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  1. I agree and appreciated all the time efforts put into it, and by all means flying is more important. Enjoy your flight David with that beautiful bird and SF...
  2. That's why I'm asking, want to see some facts! I think also it will help a few fellow simmers out there to make a buy decision ;-) Because I actually think the WX engine in use will play a role ;-)
  3. David thanks for sharing the information really appreciated, however what I'm puzzled about the features where SF set it apart from the rest. Unfortunately I didn't see anything in screenshots or youtube videos with the SF + ASP4 combo... It would be pretty easy to setup ;-) calvus rain shaft Tornado / funnel Visible wall cloud Visible rain shaft Roll clouds ETC... I think you will only be able to see those with SF and rex WX engine and not the SF + ASP4 combo... But maybe one of you guys are happy to setup and share the information. Thanks for your time and this not a VS discussion for me, but just curious about the hype... Cheers, André
  4. Well I actually agree and I ddn't see the following with the SF + ASP4 combo in all the shots plus not seen on youtube stuff: calvus rain shaft Tornado / funnel Visible wall cloud Visible rain shaft Roll clouds etc...
  5. Thanks for the update appreciated :-)
  6. Well let's see and wait what it really brings to the P3D environment and with performance in mind?
  7. Wrong forum ask in the support forum from FSLABS ;-)
  8. As for the topic thanks for sharing
  9. Correct Jeroen, it looks like it should be real not photoreal lol and I know our country pretty well also from above Stunning stuff
  10. Yep John has Dutch roots ;-)
  11. Great news
  12. Correct and the crash system isn't the best part of P3D regarding implementation to say the least ;-) Just disabled and as soon they are going to implement a robust system till then I'm not interest at all...
  13. lol