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  1. Unfortunately not that I'm aware off, has to be done with the dev.
  2. GSX or ProATC wil take for some odd reason exclusive control over sound devices.... When i disable the option all is solved here local 🙂 (sound device control panel>properties>advanced)
  3. Yep If I fly offline using ProAtcX and it's great, you even get now vectors and don't have to ask for it...
  4. That's why I will at this point stay at BGL traffic files 😉
  5. That was also most used in the blue 747 😉
  6. Never had the issue, but I don't have active pause... For the record is out gentlemen but ESC is working fine here always since the beginning... (but I don't like active pause 😎) Hope they will solve the issue for all involved!
  7. EA is parked here since it doesn't depict clouds via ASP (HiFi) and WX radar as it should be, so I agree it need a lot of work and time to mature...
  8. Had the same issue go to the store app and choose only the function of download and update 😉 then start MSFS
  9. Non brainier as for full PBR and P3Dv5 compatibility 🙂 Great Airport 🙂
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