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Chuck Dreier

V4.4 fresh install or Client-Content only?

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I decide for myself after reviewing the revisions list by LM on their web site.  On some occasions I'm interested in something that either content or scenery brings forth; otherwise, I go client only.  It's up to you.  This time I chose client only.

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Dan Downs KCRP

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I just did Client+Content as I don't fly in anything other than Orbx and a few well chosen other bits and bobs. I didn't see anything that purported to scenery so I let sleeping dogs lie. Fresh install? Why put yourself through that mill?

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Client only for me. 

Ron Hamilton


"95% is half the truth, but most of it is lies, but if you read half of what is written, you'll be okay." __ Honey Boo Boo's Mom

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Client, one more time. The good PBR addons will come in the future..., let's wait for them.

Cheers, Ed

Ed Patino

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I found this helpful post in another thread:

On 10/13/2017 at 8:36 AM, Poppet said:

Below is the list of the folders that are removed and updated during each of the component Installers 

Install_ Client.msi  -  Licences, propdefs, Scaleform, ShadersHLSL, trinton
Install_ Content.msi  -  Scripts, redist, SimObjects, Weather, Scenarios, Ecosystem, Fonts, Autogen, Effects, gauges, Sound, Texture
Install_ Scenery.msi  -  Scenery

A Content Update will not touch any of your .cfg files.  Your Autogen files will in be overwriting during the Content update but in the case of FTX Orbx these Autogen files will be reconfigured back to Orbx use again by simply Launching the FTX Control Panel and waiting 10 \ 15 seconds 

Also by launching the FTX control panel this will also check and verify your terrain.cfg and your scenery.cfg,  even if you delete these files it will Insert the Orbx entries back in again when the Control panel is launched.  Note: If you delete these 2 files You need to Launch Prepar3D first and shut it down before you launch the FTX control Panel.  

The Content update will only remove default Prepar3D files and default Prepar3D files that have been modified by your Add On's,  A lot of Add On's Install extra files and these wont be touched.

So i guess if you have custom Aircraft files that you know have modified default files you may have to run the aircraft Installer again 

I'm not sure its a great Idea to copy and paste your old Content files \ folders  back into the new Content updated files \ folders,  Maybe it will be ok I don't know though,  Its not something i would do

I like a clean slate,  Update and if in doubt run the Aircraft Installer again    


With that in mind, I'll probably do Client and Content, but leave the Scenery alone as it doesn't seem that there have been any changes in there that are of particular interest to me. And anyway, with OrbX Global, Vector etc the default terrain has had a thorough upgrade anyway. From what I understand the autogen and some aircraft models received some PBR textures that may be nice to have, hence my interest in it.

Not updating the Scenery component will also save me from worrying about airport scenery installers that may have overwritten stock scenery files, in order to deal with elevation problems and the like. However, because the Texture folder is part of the Content installation, this will mean having to reinstall OrbX Global, as well as EnvTex and ASCA textures.

Like to that thread: 



Benjamin van Soldt

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This has been asked and answered so many times.... please do not ask again.


it's YOUR decision period.


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