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  1. I agree and gentlemen I actually don't care it's just about the fun and passion for aviation in whatever aircraft or virtual airspace for that matter... Everyone have a different level of immersions factor I have respect for all...
  2. Well I have a dedicated tiller, and since then not a single issue anymore with any aircraft...
  3. Performance isn't an issue anymore 🙂 But I'm running a high end system...
  4. Well I finally left P3D and going the MSFS route GA and Tubes
  5. Select also the path to your AIGFP directory 😉 (tip 50% AI will give no stutters and great performance)
  6. Smooth as butter with the PMDG at the new Brussel and AIG and great performance 🙂 But that was the case before the patch too...
  7. Or as real as it gets take a real ipad as they do, far more convenient and with a whole lot more stuff 🙂
  8. Send me a PM and I reply with my settings and explanation...
  9. Nice work make sure to ask permission from Leonardo 😉
  10. That's my routine pretty easy indeed 🙂
  11. Great shot and FPS is great too and smooth this was the final coffin in P3D here local...
  12. [09MAY22] PMDG 737 URGENT MUST READ NOTAMS (Last Updated: 09MAY22 - 2200Z) Today, 21:46 Captains, We are seeing an unprecedented level of demand for our little 737 project. This was not unexpected, and was planned for. To that end, we want to feed a bit of information to you that is important: 2200Z: UPDATE At approximately 2145Z we were advised by the company managing licensing and activation that it was necessary to take the system offline temporarily to correct a problem that is inhibiting the download/activation system from scaling up to greater resource use properly. They report to us that a significant number of users are impacted by undelivered activation keys, but that this will sort itself out once they bring the system back online. While this work is underway, we have temporarily halted sales, as we don't want to compound the problem. IMPORTANT: If you are having trouble downloading, authorizing, or activating- please watch this thread as you will not get through the process until we bring this system back online. I'll be back to you as soon as I have additional information from the data center.
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