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  1. NJ_Flyer

    Orbit/Pattern Procedure

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with conducting "Orbits" if IFR. So long as you have a clearance (if in CTA) and/or are aware of any conflicting traffic, it's fine. Just because it can't be programmed into the FMS, doesn't mean it can't be done. Nothing wrong with aviating in HDG mode or hand flying it. Then just pick up what ever track is required (or vectors, and you're on your way 🙂
  2. NJ_Flyer

    I want a PMDG 787 Dreamliner

    I’d just settle for a new car....
  3. NJ_Flyer

    Level Off RA

    Do you mean the "monitor vertical speed" RA call? This will often happen when your current altitude/vertical speed will keep you clear.
  4. Looks like Ryan's screenshots of the various setting are missing from the 1st post.
  5. NJ_Flyer

    NGX V4 no Speed restriction

    Agreed. In which case we can comply with ATC. But I have to make it a note of it so when they come asking questions, I can say exactly that.
  6. NJ_Flyer


    M0.85 in a NG? Bit behind schedule were we?
  7. NJ_Flyer

    NGX V4 no Speed restriction

    It actually is realistic. Tail wind/ Head wind will effect the ground speed, not airspeed. Ie, so long as your IAS is <250, your GS can be 400 for all they care. ATC may have a problem with that though ;) Most airlines (mine included) now have sensors all over the Aircraft. One of them is 250IAS below 10000'. If we "bust" that limit, we can expect a phone call from the bosses. These limits vary depending on where you are, and also depend on Airframe limitations.
  8. NJ_Flyer

    Engine Sounds

    Stumbled across this thread by luck. I've actually noticed a sound issue with my setup. I completed a flight in both the 737 and the 777 (different occasions) and I kept on losing the engine sounds. When I changed views, I wouldn't get the expected change of sounds (switching to external view, I would think I'm locked away in the baggage bay). I found that turning the sound off/on (pressing Q) solved the issue, but only for a short time. Half thinking it's a memory issue? But that's a completely uneducated guess. I can list my specs if need be.
  9. Some of us, errr.. I mean them, see the light and become pilots!
  10. NJ_Flyer

    GE90-115B spool-up response

    That would depend on if the Auto Throttle is being used? I know in my Airline, some pilots take their time advancing the thrust, while others almost fire wall the damn things.
  11. NJ_Flyer

    Pro Flight Simulator

    I've been receiving emails advertising this for months.
  12. NJ_Flyer

    Cross Waypoint At Or By Certain Time

    There are many ways to achieve this. One is to simply reduce speed in the cruise. Reducing your ground speed until it shows that you'll cross at the correct time. Then simply increase speed to 250 when you cross the way-point. If you know the distance to run to the way point, you can calculate what ground speed you need. Another is adjusting the cost index in the FMC. This will change your CRZ/DES speeds for the flight plan. This is just another way of adjusting your speed en-route. Descending early can also help. You slow down the lower you go for a given IAS. But keep in mind that you also burn more fuel. So it's best to try and achieve this close to flight idle. Not my favorite option but can work if all else fails. If none of the above work.... Ask for vectors or en-route holding
  13. NJ_Flyer

    Anti ice usage and N1%

  14. NJ_Flyer

    N1 difference

    Without looking into the manuals. I don't know if this is modeled. But it could be something called "N1 Compensation". This being the case, the N1 "limit" is reduced as the engine actually makes the required thrust at a lower N1. (Newer Engine).
  15. NJ_Flyer

    Aileron into the wind question.

    You will need a little bit of into wind Aileron through out the whole Take-Off, the amount you need decreases as the speed increases. The idea is that you keep the wings in a level attitude and use the Rudder to counteract the Yaw effect.