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  1. Hi, Max ITT in this aircraft is 830, so that was a reasonable ITT value. Props RPMs must be left at max (1800) in all flight phases. Tomas
  2. Hi, Stunning work you've done so far! And by you words all these mods/additions you did sound as rather simple tasks. But trust me, developing a professional Proline21 system is WAY more complex than that. You still have TONS of work pending, if you really want to reach that level. And I'm not saying you can't do that with current MSFS tools, I'm pretty sure you could if you wish. But again, it will take much more than the time you've invested until today. Now, when you have all that code working and based on a fast/reliable/powerful platform as C++ is, having to start from scratch with new tools is not something that will make you feel comfortable, so to speak. Then, and following your example, why to invest a month rebuilding VNAV if you have it already working? And I could continue with the rest of aircraft systems. As a matter of fact, MSFS has taken the original FSX structure for almost all sections of an aircraft project. You still have panel.cfg, and lookup tables for the FDE (though outside an .air file), Simconnect, etc. Even gauges header file maintains much of FSX functionality. Then, if FSX (and P3D 32/64) brought full support for C++ dlls, lack of it in MSFS is a clear drawback, IMO. I may understand the reasons Asobo has to do what he did in terms of supporting XBOX platform, but truth is, most of biggest developers' aircraft rely on systems coded in C++ modules, and so it is very reasonable for they to complain as they are doing. Should they turn around and face the change? Probably, and even more, surely at one point. But the right to express their disconformity still applies. Tomas
  3. Yeah, of course would be awesome to put a PL21 aircraft in MSFS, but not at a cost of throwing hundreths of thousands code lines and starting from scratch, that will mean perhaps years of development time. That's Milviz vision today. May it prevail? perhaps. Change? perhaps too. IMO this uncertainty is what Colin referred about. Tomas
  4. Actually the default turboprop model is total or partially incorrect in all of the other popular simulators (FSX/P3D/XPLANE). However, there are close to real performing examples of PT6 (Milviz) and PW150 (Majestic) in P3D, that could be ported to 2020 in a - hopefully - near future, considering 2020 engine base parameters are similar. Time will say. Tom
  5. Hi, I flew same departure without any issues. More details in MV support forum. Tomas
  6. Hi, Change from IAS to MACH and vice versa is automatic around 20,000 ft; no matter you can manually switch it at any altitude when pressing the speed knob. Tomas
  7. Hi, Virtual Fly TQ6 works fine once properly configured. There is a TQ6 owner in MV support forum that explains how to do that. Tomas
  8. Hi, Point (1) is pilot’s operation. It has happened to other people as well. Please register on Milviz support forums so we can provide help on this and other known issues. Tomas
  9. Great landing! Thanks for sharing. Regards, Tomas
  10. Rob, Great video! Thanks for sharing. I noticed your left generator was offline. Ex-profeso perhaps? If not, my advises: - Always check the starter is in Off position before reseting the on side generator switch. - After engine starts (both), check both gen loadmeters; also voltage is ok on all buses. Regards, Tomas
  11. Hi guys, I understand some of you might feel dissapointed for the lack of detailed information on how different systems work. To be honest, except for those sections not replicable in a simulated environment, the documentation we would have posted would have been exactly the same as the real aircraft's one. As that was not possible because of copywright issues, we decided to prepare a set of different documents detailing as much as possible the most important sections : general setup - PL21 - FMS - etc. Unfortunately we couldn't finish them as fast as we had wished, and we apologize for that. We will start to post them in our support forum during the next weeks. Even some descriptive videos will be coming on the next days. Stay tuned!. Again, thanks for your patience.. Best regards Tomas Aguilo Milviz KA350i Team.
  12. It will also work just by operating the button on top of right horn. Holding down for 2 seconds displays the main checklist page. Pressing it will advance to the next line. Besides of course the up/down/enter esc keys, that will only operate the checklist while it is visible. When it is not, those keys resume their current mapping. Tomas
  13. Means nothing I agree, but at least would be something You are making assuptions on how the MV Porter performs on landing yet you never purchased the product, hence you couldn't make any valid comparison. And, being you a developer, you should know that visual model is not strictly related to flight characteristics. Again, second time, please be serious. Tom
  14. Thanks. I posted new ones in the original message. Tom
  15. Perhaps these pictures show it better than the one you posted: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMuUq9gvmeZo-4amGe58yG81Q90RRbENGu-YiLrRe-vVCO-C8yw68QlgKIdM_Ji8A/photo/AF1QipOzwu0XqGwy65eatOeLE3qkamGbXtRGNOY2Vv-v?key=ZGEtaE9BNTk0YldpQWpFQXNWZnU1d2hqajh0WXJ3 https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMuUq9gvmeZo-4amGe58yG81Q90RRbENGu-YiLrRe-vVCO-C8yw68QlgKIdM_Ji8A/photo/AF1QipPQ6Z0D-Ue-oK77pdOA5A22cLlV8buetSqKRL4q?key=ZGEtaE9BNTk0YldpQWpFQXNWZnU1d2hqajh0WXJ3 As for your description of how a Porter should land, again, how many hours have you logged as a Porter pilot? Or, if not a pilot, how much have you flown in a Porter as a pax, as to be so exquisite in your appreciations?. And how can you know MV Porter feels on landing if you don't own it? Please be serious. Tom
  16. Those are just personal opinions, none of them stated by aknowledged real Porter pilots, so they must be taken as from where they come. In Youtube you will find a bunch of Porter videos, perhaps you can take a look and then decide. Tom
  17. It is not. It´s a complete Milviz project. Tom
  18. Well, currently you have at least two turboprop aircraft with accurate engine simulations, MJQ400 with PW12x and Milviz Turbine Otter with PT6A-34. Both using external tables to control engine parameters. MJQ400 applies a complete external control, and MV uses a mix of basic functions handled by sim core and external data for other simulations (ITT, Oil, FFlow, etc). Tom
  19. I'm afraid up to the level you seem to expect, it is not possible at all without custom coding many parameters. Tuning FDE/Air file is not enough for accurate ITT, Oil Press/Temp, Beta behavior (without FF increase), correct FF, etc. Even though startup sequence is improved in P3D, it is not possible to simulate different scenarios (hot start, hung start,in flight start, etc) with accurate realism. Fair to say most users don't care about such level of details, and I assume they are very happy with what they can get from popular turboprop addons currently available. Tom
  20. Hi, Current Autopilot is transient, another version will come later on. Props should operate as expected. What are the reasons you have to say that? Tom
  21. Hi, When is that happening? In flight, after retarding power levers to idle? Solenoid is powered by Right Generator bus and is active (annunciator light inhibited) on the ground, through the Right Main Landing Gear squat, or in flight if retarding power levers below flight idle (Beta and Reverse). Tom
  22. It seems so. Engines are flat rated (100% torque) up to 18,000 ft (FL180) at ISA conditions, Tom
  23. Hi, There is a very common mistake to think that ITT increases noticeable with altitude per se. ITT will rise with altitude as long as torque remains constant(*). To keep torque constant you need to increase power, which in turn increases fuel flow and ITT as a result. So, ITT is directly affected by N1 % RPM. While the aircraft is climbing, power uncorrected, FCU will command FF to maintain current N1 RPMs; the higher going the lower FF would be needed, resulting in a balance with ITT rise due to air becoming thinner. Tom (*) Up to certain altitude, see post below
  24. The King Air will be much complex as there are more systems interacting with the engine. Tom
  25. Frank, If you repeat the video flight with the 310 you will also get GS ARM message after APR selected from NAV. It should be the case when you are still not in the LPV approach segment, flying in NAV mode, and you select APR. But if you are already on the APR segment in NAV and switch to APR I guess it is possible that GS will not arm as APR detects it is already on a LOC course (captured) and remains in LOC mode. I am not saying that it must be the case, always or sometimes, but it is probable. The real KAP140 uses to be a PITA for the pilots. I've included a link to some fair and not so fair comments about KAP behavior on LPV/RNAV approaches.: https://www.diamondaviators.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5024 Sometimes, switching to AP off seems to be the best option. Tom
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