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  1. P3Dv5 WX radar doesn't work in combination of ASP3D despite the SP3 log in which it should be compatible with.... No replies on questions asked on there support forum too...
  2. Don't feel dumb David, most of us have been there. That having said V5 is running smooth here besides some bugs which aren't show stoppers here local... But then again I don't have the Maddog 32 bit was for me the last version 😉
  3. Yep gone that route to, two years ago,,.
  4. awf


    With an I9-9900KF (5.0 GHz all cores) and RTX2080 and 32 Gb ram and several m2 drives... 40 + FPS at FT EHAM with ORBX TENL and 100% AIGAIM and ASP3D...
  5. Curious Chris did you go the A330 Aerosoft route? Let us know how the experience will be...
  6. Gerard looks like a great setup for a lot of virtual flying hours 🙂
  7. I wait for the Fslabs fleet 😎
  8. My experience after a few days and setting up P3Dv5 and also solved several issues from add-on developers... No vram issues or CTD, far better performance as 4.5HF3... Tested full flight with PMDG748 v3 TENL/Global/HD trees /Terra flora / HD buildings / FT EKCH V2 - FT EHAM short hop / GSX2 / SODE 1.70/ AIG 100% / AI lights reborn pro / ASP3D (beta 2) / EZCA3.1 / AIFLOW / AIGROUND. Was an evening flight FPS between 45 FPS and 80 FPS higher setting as P3Dv4.5 HF3 where I had around 30 - 35 FPS in the same conditions. Also with EA enabled and running 2k (2560 * 1440) I-9900KF all cores 5.0 ghz (HT off) RTX 2080 (4xSSA) (8 gb vram in sim 6.6 gb) several m2 drives... Highest Vram was observed during panning outside 5.7 gb constantly releasing vram in the air around 3.7 gb 😎 Smooth as butter not one stutter amazing to say the least and finally running ORBX TE without performance issues... Have already done several flights successfully, now EA more mature and I'm happy.. 4.5HF3 is to the virtual bin... Now airports with sloped runways 😜 and my FSLABS Airbus fleet 😍
  9. Well they could do a small update via PMDG operations center 😉 pretty easy
  10. Just received help from support and all solved access again 🙂 They found the root cause of the issue... Great support 🙂
  11. Thanks appreciated but where can I sent a ticket, logged now at live /xbox /forum/and insider/ but don't see the alpha forums only the one as from the op. Yesterday all was working fine... Done all the mentioned steps several times, but unfortunately it doesn't work... Made a ticket Request #12467
  12. Thanks however the problem lies at the insider home not logged in, all other stuff works including MSFS 2020 🙂
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