I was thinking of these Black antennas like. 

Thanks Michael Moe 

Edited by Michael Moe

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If you are using something like Orbx Vector, which uses real-world GIS data, the antennas you see probably really do exist where you see them. The problem is that unless you are using very high-resolution land class or photo scenery, the antennas may appear in the middle of an urban neighborhood in the sim, whereas in the real world, an open field exists at that location. 

AM broadcast antennas, which are quite tall, are usually located on low ground, not on hilltops, and are preferentially sited near water or marshland because of the improved ground conductivity of moist soil.

For instance, all of the antenna towers for the various high-power AM broadcast stations in New York City are located in the New Jersey meadowlands, along the west bank of the Hudson river opposite Manhattan. Some of those stations use arrays of 6 or more towers in close proximity. There are a lot of them.

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