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    From a young age I have a passion for trains and aviation. So now I am lucky to be a TrainDriver for the Belgian National Railways on the passenger services. And in my free time I'm a glider instructor pilot on the airfield of EBBT Brasschaat in the north of Antwerp.

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  1. Bobbyjuwing

    X-ROTORS AW139

    Hi Guys, I have some troubles assigning all the functions of the cyclic and collective to my Joystick. I see all the functions under the custom list of X-Rotors but I don't know which one is which function because of their abbreviation. And are there any more instructions on the Hove autopilot available? Can't seem to transition from hover to flight and visa versa.
  2. Hi Guys, I’ve just upgraded tot FS2crew 64bit for the majestic dash 8 pro but I do have a small problem. When I need the to respond to the checklist with the word “on” FS2crew reeds it as many different words like “alt” and a few others but not as ON. I did re run the voice training of the speech engine with no solution. Is there a way to train the speech engine on one different word by itself? Does somebody encounter the same problem? Thanks for the help. best regards
  3. Fingers crossed for the NGX for X-plane 11!!!
  4. Bobbyjuwing

    Dash8 Visual Circuit.

    Hi there, First of all I want to thank you for such a great product! At the moment I can say I do master the Dash 8 Q400 pretty well but I would love to train my landings with use of some circuits with Touch And Go's. Is there a way to let FS2Crew select flaps 15 on the runway and give a "Rotate" signal when preforming a touch and go? I like this option alot in the FS2Crew for the 737NGX and it helps a lot to train the landings.
  5. If you mean the Q400 by Majestic. I think nobody is selling this beauty B)
  6. These graphics in the A2Sim vids look incredible. I'm also very curious about your system specs and settings.
  7. Bobbyjuwing

    Introducing World2XPlane...

    Really great work! Kind regards, Jorik
  8. Bobbyjuwing


    This one is a masterpiece. I hope this one will attract more people to xplane one day! Kind regards, Jorik
  9. Bobbyjuwing

    FFS SAAB 340 Panel Re-do for FSX

    I have a strange problem after my port over in to FSX. The VC windows are all blue colored. For a second wen starting the flight they are transparent but then they turn blue. Is this a problem with my registration or a graphic problem? O and for all you guys searching for a payware Saab 340 up to modern standards you really need to check the Xaviation Saab340 for Xplane. This an amazing add-on. Check out this trailer It's worth converting on to xplane in my opinion. Kind regards, Jorik
  10. Bobbyjuwing

    Majestic Dash Post Hype

    I myself am a B737 fan from the beginning, especially when the Ngx came out. But what the guys at Majestic created is just a Wonder In the FSX world. Finally there is a plane that doesn't feel like flying on rails like all the other planes in the FSX world. It looks amazing and the sounds are bang on. The plane is much less automated then all the other airliners witch makes it much less boring to fly. I just can't get enough of this amazing experience and I can't wait for the pro version witch will make it even more complex then any aircraft PMDG has ever created. This with shared cockpit feature and HGS system. Don't get me wrong here, I love the work of PMDG, they are one of the best out there but what Majestic did is make something as good and in the future even better then PMDG. And the best thing, you loose not more hen 2 frames per second extra then most of the default planes! Keep the great work coming Majestic! Kind regards, Jorik
  11. Bobbyjuwing

    Ask the Q400 pilot a question.....

    Thanks for the great response! Just wat I was Looking for! Kind regards, Jorik
  12. Bobbyjuwing

    Ask the Q400 pilot a question.....

    Hi there, I'm on a hunt for the real life flap deploy schedule on approach. In the tutorials there is a small indication on how to do this but not in detail and only on ILS app. You can find charts for Boeing and Airbus telling you where to have a certain speed and flap setting. Sadly I can't find anything describing this for this great bird the Dash8 Q400. I hope somebody can help me out on this. Kind regards, Jorik
  13. Bobbyjuwing

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Hi there,I was wondering if there is any progress on this paintshop.
  14. Bobbyjuwing

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Very nice work mate!!I will love to see this getting finished.Regards Jorik Ow ow,Aren't that "Marie and Louis" from JetAirFly on the tail??? :( :( :lol:It would be nice to see this plane in real life.Great work!
  15. Bobbyjuwing

    Secret Project #1: This one is a classic!

    Its used as business plane for RedBull. Sometimes it shows up at airshows or does fly-pasts at the Red Bull air race but the primary roll is Business plane.On there is a picture of the amazing interior of this plane.Here you can see a real life flightplan of this bird just flys around europe to any where Red Bull wants to go.