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  1. Yep easy to solve 🙂
  2. I agree for the first time a great scenery, wasn't a fan of the dream factory stuff to say the least ...
  3. awf

    Blurries out of nowhere

    Could we have GSX1 the latest version back without GSX2 stuff so everyone can test the differences 😉
  4. awf

    Blurries out of nowhere

    Tested with EZDOK same flight and approaching EHAM the sim was one blurriness and timed out never seen this before... Looks almost a memory leak or a conflict, tomorrow same flight without GSX then one with another aircraft.
  5. awf

    Blurries out of nowhere

    Vinod maybe your on to something since I have ezdok too, I will test without chase plane 😉
  6. awf

    Blurries out of nowhere

    Or more simpler just disable GSX2 and performance is great as before, that's why this is a puzzle 😉 I agree Vic, only one var which occurs a lot is GSX 2, so let's try and see to solve this one...
  7. awf

    Blurries out of nowhere

    Vic as a very experienced software/system engineer your arguments is one pitfall for many 😉 With complex software it can be a combination between different programs local even hardware which occur by only a part of your customers... Of course this has been beta tested thoroughly, but always there will be bugs or unexpected events... Doesn't matter how good you are.... I have learned the hard way not to make statements written in black and white, it's more a grey area where you always have to be open minded. For me personal it's always a warning flag when a program causes this kind of events in our virtual world environment. It's not and attack or pointing fingers (to much respect for everybody contributing to our hobby) more sharing an experience which could be similar between fellow users and to help each other to solve the puzzle and enjoy our beloved hobby. I agree that it could also be the tipping point in performance downgrade for some systems local... Than again I did three airports with GSX2 SODE jetways (love this stuff) LSGG / LSZH / EHAM with a lot of gates... Gone from a hefty 1.95gb texture size here local to 580mb (2K textures) Tested of course with both. So today was the first day of testing between airports, so going in the upcoming days conduct more tests with log tools to see what's going on in the background 😉 The support received from FSDT is great and they have to trigger the event local to solve it, (or it has nothing to do with GSX2 but more a conflict etc...) So maybe we all can help each other in our quest for a smooth GSX2 experience. However that's not the case here local 😉
  8. awf

    Blurries out of nowhere

    I agree Steve, however in this case there is a problem with GSX2 and an issue with simconnect I suspect... Had a flight from FSDT LSGG to FT EHAM and FSL A319 both with GSX2 SODE jetways; departure wend fine however at fl110 above the Netherlands in the boundary of loading the airport in this case AMS... I had huge blurriness even accessing the menu and change a setting was abnormal time to load... CPU was at 84% GPU at 32% something was overloading simconnect in the background I suspect... HT enabled with AM and always running smooth with crystal clear textures, same flight without GSX2 no problems or with GSX1 😉 Time to start some log files... Cheers,
  9. awf

    Blurries out of nowhere

    Any errors in your system event viewer during the time of the event occurred?
  10. awf

    GSX Level 2 hmmmm......

    Well surprise Us with your version created for 10 dollar 🤣
  11. Not mandatory but just run the latest installer and you have the latest version, and even there is a trial period I believe for GSX 2 (not sure)... Then over two weeks just add the serial number and you have activated also the add-on for GSX > GSX2. no need to download again. Make sure to run live update after installation as well...
  12. First of all great job and certainly a change in immersion factor. Well maybe one texture map with different textures (20 and repeating) or maybe one object with one texture map, creating the illusion of more passengers or maybe an option for users with fast hardware to choose... A bus with less transparent windows 😉 since the animated objects already spawn from defined positions. So I understand the reason, but would have chosen a different solution to give the illusion of an bus with pax... I personally don't prefer how the grey scale objects are now modelled, even for performance reason.... But I really love what you guys have done with GSX and now GSX2, first day user and not flying without it 🙂 Anyhow just sharing some feedback to make an already great product even with a greater immersion factor. Thanks again for the hard work gentlemen and GSX is a must have GSX / GSX2 / GSX3? lol
  13. Amazing shot Steve looks like a lot of fun 😎